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5 years ago
You can remortage within six months!

I have a mixed used property, a commercial property (office) on the ground floor with a self contained flat above that is rented out. I am looking to re-mortgage, where is the best place for this type property.... Read More

5 years ago
ONS report record average house price now £247,000

while this is good news for us all, and for the economy in general I wonder why the various people I know who have their houses up for sale are not receiving even a viewing, never mind an offer, all this despite reducing the Price drastically.... Read More

5 years ago
Landlord licencing scheme boundaries released by Newham Council

Newham Council have shot themselves in the foot because Lanlord are selling their properties in Newham.
The tenents are asking the londlords to make them homeless so Newham council will have to rehouse them. At present the Council will get £500 from every landlord to licence their property but then it will cost them a fortune to house all those people in bed and beakfast places .... Read More

5 years ago
Global Licence or a Standard Licence to let required by Freeholder - is this a scam?

read the lease, we had exactly this problem a year ago, it is a scam. We took it to the solicitor who did the conveyance and he told us as long as the AST is for no more than a year it does not apply, just to longer leases, read the original lease, this apparently is a standard clause, but they hope you do not read it and just pay up, I claimed 200 pounds fee from the solicitor that I did not pay him, and they sent me it. had the last laugh.... Read More

5 years ago
Why Aren't We More Worried About Withdrawal of Benefits?

I don`t think the authorities have the slightest grasp on the concept you outline, I am behind the benefit cuts in general, it has been needed for some time, but the treatment of landlords by councils and government is appalling, we are seen as the rogues, always they side with tenant against us.... Read More