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David Judd

11:06 AM, 20th April 2022, About a month ago

Shortage of rental properties so extreme tenants are refusing to leave?

Constant changes to private landlords has driven many out of the industry. The past 2 years of covid also proved difficult for alot of landlords especially in London. I had to reduced rent and had 2 flats empty for a while due to lockdown. Its a welcome relief to be able to increase rents to survive. BUT this won't be the last of the issues, Mayor Khan wants rent control in London, so does Labour, and if this gets the go ahead, it will spread to all towns and cities... Read More

David Judd

9:58 AM, 11th April 2022, About a month ago

Mould after grant funded insulation?

As mentioned above, houses were built to breath, and modern efforts to plug every draft, and seal every nook and cranny only opens up other cans of worms, and condensation and mould is the result. Looks like it could also be rising damp - given the house is 1890s this may also be the source. Remove the electric socket and if the screws or back box is rusty, then youve got rising damp which will need specialist treatment. If on the other hand is ventilation and cold walls, line them with Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner. I had a cold corner in one of the bedrooms and since Ive had this installed, Ive never had any mould at all because the wall doesn't get cold. Good luck... Read More

David Judd

12:57 PM, 1st April 2022, About 2 months ago

Letting to a company who won't vacate?

As a company let there are different rules ie they can rent to anyone in their company at any time, which means not that same tenant. I let to a company but later found they were rent it out on air bnb. As above you need sound legal advice - either way expect a long wait and its not going to be cheap. The sooner you act, the better... Read More

David Judd

12:30 PM, 28th March 2022, About 2 months ago

Guarantor's point of responsibility?

You should have done it already. 2 months behind it too late, I would have done it after the 1st month. The longer you wait the more you lose... Read More

David Judd

12:29 PM, 28th March 2022, About 2 months ago

Tenancy in one persons name only?

If the credit check for 1 person comes back saying he can pay the full amount, then I would rent to him. The contract is in his name and therefore he is responsible. However be careful, should he sublet, or persons not named on the agreement, they could become sitting tenants and be a problem leading to eviction issues... Read More