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dismayed landlord

15:45 PM, 20th May 2019
About 4 days ago

Should landlords have the right to refuse DSS tenants?

or go further. as properties become empty do not re-let. Serve notice on all tenants. Some will stay some will go. I have just served notice on several as I do not want to be in the position that I cannot get access to funds when I want them for health reasons or family needs - I want control over my future!! . These long term tenants are shocked by my actions but I simply point out to them that I cannot take the chance of further legislation restricting access to my own money. These tenants are nearly friends. They understand and will not be voting for any major parties. The short term ones expect me to be a the media describes - that stigma is another reason for me getting out. Sell and sell quick. I'll never return to the PRS.... Read More

dismayed landlord

14:42 PM, 18th May 2019
About 6 days ago

Best Deposit Protection for disputes?

I tried the rent guarantor route to get the arrears using Section 8. judge decreed that as the tenant had been in occupation for more than 8 years it was unreasonable to expect him to still honour the agreement. Another case when the judge recommended Section 21 route as opposed to section 8. The system is not fit for purpose already but clearly the powers that be want to make it even worse. They have tipped the scales. Enough is enough for me.... Read More

dismayed landlord

11:27 AM, 17th May 2019
About A week ago

Tenancy deposit disputes being resolved before adjudication

I have had experience of both TDS and DPS. both favour tenants in my view. its probably why more landlords are agreeing a settlement before going to adjudication. Their position being the landlord can afford it and is likely to have a lot more going on. - changes in legislation, collecting rents, etc (all the stuff that is forcing me to leave PRS) than to pursue deductions from the deposit. Easier to agree before than go through a charade that your going to lose. whilst the tenant is likely to take it further as they have nothing else to do but plan their next attack on the next landlord.... Read More

dismayed landlord

11:20 AM, 17th May 2019
About A week ago

Best Deposit Protection for disputes?

I have had experience of both TDS and DPS. both favour tenants in my view. its probably why more landlords are agreeing a settlement before going to adjudication.... Read More

dismayed landlord

15:03 PM, 17th April 2019
About a month ago

Section 21 ban risks hurting tenants

re desert fox comments, - I too thought intentionally homeless meant no council house but having evicted a mother and 3 kids for non rent payment (including not passing on to me the h/b) she was re housed by the council. It makes sense if you think about. Its the councils cheapest option than to putting 3 under 7 year old kids into care, and the mothers know this. Also worthy of thought if the judge I had is anything to go by they are actually suggesting section 21 to both stop me pursuing the rent arrears and to still enable the council to rehouse the family. To which a slight bit of blatant manipulation of the facts by a judge is allowable. No doubt if I tried falsifying the facts to suit or omitting some facts deliberately then I would be in contempt or even be imprisoned for perjury. He ho all good fun. Served to Notices today before the ability to use section 21 disappears. Another 11 to go. Should be fun. I'll become that landlord that the media says I am. Heartless and money grabbing with no concern for my tenants. Tell me I am a villain long and loud enough and I'll believe it.... Read More