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10:56 AM, 9th April 2021
About 3 days ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

I agree, the hassle always comes back to the landlord.
In our HMOs where we pay the bills, we won’t allow smart meters because we want to monitor the usage regularly and because the meters are inconveniently located so not readily accessible for changing. The disruption to tenants and clearing up for us would be huge for no benefit.
On properties where the tenants pay the bills, still not keen – previous experience shows where tenants have changed suppliers and it is the devils own job to find out to whom and get bills remedied, because if you are not the named consumer, suppliers won’t talk to you; tenants (students) walk away and don’t care about the chaos they leave. One property took about 20 phone calls and several hours to try and unravel. Whilst that’s not strictly a meter issue, the fact that not all meters are suitable for all suppliers is a good reason in my view not to allow meter changes to hopefully avoid further hassle...... Read More

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11:08 AM, 3rd April 2021
About A week ago

What can tenants do about noisy neighbours?

@Paul Chetwyn
Great summary of current anti landlord attitudes, and I think your last sentence speaks for a lot of landlords these days.... Read More

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19:32 PM, 30th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

One member of RTM not paying critical bill?

A few years ago I was a Director of a Management Company such as this. The advice from a solicitor regarding non-payers was to write to their mortgage company (details on Land Registry title), who would on occasion pay up on behalf of the leaseholder and/or write to the leaseholder, because they take a dim view of mortgagors not complying with their lease covenants (to comply with the lease and pay service charges). I don't know whether they would do that these days, but it may be worth a try, or even the threat to do so to the non payer may get the result you want.

Also, if you had insufficient funds due to non payment to carry out certain works, particular essential items, that could strengthen your argument - as there could be a diminution in value of the non payer's flat (and of course everyone else's).... Read More

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13:37 PM, 26th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Anyone used Ground 1 S8 successfully?

I include a Ground 1 clause in my single let tenancy agreement as standard - no tenant has ever questioned it - but I have never had to call on it, so haven't tested its validity - particularly in the current (non)eviction environment.
Cynically, I suspect it might be difficult to enforce as government et al seems to think its OK for tenants to completely ignore all their contractual obligations under an AST. Only LLs have to keep to their side of the bargain.... Read More

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11:40 AM, 25th March 2021
About 3 weeks ago

HMO Covid-19 rent reduction conundrum?

Unless your contract with them says they can vary the rent according to rental levels and/or occupancy rates, whether you accept or not is at your discretion. It’s not for them to unilaterally amend the rent. If rents went up over the period would they pay more to you? Doubtful.
Ultimately it’s up to you if you wish to (try and) enforce the contract to the letter, as they assumed the risk of achieving certain rental levels. On the other hand is it worth conceding something to keep them in occupation and a rental flow continuing? If so, in your shoes I would want to see evidence supporting their assertions, and once satisfied, formalise the agreement and time limit it to a period of x months, not keep it open ended or nebulous.
Could you give them NTQ and manage the property yourself and retain all rents?
You say the tenant is a firm of letting agents - so most likely they will be receiving every government Covid incentive under the sun, business rates, furlough etc, all the time doing well in a hot market, more so if they are sales agents too.
I have had unhappy dealings with one well known firm of letting agents which is exploiting the fear of its (commercial) landlords of their occupational properties, where despite the buoyant market and incentives received, they are seeking significant rent concessions and renegotiating lease terms, even though the business is doing well.
You may be another victim of this sort of unscrupulous behaviour.... Read More