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12:01 PM, 10th December 2018
About a month ago

B&Q Responds!

Standard reply to everyone by the looks of it.
"By offering guidance on basic DIY skills, they support families to settle into a new property after a period of homelessness and help those at risk of homelessness to stay in their current home"
How exactly? If it's a rented property, the rights to alter/decorate a property are usually limited by the terms of the AST (rightly so in my view as its the Landlord's asset), and if its an owner occupied property they can do what they like, skill or no skill - but should prioritise paying the mortgage over doing DIY if money is tight....... Read More

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10:21 AM, 6th December 2018
About a month ago

Student Council tax exemption - Proof required?

I have only ever been asked to provide the names of the students, which the Council then cross references against the list they have (presumably) been provided with by the University. Simple.
Sounds a very arduous and long winded way of doing things if your Council is checking with every landlord. Maybe one or more of your 'students' isn't an FT student and a liability for CT does arise, but is not your liability if you have an AST in place.... Read More

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12:00 PM, 1st December 2018
About 2 months ago

Loft bedroom records cause problems adding bathroom?

Reply to the comment left by Ryan Whelpdale at 01/12/2018 - 09:56If you own the freehold, you can grant yourself a new lease and include the loft space within the demise, if it isn't already demised.... Read More

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13:24 PM, 30th November 2018
About 2 months ago

Backdated Housing Benefit decision over 4 years ago!

That is astonishing!

Not only does it show the ineptitude of the Council, but also the risk that LLs letting to benefit tenants have to accept, with the potential for clawback through no fault or prior knowledge on the part of the LL.

Now let’s apply that principle to any other business or individual in the UK who has supplied goods or services to someone, whereby a 3rd party can require repayment for those goods or services, long after consumption of the goods or services and through no fault of the service provider.

Would anyone ever sign up for that? Of course not; it is simply not a sustainable business model nor could any individual risk such a proposition.

Perhaps those advocating that Landlords should be obliged to let to benefits tenants should have regard to this principle. I doubt very much that any of them would agree to such a regime. Why then is it a scenario that should be visited on landlords?

Alternatively, let’s look at the principle whereby risk is priced into a transaction – normally the higher the risk, the higher the unit price or premium, for example insurance or mortgages.

Should risk be priced in to rents payable? That would be an interesting debate.... Read More