Is a vote for Reform the logical choice for landlords?

Is a vote for Reform the logical choice for landlords?

22:12 PM, 29th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago 97

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I’d appreciate your thoughts because it seems to me that the only realistic hope for landlords teaching the two major political Parties a lesson is to vote Reform in the hope of a Labour  / Reform coalition. Surely that would put the cat among the pigeons!

Reform appears to me to be the only UK political party happy to fight for landlords and lower rates of tax.

Am I missing something?

I found this on their website


The UK population has grown by over 1.3 million in just 2 years. Yet only 425,000 homes have been built. The Office of National Statistics forecast the population to grow by nearly 7 million between 2021 and 2036, putting huge pressure on housing.

Mass immigration is the main factor in this. Other factors that have damaged housing supply are overly bureaucratic planning regulations that delay decisions and add huge cost.

Critical reforms needed in the first 100 days:

Housing tick

Review the Planning System.
Fast track planning and tax incentives for development of brownfield sites, including unused offices and vacant high street properties. Review system of Section 106 Developer Contributions for infrastructure such as schools and surgeries to accelerate house building.


Housing tick

Reform Social Housing Law.
Prioritise local people and those who have paid into the system. In parts of the UK almost half of all social housing is occupied by someone born overseas. Foreign nationals must go to the back of the queue. Not the front.


Housing tick

Scrap the 2019 Tax Changes for Landlords.
The tax system should encourage smaller landlords into the rental markets. Not penalise them.


Housing tick

Abolish the Renters’ (Reform) Bill.
Existing legislation was adequate to address bad practices. Instead, we will boost the monitoring, appeals and enforcement process.


Housing tick

Incentivise Use of New Construction Technology.
Such as modular construction, and smart infrastructure.


Housing tick

More Homegrown Qualified Traders.
New apprenticeships and vocational courses will increase the supply of skilled, well-paid workers to replace cheap overseas labour.

Housing Pledges Costs = £ Neutral

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Cider Drinker

8:49 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

I’ve read quite a lot about what the Parties offer.

The Conservatives have proven that they say one thing and do another. What they say doesn’t inspire confidence.

Labour are relying on the Conservatives being so bad that people will vote Labour. They have no policies that will tackle the housing crisis.

Reform tick all the boxes for me. I think that they need a voice in our Parliament if there is to be any hope of my ‘wants’ being aired.


9:40 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reform cant actually win. They can just hurt the other parties, mainly the Tories. Landlords should consider who they least want in power and vote accordingly. For most, this will be Labour, so landlords should then vote Conservative.
Renters reform is now dead for the Conservative party. Most of their moderates have resigned or will lose their seat, so if the Tories somehow cling on to power, there is no chance of any new bill being constructed.


9:58 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by DPT at 30/05/2024 - 09:40
Conservatives can't win either. The point is it sends a message to the other parties and helps Reform grow.

Reluctant Landlord

10:08 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by DPT at 30/05/2024 - 09:40

michael caffyn parsons

10:09 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

I am voting Reform as a lifelong Tory voter I can no longer vote for a party that has destroyed my business and aspirations. Reform cant win this time but they can have have MP's in parliament to hold labour to account. They have a 6 year plan and anyone with common sense knows that the country will be bankrupted under labour with net zero madness high tax big state ltns 20mph zones.
Look at what has happened in Argentina a socialist state appoints a right wing low tax prime minister and the basket case country with 300% inflation reduces inflation to 10% has a record tax take and and budget surplus for the first time in 90 years all done in the space of a year you wont see the Guardian Metro BBC Sky or Channel 4 promoting the fact. We need the same here small state tax cuts let the market decide. The funniest statistic of all is Argentina removed all the red tape and rent controls on landlords and guess what rents dropped 30% in a year. Will the our 2 socialist parties labour and conservative learn from this of course not. We need Reform Unfortunaley we have to left labour destroy the country first. Hopefully labour get distracted by pressing issues such as if women have a penis or is someone born 300 years ago was racist or how nice it would be be if murderers and rapists can go to woman's prison if they decide they are now a woman. Then they might leave us landlords alone


10:22 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Hi All,
I agree with all the above comments, however, I don't think that there is a hope in hell of Labour doing a deal with Reform, they are too far apart. Reform is the only party who is at least talking sense.
The Tories have done nothing but penalise us during their tenure and I believe that Labour will do us much more harm.
I will not leave the sector as this is my only chance of a decent retirement having sunk everything I have into it, however, as most landlords, I despair of what is happening to the PRS. it's just not fair. I do not believe that Reform will secure enough seats to be able to form a government, but they may get strong enough to be able to formulate a deal with the Tories which is my hope, my vote is going to Reform.

Steve O'Dell

10:40 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reform are the only choice. A vote for the so called Conservatives says to them that they are doing well. They are not, they are a disaster. From an 80 seat majority with Borris at the helm to this pack of infighting liberal idiots. They have presided over 14 years of disaster and they hate landlords, despite many of them being so themselves - go figure it? Labour - I don't need to say anything - other than Starmergeddon. A vote for Reform will send the message to all parties that it is the policies that this party have, that the people want. Reform will be a strong challenge to anyone in government. By 2029 Reform may well have grown to a size that would permit them to win that election, after say 5 years of Labour disaster - can you imagine Rayner, representing the UK on a global stage, negotiating with Putin, Trump and such others. Conservatives will get a very clear message and should they have more success than they deserve in this election, there may be the possibility of a Con/Reform coalition. I could never see Reform in a coalition with any other party. So for me at least, they only possible course of action is to vote reform. I am 54 and for the first time in my life I am considering leaving this once great country to live somewhere that is not so broken, where there is hope, prosperity, where hard work and making money is viewed as an admirable thing to do.


10:44 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by DPT at 30/05/2024 - 09:40
Voting coservative because there is virtually no chance of the RRB coming back again is the logical reason to vote conservative so that is why I will vote for them.
We cannot afford protest votes!


11:10 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Steve O'Dell at 30/05/2024 - 10:40
If we believe in what Reform stands for, and I do, then not only should we vote Reform, we need to let as many people know about the party to encourage them to vote for Reform too.
It may mean that Labour get in this time, but as Steve O'Dell says, it prepares the field for what can happen further down the line.

Judith Wordsworth

11:24 AM, 30th May 2024, About 2 weeks ago

Reply to the comment left by Cider Drinker at 30/05/2024 - 08:49
Sadly they do .... they will start the Renters Reform Bill again, probably with more Landlord onerous clauses.

But they have already stated re the previous RRB that when a Landlord wishes to sell or to move into the rental property themselves or one of their family does Labour will instruct the Courts to implement a hardship test. ie "who will be at greater hardship if the Courts grant possession to the Landlord?"

Even now the courts are telling landlords they should rent a property instead of evicting their tenant and moving into the rental property their actually own!

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