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17:34 PM, 21st January 2022, About 15 hours ago

HMO Tenant Clarification Scenario?

an unmarried couple plus friend is 3 people in 2 households which means its a HMO and has to meet all the HMO Management Regulations. You need to see whether your council has Additional Licensing, (not selective licensing) for the area your property is in and whether their scheme includes 3 person HMOs.

Overall, I would say its better for you to do a family let.... Read More


16:47 PM, 20th January 2022, About 2 days ago

Should I sell, pay the CGT and take my tenant?

You would have a transitional issue between selling the old place and buying/preparing the new place for rental. Not sure what the tenant would do during this time.
I would also have thought that the transaction costs of doing this would negate the benefit - CGT, legal x2, estate agent, stamp duty, refurb, removals....... Read More


13:57 PM, 4th January 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Do mortgage product fees fall under Section 24?

The question wasn't whether they are tax deductible, but whether the deduction is limited by s24 to 20% (effectively).... Read More


19:19 PM, 17th December 2021, About a month ago

Small strip of land causing massive leasehold issue?

Adverse possession may well apply to this land.... Read More


16:29 PM, 10th December 2021, About a month ago

Son lives in parents property wanting to rent out a room?

The landlord doesn't have to be the owner, they could authorise their Son, (I would suggest in writing) to act as landlord for the lodger. This should be ok if only letting to 1 lodger because the exemption for 2 lodgers from HMO regulations only apply to owner-occupiers. The rent would probably need to be paid to the Son, but would actually be due to the parents, as owners, and they would be liable for any tax.
There are regulations governing properties let to lodgers and I would suggest that the Son gets some help to understand the legal obligations.... Read More