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15:12 PM, 1st September 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Remove my perfectly good UPVC windows and doors and make me pay for the privilege?

It is difficult to comment fully without knowing the construction of the balcony relative to the windows. If the windows rest on the balcony and the waterproof membrane goes under the frame(s), then the windows may need to be removed for the membrane to be effective. However if there is no physical contact between the two parts I cannot see why the frames need replacing. Assuming that the frames need to be removed, then the contractors probably don't want to be responsible for damaging the frames on removal, or that they won't fit when re-installing them. you need them to explain and to comply with Sec 20... Read More


11:04 AM, 2nd March 2021, About 7 months ago

Upgrade of an occupied house and moving tenants around?

Geoff. If, as it appears from your initial question you are a managing agent, I suggest you brush up your CPD and make sure you have professional indemnity insurance in place.... Read More


10:24 AM, 15th February 2021, About 7 months ago

Compensation for commercial tenant of more than 14 years?

I think you will find that the tenant is entitled to compensation. Protection is given under Part II of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 and the protection is given to a tenant as follows:

Occupation or the carrying on of a business—
(a)by a company in which the tenant has a controlling interest; or
(b)where the tenant is a company, by a person with a controlling interest in the company,shall be treated for the purposes of this section as equivalent to occupation or, as the case may be, the carrying on of a business by the tenant.

The tenant is entitled to a renewal of the lease unless you are able to prove, to the satisfaction of a court, that you have a genuine intention to use the premises yourself. It would be sensible for you to use a professional (solicitor or chartered surveyor) to serve the appropriate notices.... Read More


16:20 PM, 1st January 2021, About 9 months ago

NDR - Council is wrong?

You do not give enough information. Are you the occupying tenant or the owner occupier of the shop and carrying out a business? If so you should be entitled to relief.
If however you are the owner and it is empty (or has been empty in the periods you mention) it will be subject to empty rates and will therefore not qualify for small business rate relief.
If you are unable to speak to someone in the rating department , take professional advice (Rating Surveyor) probably from a Chartered Surveyor. Don't however ignore the demand.... Read More


17:57 PM, 21st November 2020, About 10 months ago

Commercial property - EPC clarity required?

You have started me off on this. If the current lease has not excluded the Act then my original comments are OK, you can let the lease hold over until you want to renegotiate a new lease and you have to serve a section 25 notice.
If however the lease has excluded the Act and you want the tenancy to continue you may again leave matters as they are BUT and this is a big but, if you want the premises back you must not demand rent for any period after the expiry date, or you may have created a new protected lease.
Again, I stress, this can be a minefield - you need professional advice.... Read More