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LordOf TheManor

11:47 AM, 20th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Success for landlord against bully-boy council

What were the 10 summonses against them and when were these issued? It's a bit wooly without this fundamental information.... Read More

LordOf TheManor

11:40 AM, 20th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Transferred residential to our sons?

I agree with Chris Bradley's comment about the question and that a room rent at market rate should cover it. I would suggest setting up a standing order so that this arrangement can be evidenced if required in the future.
I would also comment on the property's maintenance arrangements. Any bills for repairs from now on must be paid for by the sons and receipts kept to support the change of ownership.
Make sure all records are kept well filed and don't dispose of them after 6 six years.... Read More

LordOf TheManor

13:58 PM, 12th November 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Section 21 review hearing date and tenancy missing?

Hi Manni
I suggest you copy your documents onto a memory stick then visit the copy shops that inhabit the big supermarkets nowadays. If you make yourself a tidy file of the original paperwork, you only need to run off two copies of the lot from the memory stick: one for the tenant and one for the court.
It is then your responsibility to serve the paper documents on the tenant. Take a witness with you to photograph the delivery and then have your witness complete the witness statement that accompanies S21 paperwork with the time and date of the served documents. Complete 3 originals to avoid having to revisit the copy shop.
I understand the Courts are still open, so if you can, go there with their copies of the bundle that match what they've asked for, including the witness documentation and get a court stamped receipt as your proof of delivery. Pay heed to the time schedules to get all this completed before the deadline.
The Courts say you can email the documents to them. Don't hold out any luck with that!!! Best advice is to deliver to the Court in person for the reason given below. Good luck with the it.
My smallclaims case due to be heard in June couldn't go ahead on the day because the Court couldn't find its paperwork from me (even though I had their email confirming receipt). I got new directions on what to send for a new date in September, again inviting me to do that by email to them and paper to the defendant. Did precisely that, sending another copy of the previous docs - and guess what??? The same happened again, no papers available at the Court on the day, so the case is on its THIRD listing for the end of this month. I hand-delivered the printed documents into the Court Office in September and have a dated receipt to show for it. All I can do now is hope they haven't lost the docs since then.... Read More

LordOf TheManor

18:50 PM, 11th November 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Water damage from baby sock?

I agree with Ian on the implied duty to act in a tenant-like manner. With washing machine issues, I always let the tenant know - before I arrange a repair - that if the reason for the malfunction is down to the user, they are expected to meet the cost of the call-out.
When underwired bras were really popular (two decades back!) it was often the wire that came loose in the wash and got caught up in the filter. Not saying that the tenant would have caused an event like that deliberately, but it comes down to the user, not the owner of the appliance. I've always been happy to call on the preferred repairer to put things right - so I'm never unhelpful or unsympathetic - and the tenants have all been fine with this approach to date.
Yes, I house them and they use my appliances at their convenience but I don't tell tenants when to go to bed or what time to go to church on Sundays. It follows that I don't supervise their laundry efforts either.
In the event of the washing machine leaking (due to bra wire, sock or whatever), escape of water causing damage has always been covered by my landlord buildings and contents insurance. I just sort it and move on without chastising the normally mortified tenant. Life's too short!... Read More

LordOf TheManor

21:06 PM, 30th October 2020
About a month ago

You take the risk and I will take the tenant!

Rosalind is correct on this.....

Landlords cannot get insurers to pursue a claim against malicious damage by tenants so there is no reason to take on inexperienced and potentially volatile/ vindictive tenants, whatever their provenance. No matter that their rent may be paid by .....? If they go on the rampage as disgruntled tenants in the evicition queue, there is no hope of any redress from any quarters.

I have had three properties trashed by tenants with good tenant histories, all of years standing. They got frustrated by the slow moving beast called social housing and the sorry mess it is and then they didn't like the offer of a B&B room indefinitely while they wait for a place - in lieu of the 3 or 4-bedroom house they still occupy and have long since stopped paying for.

Form an orderly queue and I'll send photos of my three trashed properties: a whole housefull of previously fully working white goods thrown into the streets and/or garden, ditto weather-soaked sofas that the Council refuse to collect, malicious interior damage i.e. walls defaced in every manner imaginable and skylights deliberately left open so that the floor coverings are explosed to the elements requiring replacement throughout in the open plan layout the tenants so loved when they moved in.

A large shed rewired for cannabis-growing with all the evidence of illicit activity is obvious: roof gving way under intense heat stress, multiple cables and light fittings still attached to what was previously a manual-tool only workshop, and remnants of stripped plants everywhere. Do the police care? No, they don't. They miracurously need access to an inaccessible garden while the plants are being cultivated. Whether to pursue this or not or to other crimes? I'd prosecute regardless of neighbours' regular complaints of being overwhelmed by the stench of pot ..... Bla Bla Bla.... so it goes, so it carries on.

Costs for the malicious damage? £13k x twice and £8k once. Not recoverable from anywhere and the Court always awards any deposit to be used against rent arrears. The tenant has no skin in the game of malicious damage recovery.

In all three cases, the Council insisted on a full tenant history being given to them. In all three cases they got it in chapter and verse: Photographic Inventory & Schedule of Condition at tenancy start, rent schedule and tenant payment history, planned & unplanned maintenance schedules with sign-off dates within 48 hours, a full non-aggressive communications log throughout until the bailiff visit and finally the Exit Inventory & Schedule of Condition on tenancy end with keys in the landlord's possession.

Did it cost the landlord??? Yes it did. £13k x 2 and £8k once.

What happened to the tenants? Nothing on their tenant record or their huge debt stopped them from being offered housing suitable for their needs. All 3 cases spent time in Council supported stop-gap accommodation for 12-14 months. The two £13k wreckers now live in brand new houses on newly finished estates - like nothing ever happened in their lives before they got there.

As for Council incentives to take tenants..... DON'T FALL FOR IT...... AND DEFINITELY DO NOT ACCEPT IT..... without cast iron guarantees that there are healthy home-owning earners behind those who the Council are seeking to house, it's honestly not worth the risk.... Read More