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Paul Essex

12:53 PM, 6th November 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Retiree and 'Mature' renters fastest growing tenant segment of PRS

We have just one bungalow and would like more but there is such a shortage here they cost as much as a decent 3 bed house, sometimes more.

So downsizing will not generally decrease the rent.

As for adaptations, stair lifts are a reasonable price but probably a nightmare insurance wise. Wet rooms desired by many but will significantly limit future tenant choice.

The reward however is clear in Mick's comments, once you have found the right tenant they will be long stayers.... Read More

Paul Essex

10:04 AM, 3rd November 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Can private landlords refuse to let to Housing Benefit claimants?

As a footnote - there is another future risk that keeps lurking in the background.

Council Tax, several think tanks and I believe Labour want to replace Council Tax with a property tax payable by the owner (a nice home owning guarantor!).

This would not be a huge issue for tenants currently paying Council Tax it would just go via the landlord. However if you have UC tenants ( or students) they are generally exempt - but as the property owner we would not be, it could be impossible to increase rent sufficiently to recover the required money from such tenants, leaving us with significant losses.

Yes I may be too paranoid, it may not happen but I fear that the chance for councils to guarantee their tax take will be too tempting for the politicians.... Read More

Paul Essex

12:54 PM, 6th October 2020
About 2 months ago

Licensing proposed for Loughborough during crisis!

Sorry to disagree but AVERAGE rents will definitely increase as cheaper properties are no longer financially viable. Yes a posh high spec flat may stay the same, but those old victorian two beds renting at 550 pcm are very vulnerable.
For example on one of mine EWI is quoted at 10,000 that equates to around three years total income - licencing and regulations will remove all of these from the market, yes some large landlords will rejoice but so many low paid workers will suffer.... Read More

Paul Essex

13:02 PM, 28th August 2020
About 3 months ago

Westminster online tool encouraging HMO tenants to claim Rent Repayment Orders!

Those at risk also include those victims or R2R scammers. The LL believes that they have rented legally to a family or a third party who then go on to create an illegal HMO, the scammers will either walk away scott free - or be in the queue for free money from the LL.... Read More

Paul Essex

16:38 PM, 21st August 2020
About 3 months ago

4 week eviction ban extension and 6 month minimum notice period

Moving forward is there a way of providing property such as a short lease that side steps all of the legal red tape. I have looked at the government website and it doesn't seem to say that it has to be an AST?... Read More