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10:10 AM, 16th August 2019
About A week ago


11:32 AM, 6th August 2019
About 3 weeks ago

If Students don't provide proof I'll have to pay Council Tax?

But surely "proof" is only valid on the day it's provided, people DO drop out you know.... Read More


10:34 AM, 3rd August 2019
About 3 weeks ago

The issue of costs that are the responsibility of the tenant?

Our AST has never stated actual costs for the cost of "consumables" such as lightbulbs but does specify that such things are the tenants responsibility.

Because the ceilings are very high, downlighters are fiddly are to access, and the issue may be a blown transformer (which I have always regarded as infrastructure) I encourage tenants to have it done for them, which I am happy to do for a small charge.

At that point I am not supplying a service pursuant to the tenancy agreement, I am doing so because the tenant has requested it and he is at liberty to ask any sparks to do it for him, I'll be cheaper; where's the problem?... Read More


9:24 AM, 11th July 2019
About a month ago

When a tenant dies his Utility Bills die with him?

Instead of faffing around why don't they write to the executor or PR who, in order to discharge their duty to ascertain and settle liabilities, should do the reverse?... Read More


7:47 AM, 25th May 2019
About 3 months ago

Could the Conservative government be driving Landlords to the Brexit Party

Reply to the comment left by Whiteskifreak Surrey at 20/05/2019 - 12:15
My "student" numbers are down but as none were from the EU anyway that suggests that correlation as you see it may not be causation?... Read More