Landlords promised faster evictions under rental reforms

Landlords promised faster evictions under rental reforms

16:52 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago 20

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The Government has promised to speed up the court process for landlords who want to evict their tenants as part of the proposed Renters (Reform) Bill.

The bill, which will abolish Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions, was discussed by Housing Minister Rachel Maclean at a Conservative Party conference event.

The event, hosted by the think tank Bright Blue and sponsored by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), was attended by landlords and housing experts who raised concerns about the impact of the bill on the rental market.

The NRLA argued that the current court system was too slow and inefficient to deal with possession cases, especially when tenants were causing problems such as anti-social behaviour or having ‘extreme’ rent arrears.

‘Exodus of landlords from the market will continue’

The NRLA’s chief executive, Ben Beadle, said: “Without the confidence of knowing that where they have good cause they can regain their property swiftly, the exodus of landlords from the market will continue.

“All this will do is make it even harder for renters to find a place to live.”

He added: “The Minister’s comments are welcome, but they need to be backed up by clear plans setting out actions that will be taken and a timeframe for implementation.

“That must include investment in new staff and greater use of technology to process cases more swiftly.”

Takes more than six months for a landlord to repossess a property

According to the NRLA, it takes an average of more than six months for a landlord to repossess a property through the courts, which is ‘too long’ and costly for both landlords and tenants.

The Housing Minister assured the audience that the Government was committed to reforming the court system alongside the bill, so that landlords could have a ‘guarantee’ of faster and fairer evictions when they had a valid reason.

She said that it was ‘very important’ that landlords had confidence in the rental sector and that tenants had security and stability in their homes.

The Renters (Reform) Bill is expected to have its second reading in Parliament later this year and will also include measures to improve the standards and safety of rented properties.

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Paul Essex

17:27 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

Sorry I have given up believing such promises, particularly as you have now given every tenant free legal support regardless of the situation.

Reluctant Landlord

17:59 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

guaranteee??? hahahahahah!

A priceless and worthless statement in equal measure.

Churchills Tax Advisers

18:00 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

As usual with governments (of all persuasions) - words, but no substance.

Freda Blogs

18:09 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

This Housing Minister, like her many predecessors, will be out that revolving door in a matter of weeks, so can make promise after promise with impunity, and doesn’t have to stand by them.

No one in their right mind is going to believe a single word ‘promised’ until we see it included within the draft bill, and even then will be very sceptical. Until some concrete plans are delivered, the LL exodus will continue.

I’m sure I speak for many LLs who will not be dictated to by Govt as to who can occupy my properties, for how long and on what terms. Don’t they get it - that we have choices? Idiots.

Monty Bodkin

18:09 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

Nothing in the bill solves the big problem of ASB tenants.

paul robinson

18:12 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

So glad I'm selling my last one. Periodic tenancies from the off. How does that work for shared group young professional tenancies….it doesn’t it just causes chaos and drives up rents for decent tenants who will be ultimately messed around by the idiots! No section 21 for HMO’s…again how are you supposed to get rid of a tenant quickly that is causing havoc in a shared rental….you won’t….landlords will just find the decent tenants leave and the landlord is then left with the bad one! The NRLA is really out of touch with HMO landlords. Time and time again since 2019 since scrapping S21 was 1st announced they have not represented their members sufficiently and sadly that’s one of the reason we are here today. Sad times, but after 20 years of landlording I can’t say I will miss the pending doom and political pawns that landlords have become.


18:25 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

"The bill, which will abolish Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions,"

which are of course no such thing and even now can only be enforced by a Court decision or a tennat doing what they are supposed to do, even with a Court judgement a recalcitrant tenant may stay and force a landlor to apply for eviction by a Court bailiff; whi DO we allow the nonsense of the notion of it being "too easy to evict" persist?

Fed Up Landlord

19:25 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

The PRS has lost 8 properties off me alone in two years out of 13. The remainder gone in the next two or less. Multiply that by thousands of LLs fed up with this lefty liberal bleeding heart landlord bashing rhetoric. Poor tenants blah blah blah. Nasty landlords blah blah blah.

You stupid con-servative idiots. A landlord vote in the hand is worth two tenants in the bush. Prepare for political armageddon. You deserve it you neo- socialist tree huggers.


19:39 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

It's all dust and mirrors until government/councils put a proper plan in place for what to do with tenants BEFORE they are evicted by baliffs. As long as tenants keep getting "stay put until the baliffs arrive" nothing will change. Tenants leave under force (at best) or with court debts and ccj's. No where to go and no one who will take them on.

The current system is pretty much redundant and serves no-one well - neither landlord nor tenant nor taxpayer, while the new "free" legal help justs adds further costs and extends the process. Shame no one with any clout has the balls to stand up and say "IT DOESN'T WORK! Tear it down and start again!".

Whiteskifreak Surrey

21:02 PM, 3rd October 2023, About 2 months ago

Zero trust in this government.

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