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10:50 AM, 26th December 2019
About 7 months ago

First Home Fund launched in Scotland

"A first-time buyer is defined as anyone who does not own, or has previously owned, a property in Scotland or anywhere else in the world."

How about ........A first-time buyer is defined as anyone who does not own, or has NOT previously owned, a property in Scotland or anywhere else in the world.

This reflects the low standard of recent UK legislation and how it is constantly churned out by people who obviously have questionable levels of ability in their jobs.
We know what they are saying but it clearly hasn't been written correctly and badly written law leads to loopholes, misinterpretation and disputes.... Read More


18:02 PM, 20th December 2019
About 7 months ago

Third of landlords looking to shrink portfolios

And add me to the list! My intention was to build my portfolio for many years to come but after purchasing what was to be my last property in 2014 Osborne came along with his pathetic idea of taxing many BTL landlords into bankruptcy.
Just last week I sold properties 5 and 6 of my portfolio and intend to continue doing so until I'm out of this stupid game.
How many more thousands of landlords are doing the same I wonder?... Read More


21:56 PM, 12th September 2019
About 10 months ago

Office of Tax Simplification - Landlords Survey

Reply to the comment left by Appalled Landlord at 12/09/2019 - 12:04
Thanks for sharing your responses. I have made similar replies with the addition of mention of the mistakes I have found in my Accountants end of year reports and the time I spend going through this once a year let alone goodness knows how many more times a year if HMRC do go down the route of regular accounting.... Read More


14:02 PM, 4th February 2019
About A year ago

Baffling Council Demands?

I recently made a point concerning GDPR to the local County Council which is responsible for some of my properties. They actually misunderstood my point and responded with the below reply, which may answer your question Paul, although I must admit I haven't verified their comment with GDPR but it does make sense.

"Under the listed GDPR and article 34(1) and (4) of the GDPR (communication of personal date breach to the data subject), paragraph 2, schedule 2, do not apply to personal data processed for any of the following purposes:
Crime and taxation: general
(a)the prevention or detection of crime,
(b)the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or
(c)the assessment or collection of a tax or duty or an imposition of a similar nature
Therefore we are, as a billing authority, able to request information from you regarding your tenants."... Read More


21:33 PM, 29th January 2019
About A year ago

6 weeks backlog at the DPS?

Hi Onslow
We recently had departing tenants dispute various matters after they initially agreed to rectify some things and gave permission to use their deposit to pay for the other items. Their tenancy ended on 5th December 2018 but by the 18th December they had decided they wanted to go to tribunal and dispute the lot.
The DPS were contacted and proceedings were initiated and to cut a long story short they had come to their decision by 24th January 2019.
So just over a month but with the Christmas & New Year period slap bang in the middle of it.
Just for your info you may be interested to hear as a tenant that 5 different items were disputed and there was no logic in how the DPS apportioned costings to both sides in their decision. The end result was a 60/40% approx. split on the costings award, favouring the tenant.
It's one we've put down to experience but in terms of how quickly it was dealt with we couldn't really complain.
I do suspect there must be some other problem lurking in the background with your dispute and would echo other advice and commence the complaints procedure with the DPS. It seems to have taken a ridiculous amount of time especially as you the tenant have produced all evidence for your side of the matter.... Read More