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dismayed landlord

8:28 AM, 19th March 2019
About 2 days ago

Fergus Wilson Panorama documentary - now available on iPlayer

How do you know what Panorama cut out? As far as I could see Fergus was not the producer nor the editor? Pity we cannot be more supportive to a fellow landlord. Do you know his personal life? The media and government/politicians will divide us and rule. However given the flavour of the report it does confirm that extracting oneself from the PRS is the correct decision and asap.... Read More

dismayed landlord

9:49 AM, 16th March 2019
About 5 days ago

dismayed landlord

7:57 AM, 16th March 2019
About 6 days ago

'No DSS' listings banned on Zoopla

Just don't advertise. Most lettings agents will have a list of potential tenants just sitting there already. Like buyers for properties not even on the market yet. Over a period of time this list will grow as there are no adverts going out for tenants to look at. Save the agents money. Place all the emphasis on the tenant doing the chasing. if they want to let a property then they can ring up or pop into an agent and register an interest to want to rent a certain type of property. Letting agents then offer to the most suitable 'registered' applicant. Probably several landlords on this site have had people contact them direct asking if they have anything to let. I have and still do. Just use word of mouth if necessary. Just a thought.... Read More

dismayed landlord

12:11 PM, 15th March 2019
About 6 days ago

Fergus Wilson Panorama documentary - now available on iPlayer

just love it Munro, looks are everything. Better if I sat there in my wheelchair trying to use both hands to drink a cup of tea. Better if Mark did it. He looks smooth more James Bond than a landlord. Sorry I did not realise landlord had to look a certain way.... Read More

dismayed landlord

13:34 PM, 14th March 2019
About A week ago

Number of empty homes is actually increasing!

Landlord 35 . nice idea thanks. I have garages I could let separately. Help contribute to the Council Tax. Though my view is that the less profit I make the less I pay in tax. Also if I can get below the threshold I can pay less in CGT when I do sell once every year. OK I make less overall but then I now have more stress free time to spend it (time and money) in Spain. Where everything I enjoy is cheaper and with a better climate. I may not be 'better' of financially but I am much less stressed. The long term tenants (some up to 18 years) I have virtually look after themselves. They do minor repairs if they can and I've always kept maintenance and repairs issues up to date. The proof is in the long term relationships I have with most of my tenants. I should never have started taking H/B claimants and certainly not used any of these companies touting for business to put social housing tenants in. They are the real parasites. Sucking funds from local authorities whilst scamming off private landlords.... Read More