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Paul Essex

21:18 PM, 4th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Additional £4m for councils to tackle criminal landlords

On the surface this sounds like a good idea. In reality for every bad landlord they find more tenants become homeless and end up in often similarly poor temporary accommodation.
They are in cheap accommodation because there is no other low cost option, often they are the lowest paid in society and forcing them to relocate out of the area is potentially more harmful to them personally than not taking action.... Read More

Paul Essex

10:41 AM, 22nd October 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Cash buyers flocking to purchase from Landlords

Please send some of these cash buyers in my direction, no properties selling here in North Essex. From right move nearly 40% of houses for sale locally have been reduced in the last 8 weeks.... Read More

Paul Essex

18:02 PM, 10th October 2019
About a month ago

Right to Rent - Expanded acceptable evidence list

If they can only stay 6 months, unless they sign up at the airport they are unlikely to have 6 months left for an AST so can we actually let to such people?... Read More

Paul Essex

17:29 PM, 10th October 2019
About a month ago

Selling BTL properties - open letter to PM

For "why not landlords" read "tenants via rent increases".
It is very important we get that message through, if Everytime it said taxing landlords the phrase was replaced by increasing rents I think the appetite for change would rapidly decrease.... Read More

Paul Essex

12:13 PM, 1st October 2019
About 2 months ago

AST for tenant's lodger?

There is another risk here as well. A single mother with two children is likely to be reliant on benefits; any income from a lodger would count against those benefits. Any suggestion from you that the income should not be declared against tax etc but instead just handed over you could get both of you into serious trouble.... Read More