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10:43 AM, 28th June 2021, About a month ago

Tenant left but brother paying rent and arrears?

As the situation sounds fairly positive, I would just write a letter, (get it translated too) to the brother acknowledging him as a guest of the tenant and thanking him for the rent payments which are accepted on behalf of the tenant.... Read More


18:39 PM, 25th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Right to see payslips if tenant in arrears?

What do you mean by a council tenant? Is the Council really the tenant and they sublet to the occupant or did they just refer the tenant?... Read More


21:26 PM, 24th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Tenants now claim shock after causing flood?

Time these tenants were moving on I think.... Read More


17:59 PM, 20th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Should I convert lounge and add 3rd bedroom?

You may not get the permission of the freeholder for the conversion, so before going any further you should probably look into that.

It doesn't sound like a bad idea and I've done something similar in a property of my own (1 to 2 bed). However, I would say that 3 bed flats are harder to let than 1 or 2 bedders.

If the tenants are all on a single AST, then you would not have a right to do this work during their tenancy. If they're on room only tenancies, I would still advise waiting until its empty as it would be hugely disruptive and may still be breaching their right to quiet enjoyment.... Read More


12:08 PM, 17th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Change of rent payment date do I need extra paperwork?

I would not recommend formally changing the payment date as this can cause confusion later with dates if notice has to be served.... Read More