Why do we value Asylum Seekers more than British homeless?

Why do we value Asylum Seekers more than British homeless?

11:48 AM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago 29

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Hello, This is another of those strange anomalies/priorities which make little sense. We pick up thousands of asylum seekers in boats crossing the channel and some have no right to be here.

We’ve all seen reports of the overcrowded centres where they start, but what about the luxury hotels that they are sometimes housed in?

Then Serco, instructed by the Govt, are offering landlords more in rent for their properties than the rent they are currently getting. Why? What about our homeless?

Many of them are British citizens, people down on their luck who have had mortgages, paid council tax and contributed for years to British tax and society. Are they not more deserving of our generosity?

Some of them are ex-service personnel who, in addition, have fought for our country. Where is the rhyme or reason in all of this?

Our country is upside down, vilifying landlords, protecting new arrivals – crazy.


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Luke P

16:58 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

It's the same in many schools that have 'no places' (for natives/legal residents), but as soon as they become an 'urgent/emergency' case, the school has places set aside for that purpose.
Alternatively we hold a vote and those in favour have their taxes increased to foot the bill. Those against go unburdened. That might focus some people's minds...


17:59 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

It wasn't clear in this post what "...the rent that they are presently getting" refers to. What does that mean? Rent for housing social housing tenants? Or for homeless people?
So is it true that Serco are offering landlords more in rent than they are presently getting to house social housing tenants? And is it true that Serco are offering landlords more in rent to house homeless people?
And if so, how much more?
Or did "...the rent that they [landlords] are presently getting" refer to something else?

peter lassman

18:22 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Beaver at 14/11/2022 - 17:59it’s not a Not true statement Beaver, in Kent, (canterbury) we were offered far less than we currently get on the open market for our properties and a lot less than we would get if we rented to Students, my wife actually called Canterbury’s City Council and was offered much lower rates than we currently get Peter

James Noble

19:09 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

Couldn't agree more. I've been writing to my M.P. about this for months, and getting vague replies. This is costing us £5.5 million a day! And now we are paying the French even more millions to stop what they should be stopping anyway. They are rubbing their hands with glee - getting rid of folk they really don't want to support. You can't play fair when everyone else is cheating.

LordOf TheManor

20:03 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

Daily hotel cost was recently updated to £7m a day!!

People from war torn countries coming here is one thing..... but economic migrants from Albania?

Surely if the UK has to support them, it would be cheaper to build factories in Albania and keep them in their own country, wouldn't it? There must be a deal whereby their production would be a useful return on the UK's investment.

At the moment, it appears all one-sided! The failings of the Albanian government are now the expense of UK gov. Why should that be??

The PRS has been ransacked for the last 20 years by UK gov with its failure to provide or replace social housing. It has completely ignored the needs of our indigenous population - UK gov knows no shame, nor will it face up to it - or its responsibility.

What, exactly, is in the remit of the Housing Ministry?? It's definitely not about ensuring our own people have access to housing during our well-documented natural life-cyles.

It's been the killer of aspiration for years - and now it is seriously killing our economy!! Our home-grown talented people are struggling to find and often cannot get accommodation to suit their job relocations. Going further out of town increases the pressure on traffic congestion - and is frustrated by public transport that is far from great outside of London.

Pretty soon, our own people won't even get hotel accommodation anywhere nearby their places of work either. All of those will be full of ex-boat people.

How ridiculous is that???

James Noble

20:56 PM, 14th November 2022, About 11 months ago

And you are just looking at the housing problem. Add to this the problem of finding schools for any children who join us, the burden on the NHS, policing the added problems we have seen recently by such immigrants, the drain on the Social Services. Unless the Channel crossing is stopped altogether, we are simply encouraging the human traffickers. Do we really have to wait until there is a tragedy in the Channel before the French Government comes to its senses?

Dennis Leverett

10:53 AM, 15th November 2022, About 10 months ago

I'm absolutely not a racist but I've reached the point where enough is enough. Why are we paying France to do nothing, simples, they don't want them there either. Why can't we toughen up and take them straight back to France, that's where they should be claiming asylum legally if I am correct. The small village I was brought up in has/had a nice 4 star hotel about one mile away which has been full of illegal immigrants for a very long time. Lots of problems in the village with immigrants wandering around. Amazing how they can afford to smoke, drink and have mobile phones. Lets start looking after our own for a change. Just read some news about a group of violent robbers getting 100 years in prison between, none are of UK origin and now its going to cost a fortune to look after them in prison. Rant over.

Mek Kah

11:41 AM, 15th November 2022, About 10 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Dennis Leverett at 15/11/2022 - 10:53
You what?? They got PHONES?? What... so they can keep in touch with the rest of their displaced families??? Ludicrous!!

Hang on.. they SMOKE too?? Now that does it. If they think they can come here after their towns have been bombed and their loved ones have been massacred using weapons supplied by the UK and they think they can come here with some sort of vice or coping mechanism theyve got another think coming!!! Send 'em back to France!! Im sick of the one choice they have over their lives being the choice to come to the UK!!!

p.s. im not racist!!

Annie Landlord

12:04 PM, 15th November 2022, About 10 months ago

Nearly 80% of all asylum claims are granted, including 53% of claims from Albanians. (Fleeing war is only one of the accepted reasons for claiming asylum) The UK doesn't allow people to apply for asylum until they physically step onto british soil.
If they would bring back safe routes - either allow claims made from abroad or take up France's offer (made a year ago) to have a claims processing centre in Calais, the Channel crossings would stop. Successive governments, Tory and Labour have failed to address the housing crisis in the UK. There are 250,000 empty homes, including many owned by local authorities and the MoD.Why isn't the government enabling councils to refurbish these? Please let's not fall into the trap of blaming asylum seekers for our own failings

Dennis Leverett

12:18 PM, 15th November 2022, About 10 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Mek Kah at 15/11/2022 - 11:41
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with genuine asylum seekers who go through the proper channels, not the English one!!!, and are in fear of their lives. A big but, we are a small country and the highest taxed in Europe with many of our own home grown problems. Time to put our people first with an absolute limit on immigration, get a government with guts and less of this childish behaviour amongst selfish politicians. It aint gonna happen though is it, can't wait to see what happens when the MP's pay review comes up. That hotel I mentioned was visited by Nigel Farrar some time ago and is on video somewhere, I visited it some time ago and was very firmly told to sod off as was Nigel. People outside drinking alcohol etc. I was told they get a daily allowance to spend on whatever. My kids are working their nuts off to stay afloat without any kind of benefits. 2nd rant over.

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