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dismayed landlord

10:42 AM, 15th April 2020
About a month ago

Eviction process - Is this the new reality?

nope that's it. Bit optimistic on the 13 month timescale. Last evection I did took 16 months because the judge bent over backwards for the tenant. The judge in the end directed me to make it only a section 21 (I had served both 8 and 21) so that she and her 3 kids would be re housed by the council. The council then left it until the bailiffs were on their way before moving her. No forwarding address disclosed by Council and the rent arrears of £2500 left for me to sort out. Plus the house was left virtually uninhabitable. That was over 2 years ago and convinced me to sell up asap. I just have not done it quick enough.... Read More

dismayed landlord

10:29 AM, 15th April 2020
About a month ago

12 out of 13 tenants asked for "Rent-Free Holiday"?

hi David - yes i'll be interested as I think this is going to be the only option for me. Also many thanks for those responding and clearing up the RGI issue. Sadly I have the cheapo version with Direct line. Another error I have made. Though how does this sit with the companies paying out? The tenant on the face of it just gains by not having to pay the rent? Landlord gets his rent. Insurance company pays out. I assume the insurance company makes enough to live with it. Does it affect future premiums? If the tenant then pays can the landlord just keep the RGI payments. Tenant goes back to work with no rent arrears is great for them. And the landlord has a good chance of getting double bunny on the rent. Who actually pays for this?
On another note re Buckrogers and others, yes a few more properties taken out of the PRS but it will not affect anything. Same number of houses to go round. The tenant will be able to buy them (maybe even at a lower price following market collapse.) Or a foreign investment company can snap them up cheap. A bit more of England sold off in a time of crisis. Short sighted politicians 'selling England by the pound' (Genesis 1973 - misquote). However I am doing the same. As are several othe landlords in my area. I have even been contacted direct by others who know I am a landlord asking if I wish to buy theirs. The answer is no. Its not only what has gone before or even what is now the final nail (though this was not required for me) it is now the fear of what happens next (right on the button there Buckrogers) even when the pandemic is over. I am not big enough as a entity to ride it out and employ flash accountants to keep me ahead of the game. I am not poor enough to get all the government support and media backing. To claim for everything to be provided for me by the tax payer. I am in the middle. Hard working and sacrificing through my younger years to make a living. Only to reach the stage when I realise it was not worth it too late.... Read More

dismayed landlord

10:50 AM, 14th April 2020
About a month ago

12 out of 13 tenants asked for "Rent-Free Holiday"?

my understanding is that rent guarantees are not paying if its due to the virus. Please correct me if I am wrong.... Read More

dismayed landlord

19:00 PM, 4th April 2020
About 2 months ago

Government have created chaos in the PRS

I totally agree with Moody Molls and Jim S. there is little I can add except a bit of irony. I have a 4 bedroom house opposite a major hospital. It requires carpets and interior doors/wardrobes. I cannot complete it to either let it nor sell it. I was going to let it but the latest fiasco regarding non evictions and all this holiday rubbish has already been abused by 3 sets of tenants. I have reduced my lets from 15 to 8 in the last 2 years. Sold 4. Have offers on 3 which I am paying CTAX on rather than re let them. The lock down has slowed these sales even though they are empty - I am not expecting to complete within 3 -6 months if at all. I am of course paying on the one next to the hospital - i'd happily let it cheaper than normal or even do a share for local medics ( I have had 17 operations and total respect for our NHS so I owe them big time) but of course I cannot due to legislation. How did I this come about this empty property? I 'evicted' (it was amicable and talked through) tenants of 19 years (the best tenants I have ever had) s to carry out repairs to meet new legislation (electrics) and to replace the heating system (warm air - parts and a gas safe air heating engineer being like hens teeth). The tenant was an electrician in another country and had no issues with a fuse board. LOL. Its now had d/g, kitchen, bathroom, utility room and redecorated throughout. All done to meet all the new regulations (as I said maybe not to initially rent out but if I did not then making it easier to sell. But I am stuck with it now until this lock down ends. With other tenants not paying this is going to hurt me financially but there is no common sense. As already said - given the government stance on no eviction etc and on top of the last 4 years of continual legislation and media witch hunt I'll sell it now. As the others come empty (or I can secure an eviction - I'll be starting with the 'instant' jump on the band wagon non payers) I'll sell them all. Enough is enough.... Read More

dismayed landlord

17:52 PM, 2nd February 2020
About 4 months ago

Discretionary Housing payments - left high and dry by Dartford?

hi Chris - who is this friend? I need help please.... Read More