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David Judd

9:06 AM, 31st July 2021, About 4 days ago

Tenant declining access for surveyor until post eviction?

Grin and bare it, nothing you can do - at all. You can show up, but the if the tenant doesn't let you in, you can't just barge in. Wait until the tenant has been evicted... Read More

David Judd

10:30 AM, 30th July 2021, About 5 days ago

Figure plucked out of thin air?

Good advice given above... Read More

David Judd

10:29 AM, 30th July 2021, About 5 days ago

Rent shortfall - I am prepared to work with him in an amicable way?

You don't mention why he has a 3 bedroom house, so Im assuming he has a family? If not suggest he rents some of the rooms out to make up for the loss in rent. What does his contract say, is there a break clause? Any section notice will take months and given the backlog, probably longer. See what his contract says, offer solutions, but also say that if he wants to move out because he can't afford the rent, you would release him early (if no breakclause)... Read More

David Judd

10:51 AM, 28th July 2021, About 7 days ago

Tenant's improvements concerns?

The issue here is the AST. If you allow him to do the works, and then you want to change tenants, it could be a bit awkward as he put in all the money to make the place his own. Also rent increases? What and how can he afford/manage these? As long as the rules are clear at the beginning, then you should be alright. You would probably have replaced carpets over time anyway, so having a long term tenant that wants to make changes would be OK.... Read More

David Judd

11:47 AM, 23rd July 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

I don't see the problem. They are offering to pay 1 years rent in advance - so doesn't matter if they pass the reference check - and they don't need a guarantor if the rent is paid in full. Just sign a 1 year contract to start with. Given also the shortage of people in the hospitality sector, the chef is likely to find a job quickly. I would rent to them... Read More