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David Price

10 hours ago
Retaining an RMC after management transferred to a RTM?

I see no reason why your RMC company could not metamorphose into an RTM company. You would still have to go through the procedure outlined on the LEASE web site and instead of forming a new company you adapt the old. New prescribed Memorandum and change the name to the prescribed format.
You could even trade under the old name to make things simple.... Read More

David Price

A week ago
Should we initiate collective enfranchisement or is it too late?

Reply to the comment left by Mark Weedon at 08/09/2017 - 10:48
Good point about RTM company, but why wait until the Freehold is sold, form the company now this will further deter any prospective buyer.... Read More

David Price

A month ago
Buying freehold for our 2 bed semi

Reply to the comment left by Robert Dean at 17/08/2017 - 10:59
Why not work out the price according to the LEASE guidelines and then make them an offer, somewhat below the guide price to give you room to negotiate.
If you do not like the outcome then you can take the case to the First Tier Tribunal.... Read More

David Price

A month ago
Send in tax returns even if you don't make a profit - Newham and HMRC crack down

Landlords would pay a great deal more tax if the government made it easier to evict tenants for non payment of rent.... Read More

David Price

A month ago
HMO COUNCIL TAX being changed on each room!

By chance today I received an email from Tessa Shepperson (Landlord Law) concerning HMO's, the 13th email in her Summer Legal Update series (Worth subscribing to this free series). Something caught my attention:-

"People are often at cross purposes when speaking about Council Tax and HMOs if they don’t realise that both are governed by different definitions."

Looks a bit like government having its cake and eating it, licence for an HMO but each room treated as a separate residence for council tax.... Read More