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22:28 PM, 31st March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Membership Renewal - Why would I?

I did not renew my membership this year with the NRLA (formerly RLA) and beside their excellent templates and Forum do not cover advice for landlords owning leasehold flats letting to tenants.... Read More


22:20 PM, 31st March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Membership Renewal - Why would I?

Reply to the comment left by paul robinson at 27/03/2021 - 09:17
As do Marks&Spencer - via their Sparks Card - I wrote to the chairman a few years ago pointing this out that Shelter, (as we on Property118 website know) do not actually house anyone and that they should drop them. Of course, many of their customers are not aware that there is choice of which charity their shopping can support to support. If no choice is made the points are distributed % wise. In addition to points that they also add. So, percentually, and no doubt accounting for the majority of points, most unaccounted points -ie no charity chosen by the individual account holder or shopper without a sparks card go to Shelter and that other more global one: The British Red Cross.... Read More


10:57 AM, 5th February 2021
About 2 months ago

NRLA wants Holiday Lets to be hammered the same way as BTL?

Reply to the comment left by john glynn at 05/02/2021 - 10:19
And therein lies the problem. NRLA want more legislation and turn landlords into council charity body. Whose side are our representatives on?
It is clear and that is why since January, I am no longer a member⁹? At an NLA meeting which newly installed Ben Beadle introduced himself attended together with, I checked, a non-BTL owning government officer who was interested in finding out the mood of landlords and run by a very good regional NLA female delegate in south east England, possibly 9 months before lockdown and it was obvious that section 24 was not on their agenda. They are red brick university soldiers trained to work in, follow and implement left wing government policies.

Also, i was charged £100.00 on what appeared to be an annual recurring membership fee for the 3rd time in Oct/Nov 20 by the National Alliance,
no notice given and managed to have it refunded. Important to cancel charge by request with your bank. I was never sent updates on their progress.... Read More


21:11 PM, 28th April 2020
About 12 months ago

Has anyone ever successfully sued a District Council?

Once the lockdown is over could not your daughter move back in, leaving her child with you for a while or indeed allow your husband with her permission to live there and renovate the property - that would inconvenience the SIL.
Maybe plan a big family visit. Soon.

What is your daughters action here, if she is viewed as tenant too, then she could/should return to live there. Not visit her problems on you at a whim?
She is not a child and the fact he had/has 3 children to support at the outset was a red flag.

As far as I know, caravan park sites require a main address elsewhere which is why SIL and DD got you involved in this mess.

Where is the dog?... Read More


20:43 PM, 28th April 2020
About 12 months ago

HMO tenant not abiding by lockdown

Reply to the comment left by David Lawrenson at 27/04/2020 - 15:14Interesting David, Boris Johnson on his release from hospital went straight to Downing Street and then on to his official country residence, Chequers, to recuperate.
Carrie, his pregnant fiance, soon to be mother, immediately joined him. How safe was that and with the dog?
I assume all his staffers were vetted as not asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.
The impression I had was 'do as we say, not as we do'.
No police penalty involved here.
Interesting to know if they self isolated individually or not - perhaps they communicated with one another through glass? I doubt it!... Read More