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dismayed landlord

15:52 PM, 10th May 2022, About 2 weeks ago

New Shelter video attacking letting agents and rental conditions

If the tenants do not like their PRS rented accommodation there is the door. Move on rent somewhere else. It’s that simple. Supply and demand will balance the ‘books’ eventually. If they still not happy work hard , save, forego a few luxuries for a few years and buy their own houses! Like I did. What is wrong with this current generation. Supported by groups like Shelter and Gen Rent who have no actual homes to let out but wish to destroy the very people providing decent homes to those to bone idle to graft for a living and get ahead. Stand on your own to feet and feel the benefit it achieving something you actually work for.... Read More

dismayed landlord

13:20 PM, 4th May 2022, About 3 weeks ago

NRLA open letter answering unbalanced Shelter press release

Just for information I have been i the last week asked by 2 tenants with children who are overcrowded to serve them section 21notices in their belief that by doing so will give them more ‘points’ and thus acquire them larger LA supported accommodation . I am going to oblige simple because if I do not they will only stop paying anyway. . One has had re arrears since the start of the pandemic but has promised to continue paying current rent if I serve S21.
This may or may not work out but as I want to sell all my remaining portfolio I am going to bite the bullet.... Read More

dismayed landlord

12:19 PM, 14th March 2022, About 2 months ago

Can I really house the Ukrainian People? I want to, however.....

I believe from what I have read it is being administered by local councils? It which case after being stitched by my local councils Dartford and Gravesend over rent payments in the past I will not be touching this scheme regardless of how much they offered me. Thrice bitten, yes I made the mistake 2 more times in the hope they would be more truthful and transparent. I’d never go near anything with LA , benefits, or government promise of support again.... Read More

dismayed landlord

13:50 PM, 3rd February 2022, About 4 months ago

Bank of England increases Base Rate to 05%

you have a valid point Mark - but this is not the 1970's 80's anymore and there are differences in attitudes and the global response times to information. We are more than ever influenced by other factors in the world. I would find it sad if lessons were not learnt from history.
Dealing with high inflation is not difficult (been there and bought the t-shirt/video watched the film) but this is a different generation with diffrent parameters.
High inflation was always going to be the fall out from the last 2 years. The key is stopping it as it only benefits the rich. That would be all us filthy rich landlords. Joking aside it only widens the gap between well off and the less well off. Totally against the concpet of Gove's paper. If there is actually anything in there yet of substance.... Read More

dismayed landlord

12:56 PM, 3rd February 2022, About 4 months ago

Levelling Up White Paper - S21 abolished - Landlord register - Decent homes standard

Well said Darren. And yes your comments were hitting some memories. Lol... Read More