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11:49 AM, 3rd December 2020
About 5 hours ago

Government must respond to Extend the Stamp Duty Holiday petition

It's great for people buying/selling many properties but what about those caught in the hell of the EWS1 cock up, the only saving grace that there will be no gain left for Sunak to tax.... Read More


12:15 PM, 20th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Transferred residential to our sons?

With regard to inheritance tax the utility of a pre death transfer to direct descendants will depend on the value of the property, the whole estate and of course the ages of the transferors. The main reason for this is that each of the original owners had, and have now lost, the benefit of the additional £175,000 principal residence nil rate band unless their residual estates exceed the main NRB

What the transfer has created is a liability to Gordon Brown's spite, his "revenge" for HMRC losing the estate planning case known as the "Lady Eversden" strategy which he subsequently attacked with his Previously Owned Asset Tax Read More


10:16 AM, 18th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

LIVE interview with David Smith on proposed legal action against Lockdown evictions

Deliberate rent evasion should be defined as what it is, theft.... Read More


10:30 AM, 16th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Legal action against Government's lockdown evictions ban

Although this is a much needed step the issue holds another perspective, non rent paying tenants are liable for the Council Tax, our problem isn't non paying tenants, it's no frigging tenants, both the professional and senior student (mostly ME) markets are stone dead, Council Tax relief please.... Read More


13:57 PM, 11th November 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Coronavirus could worst case cost BTL sector £14.9bn in 3 months

Eight months later and the world is different, I am now having to complete an MCHLG "EU State Aid" declaration in respect of Robert de "Generate's" cladding farago even though we have no ACM, not a sq inch, mainly just local planning and building control failures, in one week's time we'll be at 80% void and enquiries are as flat as pancake, basically we're......................... Read More