I am having to make 350 people homeless this year!

I am having to make 350 people homeless this year!

14:04 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago 38

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Sajid Javid wants more houses building, but his other policies are forcing thousands to be homeless with Nottingham City Council’s Selective Licensing.

My Letter to Sajid Javid,

Dear Sajid

I am having to make 350 people homeless this year because of your decision to allow this Selective Licensing.

You have granted Nottingham Council permission for Selective Licensing, but are you aware of the conditions they are imposing of Nottingham Landlords and tenants?

They can only be implemented if we use a Letting Agent. Letting Agents will not take my Housing Benefit tenants along with the internal damage they have caused on doors etc. What do we do?

A simple solution would be to do it on new tenancies, as most things are done when bringing in big changes like this.

I have no problem in the few letting agent tenants I have passing these conditions, but it will be impossible for the rest to comply. I am not a Policeman, I don’t live with them 24 hours a day.

I urge you act quickly & get involved because you granted this permission without realising there are some very different people out there.

I await your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Roberts      


COMPLAINT-Last stage before Ombudsman

Dear Nottingham City Council,

Regarding Selective Licensing.

I am having to make 350 people homeless this year because of your decision to allow this Selective Licensing.

I emailed you a lot of letters & questions on the 18 Feb, but you have yet not replied.

I understand you have 27000 homes.

Could u if asked, license all your home’s between April and August this year?

Would you have the funds to spend between £600 and £2000 per house all in 4 months?

EVERY house?

Could u with all your existing current tenants comply with all the conditions asked of selective Licensing?
Would you have the admin staff to do it?
Would you have the builders to do it?

If they you NCH can’t do this, how can I be expected to do this?

You probably have more staff ratio per houses than I do.

But I do manage my houses well as is, and all new boilers, new kitchens, doors, windows etc.

But if you couldn’t do what is asked of Selective Licensing, how can I be expected to?

These are the proposed conditions


The conditions are IMPOSSIBLE with my existing current tenants. I primarily have Housing Benefit tenants, I have housed the homeless that the council have sent me over the past 20 years.

You now wish to enforce more stringent than Letting Agent rules on the homeless tenants you have sent me.

I have a problem with a Council house fence next to mine. You told me & my tenant & your tenant they have to wait 9 months, before you start the next schedule of works. Yet the same council is asking me complete a mammoth schedule of works on LOTS of houses within 4 months?

You are seriously going to have to look into my situation. I have gave 10 households section 21 notices already. Approx 50 people including kids to be made homeless.

Housing Aid has asked me to please not issue any more, to see what can be done.

My solicitor has said it could take years for me to evict all my tenants. Due to the sheer amount and workload and court workload etc.

You have asked for the impossible.

You are saying we must have a License.

You are saying we must pay between £600 and £2000.

But you are also giving us the most stringent conditions that will not work with EXISTING tenants that YOU SAME COUNCIL HAVE ASKED US TO TAKE before u bought out these conditions.

I await your reply with urgency as the clock is ticking.


Licensing me to Questions 3 March 18

You asking for Right to rent check. How’s this going to work with Non resident Landlord? Letting Agents are telling me they have quite a few Landlords who live overseas, Landlords from China too.
What about the bloke in Spain that’s renting a house to a family in the UK who are very happy?
They fail the Right to rent, what now?
Are the tenants to be made homeless?
Who is keeping these logs u ask for? He can’t keep them in Spain. Then is the License for the Agent of the Landlord?

What if I was planning to retire to Spain in 10 years? 30 year plan from 20 years ago.  Can I not do that now?

Accreditation is only for 3 years? So I have to pay another £840 in 3 years?
Along with the time of the accreditation course?
And the time in inspecting the houses with the Inspector?

Your Licensing fee, including the stringent works you will require:

You want more than the whole annual maintenance bill on ALL my houses together.
You want more than my whole annual mortgage bill

You want 1/3 of my annual rents on the License fee . Where is the money coming from?


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Jamie M

14:29 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

This is shameful hypocritical and nonsensical intimidation by our government, councils and so called charities towards landlords in the PRS. They have no qualms in sounding high and mighty protecting the homeless, the vulnerable and of course those in poverty (are we importing them from Asia/Africa/Arabia as the so called poverty stricken I see in the UK are just illiterate, belligerent spongers who are almost all overweight) whilst at the same time ruining the PRS with onslaught after onslaught driving up the costs, rents and damaging the business of most PRS landlords, a high number of which will have to sell or go bankrupt. And for what? A bunch of f***ing clueless morons holding onto power through inspiring mutual hatred for a section of our society who in the main do a great service. I despair and feel for you and many others in your situation Mick.
Where and when will this madness end.

Neil Patterson

14:35 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

This is a Tragedy all round Mick.

I know of no one more experienced and capable than you of looking after benefits tenants.


15:36 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

It's difficult to know where to start with this thread.
Is this the same council that imposed taxes on parking spaces and drove businesses or of town?
The administrative overhead of the proposed conditions is enormous, let us consider just one - ensuring that furniture is safe. My attitude is to cease to provide furniture, is this what the council wants? A similar reasoning would mean that no portable appliances are supplied.
As to antisocial behaviour the government rules concerning letting,particularly the slow eviction process, encourage such behaviour. How is a landlord expected to police the tenants actions?
The whole document has 'lawyer' stamped all over it. In your position I would spend my time issuing s21 to all the DSS tenants of only to make a statement of intent.
The is so much more i could add but as I am currently restricted to a smart phone typing is painfully slow.

Dr Rosalind Beck

17:10 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

What a horrendous situation. They think we have unlimited funds to keep forking out. All of these national and local attacks on us and constant demands for huge amounts of money are going to wreck the PRS. Then they will come begging landlords who have left the sector to come back. I imagine most (ex) landlords will tell them where to go.

Ken Smith

17:25 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

And some people on the thread re Scottish legislation question and dismiss my warning flags and reasons why Im selling up. I just decided on an extra one to evict today for this year.

Mum with 2 children under 12 years old. She will get no fault notice to leave on June 3 tomorrow. Hardly any supply at all for her where she needs to live. Its someone elses problem very soon.


17:32 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

Sajid Javid is speaking on BBC channel Parliament, in House of Commons as I write.

Monty Bodkin

18:41 PM, 5th March 2018, About 6 years ago

Totally disgusting situation Mick.
Nottingham council, driving out good landlords, who will take their place? Tenants still need somewhere to live.
But I don't get why you think you have to use a letting agent. That isn't one of the licensing conditions.

dismayed landlord

11:02 AM, 6th March 2018, About 6 years ago

Yes ken and the social stigma against landlords will increase. I do not want to an outcast in society. I already have enough issues to make me a very small minority. adding a landlord tag to it just depresses me further. I am also now reluctant to pass on this stigma to my children and grandchildren. I'd happily take the 10% BMV and just go. Money is not everything. and the less I make the less the government get in tax from me. its a win win. where did you find these buyers and please may I have a contact.


11:05 AM, 6th March 2018, About 6 years ago

Would love to hear a bit more background on this. I've read the conditions and I can't see anything there that would, at first glance, require a letting agent. Why do the conditions mean you need a Letting Agent?


11:08 AM, 6th March 2018, About 6 years ago

I wonder what they are going to do with the money that is made for selective licensing?
Are they going to buy and build property to aid the current Housing crisis?
Let us know the outcome of your letter Mick.

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