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13:53 PM, 28th July 2021, About A day ago

Can anyone help with a licensing and planning issue in Greenwich?

What's the problem?

You may be able to see some info re C4 on the Council's website under planning policy, failing which pay the £156 pre planning application fee - its likely to be far cheaper than any fines that might be levied for running an unlicensed HMO.

Better still, pay an independent planning consultant for advice so you do not alert the council (via the planning officer) to an unlicensed HMO.... Read More

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13:42 PM, 28th July 2021, About 2 days ago

Small Shop - simple contract?

John P is partly right re security of tenure, but nowadays it tends to be specifically excluded - the point being if it isn’t excluded it is implicitly included (and a bear trap for the unwary).

Commercial property leases are very different from residential, and without proper attention to salient details such as security of tenure, repairing liabilities, service charges etc, any saving in professional fees now could come back to bite you later with much greater fees/problems if you get yourself into a pickle for not having taken proper advice.

I also note that you refer to 'an RV rentable value of £1,650.' Do you mean RV (rateable value) or rental value - different things. Have you had the shop valued for rental purposes (preferably by a commercial property valuer, who could also advise on the essential lease terms).

I think it would pay you to do that.... Read More

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15:38 PM, 26th June 2021, About a month ago

Property supply to lower end of PRS - Julie Rugg thanks Property118 contributors

Reply to the comment left by Monty Bodkin at 26/06/2021 - 15:11
I agree. It’s the first ‘official’ and objective narrative that we’ve seen in a long time - that tells it how it is, and I for one am pleased to see it.

Let’s hope that those in positions of influence or on the PRS negativity bandwagon will read it and reflect.... Read More

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14:30 PM, 24th June 2021, About a month ago

Lower income Housing supply not sustainable as landlords leave the market

Having read (only) the Exec Summary of the report so far, I am pleased to see that it conveys some of the reality of being a Landlord at the present time, together with the impact of the many recent and proposed changes, and signposts that LLs are leaving the market as a result.

I hope the report gets picked up by some bods in government who, assuming they exercise some common sense, will recognise (before it's too late) that all their tinkering in the PRS is unhelpful, increasing LLs' risk and hassle, reducing returns and sending all us out of the sector.... Read More

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22:33 PM, 2nd June 2021, About 2 months ago

Complaints not resolved on multi-home cover?

I have BG Homecare, which is due for renewal in about 1 month. I am not impressed by the service (such as not sending out an engineer to fix a boiler during a snowy period because of alleged concern for staff). No matter that the insurance cover was purchased for emergency repairs, otherwise why would you bother?

The new proposed premium is more than 10% higher, yet the renewal notice says:
"Thanks for staying with us - we really appreciate it. You have been with us a number of years. You may be able to get the insurance cover you want at a better price if you shop around."

This seems an acknowledgement they are expensive (I successfully challenge the renewal premium every year), so why don't they just offer lower premiums in the first place?

Can anyone recommend any alternative Homecare providers?... Read More