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Why do we value Asylum Seekers more than British homeless? Landlord News, Latest Articles

Hello, This is another of those strange anomalies/priorities which make little sense. We pick up thousands of asylum seekers in boats crossing the channel and some have no right to be here.

We’ve all seen reports of the overcrowded centres where they start, but what about the luxury hotels that they are sometimes housed in?

Then Serco, instructed by the Govt, are offering landlords more in rent for their properties than the rent they are currently getting. Why? What about our homeless?

Many of them are British citizens, people down on their luck who have had mortgages, paid council tax and contributed for years to British tax and society. Are they not more deserving of our generosity?

Some of them are ex-service personnel who, in addition, have fought for our country. Where is the rhyme or reason in all of this?

Our country is upside down, vilifying landlords, protecting new arrivals – crazy.


A True Christmas Story Guest Columns

I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Knocked out by a killer dose of what Frazzy calls ‘Man Flu’ and like the rest of you, running around tying up loose ends before Xmas descends on us for 4 days of food, alcohol, sleepiness and family rows.

In a week when Leeds council reports a 200% increase in homelessness applications and Grant Shapps is urging people to ring the local ‘No second night out’ hotlines if they see a rough sleeper, I thought it appropriate to talk about homelessness in the run up to Christmas as opposed to my normal P118 fare. Continue reading A True Christmas Story

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