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amarni 1

16:11 PM, 1st December 2018
About 7 months ago

Should Landlords wear body cameras?

Can anyone suggest which one to buy. I now always take mobile phone photos and videos but would like one to wear on my body/head.
How are they charged?
Is zoom-in available and how clear is picture?
What is playback like?
Is volume good?
Is speech clear enough?... Read More

amarni 1

18:37 PM, 26th September 2018
About 9 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Regarding a name for the new organisation.

We need a name which has an overall image, similar to that of Shelter:

Punchy, Warm, Easy to pronounce, musical without having to spell it twice - no tongue twisters, and which conjures up a positive picture in one's mind.
Are there any property-owning advertising/designers out there ?

Not keen on the word union or alliance.
UK Landlord Property Hub?
Property & Landlord Hub (PLanetH)
Pro Landlord Hub (ProLandlord) / (ProLandHb)
Planet Property
Landlord Hub
Landlord Property & Hub (LP&H)... Read More

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8:25 AM, 26th September 2018
About 9 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Count me in too!

Plus one more.... Read More

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15:04 PM, 11th September 2018
About 10 months ago

RLA - It’s time to root out criminal landlords

Is this all the RLA and that other well-known landlord association have to worry about?

I would prefer to see RLA pro-actively concerning themselves with fighting on behalf of landlords against the councils treating every landlord as if they were a corporate entity and and ensuring their rogue tenants are not added and abetted to criminalise the landlord It is akin to asking the council to root out all criminal activity in the country. Who will be responsible for the hiring of the extra personnel required? And at what cost Let them sort out Shelter and their Grenfell Tower along with the others they own first. They must have been aware that much of the sub-letting in this high-rise was rife and unauthorised.... Read More

amarni 1

15:22 PM, 13th August 2018
About 11 months ago

Nottingham Landlord Licensing - Letter to Councillor

Ah Mike,

I really sympathise with the time, stress and anxiety and jobsworth form-filling to trip you up that you and other landlords of multiple properties are enduring, penned in as many of you are. The councils/government really are a lowdown law unto themselves and their grip is tightening overall. They have a slushfund of our money (council tax) to dip into whenever they want. It is a bottomless gold and silver fund for them. Recently, Guildford Borough Council upgraded their offices - all paid for us, the taxpayer and which are now proposing to stop visitors parking - which will mean that the staff can park 24 hours without paying a penny to shop in town, whereas I, who live in the area and have a parking space off-road have to pay £2.00 just to park in the street or as happened last week received a penalty notice £70 or early pay £35 charge just for visiting my tenanted property for 20 minutes to clear some items out and run them down to the local dump which turned out to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ongoing - no notice given to residents. "Did you not read the sign said one in an orange top..." I was fuming and managed to toss some carpet into a container before leaving the rest still in the car to return on the Thursday.

I lived in old free West Berlin in the day for many years and now experience living here back in England is akin to a noose being tightened day-on-day.

Worse is that NLA and some landlords side and connive pretending they want to kick out so-called rogue landlords but in truth want to distance themselves as having scruples. I am certain most who are now viewed a respectable have in the early days taken cash. A programme about Bit-Coin etc shown a few months ago finished with the consensus that ultimately 'cash is, was and will remain King. Generally, it is truly sickening how everyone takes a stand against all those decent landlords - in fact - most, and are now treated by the government with less respect and rights than prisoners.

Comply with this, comply with that and yet Grenfell lifts and doors were out of order and the council did not know who and how many were living there, legally or not. Look at the LA garden which are never looked after. What a farce! I believe that one of the directors at Shelter stood down because he was somehow connected to that build and not called to account.

Worse, tenants are actively supported to dispise those offering access to a roof over their head. Of course as seen on channel 5, landlords and tenants programme, no one seems interested into how many tenants get away with trashing properties. The number of ex-tenanted flats in Guildford for sale is high, so why are few being bought by generation x? No they want film-style layout and mod cons from the outset - Most could not wield a drill or many seem unable to understand how to separate food from the pizza boxes into the food waste bin and keep the bins clean, lids closed and off the street.

Where can I escape to ? Lived back in the day in Spain - not sure I could do it now.... Read More