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16:12 PM, 15th July 2019
About A week ago

Johnson considers Stamp Duty switch from buyer to seller

Reply to the comment left by R S at 15/07/2019 - 15:02Who would have predicted that buyers would be happy with the proposals??
This proposal may be yet another casualty of ill conceived meddling in the housing sector - with lots of unintended consequences just as the Fees Act, S24 et al.
It may also have more fed up LLs previously uncertain about remaining in the PRS running for the exit to sell before the proposals become enacted.
What about those people (landlords and owner/occupiers) who are highly geared or in negative equity? They may not have the money to pay the stamp duty.
Buyers have a choice about what they can/not afford before they commit to buy. What should sellers do if they can't afford the SDLT? Sit tight? They are already clobbered for CGT.
This is madness in my view.... Read More

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11:05 AM, 15th July 2019
About A week ago

Living in same building as their serial bad tenant - couple’s worst nightmare

I'm curious to know the basis of the arrest warrant as police are usually uninterested in landlord and tenant issues.... Read More

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12:30 PM, 14th July 2019
About A week ago

Shelter couple’s “punishment”: self-imposed exile in Cornwall

Reply to the comment left by H Priory Homes at 12/07/2019 - 11:38
With a 5-week deposit cap, I think the government have effectively ended that opportunity - it’s too risky – and another unintended consequence of the Government’s ill-conceived anti landlord legislation.
I allowed in tenants with a dog (I have one myself, so I felt it hypocritical not to), and per Dog's Trust advice, I took a large deposit and non-refundable cleaning fee. The tenants have just moved out and although the property looked superficially clean, there is a huge amount of black dog hair hidden in the carpet (revealed accidentally), so a deep clean is required - conventional cleaning is inadequate. Luckily, I have the pet cleaning deposit and I think I have escaped lightly, there is limited other damage. I won’t be allowing pets in the future if I can’t take an appropriate deposit. The only other way round it is to charge a higher monthly rent, so once again, everyone loses.... Read More

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11:17 AM, 7th July 2019
About 2 weeks ago

RLA plea to Tory candidates

I believe Jeremy Hunt is a LL himself; one would hope he would engage if only from self/interest.

I don’t know whether Boris is a LL, but wouldn’t be surprised (and IMO he is all about self interest...)... Read More

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12:47 PM, 4th July 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Lease Extension - Two year restriction?

As current owner, you can serve the S42 Notice on the freeholder then the purchaser can pick up the negotiations after completion without having to wait for the 2 year qualification period. It is quite common and ordinarily it is done between exchange and completion. I suggest you get the purchaser to pay the legal and surveyors costs involved in the valuation of the premium and serving of the Notice.
For clarification: service of the S42 will entitle the owner to a statutory lease renewal of a further 90 year term (added to the existing 92 years) at nil ground rent. If the purchaser wants an extension only to 99 years (why bother??), that could probably be done by informal negotiation but you do not need to be involved and the purchaser may have to wait their 2 year qualification period if the freeholder doesn't wish to co-operate on that basis.... Read More