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Paul Essex

11:00 AM, 10th September 2019
About A week ago

Bank of England economists base theory on Generation Rent claptrap

The truth is equally simplistic.
1. How do LL earn their income?
2. If you impose extra charges and or tax on that income how are LL going to cover those costs?
Why do politicians and journalists seem to not understand these two basic points?... Read More

Paul Essex

12:09 PM, 5th September 2019
About 2 weeks ago

McDonnell's distorted and dangerous version of Right to Buy

The first unintended consequence - I have two properties that I was about to upgrade, one a replacement kitchen and a victorian terrace that has solid walls so needs insulation. Both of these are now on hold until we can be sure this compulsory purchase will not happen.... Read More

Paul Essex

18:14 PM, 2nd September 2019
About 2 weeks ago

The worst housing crisis since the war

A massive new estate in my local town was earmarked to contain a new doctors surgery but with 2 out of 4 surgeries in the town mothballed due to a shortage of GPs this has been quietly dropped. I have no idea what the introduction of two thousand families will have on local services- but hey the local authorities have met their new homes target so bonuses all round.... Read More

Paul Essex

12:53 PM, 30th August 2019
About 3 weeks ago

ARLA 5 point manifesto

I am very concerned about suggesting a house MOT. Something else that would be too easy to use to bash LL . Automatic fines for no MOT perhaps, hassle of yet another access on top of gas safety, potential for nit picking enforcement, raising unreasonable expectations for older property even if rented at lower cost etc........ Read More

Paul Essex

10:54 AM, 2nd August 2019
About 2 months ago

Section 21 is going, but let’s have a say on how it goes

Although sounding like a good thing to do the whole section on domestic abuse concerns me as well. At no point do they actually explain the 'right to remain in a property' . Can they afford the rent with loss of income? How long is that 'right' six months, a year, until the children have left home???? All very one sided, there is precious little for us here.... Read More