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LordOf TheManor

10:52 AM, 1st June 2021, About 2 months ago

Am I being unfair turning down compensation request?

No, you're not being unreasonable!!... Read More

LordOf TheManor

11:13 AM, 24th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Should I expect higher plumber costs in NW London?


I would suggest you get quotes from sites such as TrustaTrader or CheckaTrade. Check out the credentials of the companies that want to quote you for the work before you let them in to do that.
To access trades this way, you will likely have to complete an app-style summary of the works required and give an idea of the date you require the works to be carried out.

When you complete the app-style enquiry, be careful with your wording of the works. You describe it as 'RIPPING OUT... the existing bath, loo and basin', however, if what you mean is 'REMOVE and replace existing bath, loo and basin' say that instead! The point is: are these fixtures going to remain in the same place as now or are they going into a whole new bathroom layout? Your answer has a lot to do with the quote you'll get back.

Landlords are often targeted for higher priced quotes and sloppy workmanship (because some think doing a really good job doesn't matter because it's 'only a rental property'). Don't fall for that one.

Be prepared to get a few quotes in, in writing, with a schedule of the works (so that you know what is included in the price) and then compare the quotes, like for like. If elements of the quote vary considerably, you have the opportunity to get that reduced based on the price competition.

Finally, check the timeframe of the works from start to finish and know what guarantee you get for your money. Be aware that for any electrical work done in the bathroom, e.g. new light fittings, new shower installation etc you'll need a small works certificate signed off by an electrician.

Good luck getting it sorted well and done to your satisfaction.

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LordOf TheManor

11:15 AM, 21st May 2021, About 2 months ago

Should I convert lounge and add 3rd bedroom?

I'm with Paul Shears and Bill O'Dell 100% on this.

You might be able to alter the flat if you jump through all the hoops...... but 'just because you can doesn't mean you should'. That's the category I'd give this enquiry.

Greater depreciation, churn + there will always be better flats that the best of the tenants will go for. You'd be taking your rental downmarket, likely shortening the life of your tenancies in it and increasing your time and workload for a bit more rent (if the rental proposal is found to be attractive - but only after you've done a lot of work would you find that out).

Why would you want to speculatively do all that?

Lord (Landlord of 34 years)... Read More

LordOf TheManor

10:04 AM, 18th May 2021, About 2 months ago

Concerned about offering tenancy to someone so young?

I think you've got the room situation wrong. With a child - and if she were to be on her own there - her entitlement is for a 2-bed property.
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LordOf TheManor

18:21 PM, 10th May 2021, About 3 months ago

Can I claim for damages from my Letting Agency?

What does your contract with the Letting Agent include? Were there property inpections included in their agreement? If so, have you seen the visit reports? What exactly did you agree with them beyond tenant finding and referencing?

Also, what's the split between 'the damage' and the unpaid rent? You would have to separate these factors to go forward, one way or another.

Sorry about your situation, however, more information on it is needed to offer any further suggestions or advice.... Read More