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15:59 PM, 10th April 2021
About A day ago

How much will it cost to solve my tax problem?

I'd want some certainty that the proposed re-structure wasn't dependent on loopholes in tax law that HMRC could change at a moments notice.... Read More


16:07 PM, 9th April 2021
About 2 days ago

Periodic tenancy estate agents fees response?

I assume they are quoting the contract you signed, but you should check this as they can't just make it up now.
Their response seems to think that you want to terminate the contract with them. If this is not the case you should clarify it as the clause they're quoting does not apply. You simply don't want them to issue a replacement tenancy.
If the tenancy goes statutory periodic, then they only have two tasks - to renew the deposit insurance if applicable and re-serve the deposit PI and secondly to re-serve 'How to Rent' if its changed since the start of the tenancy. It would be reasonable for them to charge for these services but nothing else. I think you should look up the Foxtons Case which I think may give you the scope to negotiate.... Read More


15:59 PM, 9th April 2021
About 2 days ago

Cladding Remediation: Cost of alternative accommodation?

I'm not sure adding such a clause to the tenancy agreement would be of any legal effect as I suspect that you would not be able to claim the contract was frustrated. You should check this point with a solicitor.

However, although its a hassle, the tenant would still be obliged to pay you the rent for your property and you would use this to pay for the alternative accommodation. As said above, your insurance may cover any shortfall.... Read More


17:03 PM, 27th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Anyone used Ground 1 S8 successfully?

The notice period for ground 1 is currently 6 months and then you would have to wait for a hearing if the tenant disputes, so its not a quick fix.... Read More


11:52 AM, 26th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

When can I re-let room after tenant has done a runner?

Reply to the comment left by at 25/03/2021 - 16:14
If you want to claim abandonment, (implied surrender) then serving any kind of notice to quit on the tenant will undermine the claim as it will imply that you still believe a tenancy is running... Read More