Smokers more likely to find a rental home than pet owners

Smokers more likely to find a rental home than pet owners

0:04 AM, 23rd May 2023, About 10 months ago 4

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Pet owners are facing a ruff time finding rental properties, with landlords more likely to welcome smokers than a tenant with furry friends, research reveals.

According to the Vape Club, just 7% of available rentals are listed as ‘pets considered’ – compared to a whopping 44% for smokers.

That means tenants who quit smoking are more than TWICE as likely to find a home than those with a furry companion.

But even with the new Renters’ Reform Bill granting tenants the legal right to own pets, landlords are still not keen about allowing them in their properties.

‘Landlords prefer not to rent to pet owners’

Jonathan Rolande, the founder of HouseBuyFast, said: “The main reason landlords prefer not to rent to pet owners is because damage can be an issue, pets can claw at carpet and scratch hard floors.

“There can also be issues with fleas long after the tenant has left.

“Some renters refuse homes that have recently housed a pet.”

He added: “Insurance is an excellent way to protect homes from pet damage.

“I recommend making sure tenants are responsible owners and that the pet is suitable for the space, for example, not having a large dog in a studio flat.

“My advice for tenants is, don’t be afraid to simply ask your landlord.

“Often a conversation at an early stage between landlord and tenant can help clear up any issues and make sure both parties are clear on where they stand.”

Animal lovers will be left struggling to find a home a rent

While the new Bill doesn’t look like becoming law before October 2024, animal lovers will be left struggling to find a home a rent until then.

The data shows that landlords in Havering, London, are the least welcoming to pet owners, with ZERO pet-friendly properties on the market.

Even in the most pet-friendly location – Dundee – only 14% of rentals accept pets, and that number dwindles across the board due to landlords’ fears of damage to their properties.

A recent survey has revealed that 85% of landlords have incurred damage to their properties from pets.

‘Owning pets severely limits your options’

Dan Marchant, a director at Vape Club, said: “It’s clear to see that owning pets severely limits your options when searching for a rental property.

“However, it’s surprising to see that this sentiment isn’t the same for smokers and almost half (44%) of landlords are willing to accept an active smoker.

“Smoking can cause damage to rental properties with cigarette smoke staining walls, leaving an odour that’s hard to remove and potentially leaving burns on surfaces.”

He added: “Whilst I’m surprised that so many landlords accept active smokers but not pets, it’s clear that quitting smoking will still open up over half of the rental property market.”

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13:08 PM, 23rd May 2023, About 10 months ago

I once purchased a house for me to live in and the previous occupants included one dog. The house looked and was clean and well maintained. After a few days the "smell of dog" was over-powering and I had to replace all the ground floor carpet. Being selective about pet occupation in a rental property is essential. It is a material and potentially costly risk. Smokers can often go outside and smoke and in my experience to date is that is exactly what happens. Smokers are lower risk than pets.

Freda Blogs

13:56 PM, 23rd May 2023, About 10 months ago

I suspect there are also fewer renting smokers around these days than pet owning/wanting people, so its a nonsense comparison.
Personally I would never accept a smoker (although some have lied on the application form, but did at least smoke outside), and I have allowed a pet in the past, but never again, after all the post tenancy lies and deposit argument - and this is the days pre Tenant Fees Act, so I had a pet deposit.
It is wrong to generalise, but the few (tenants) often spoil it for the many, as LLs become more cautious and risk averse (eg towards pets) after they are let down and when, in the current PRS legislative climate, there is no safety net for the LL, who is taking all the risk.

Jireh Homes

14:38 PM, 23rd May 2023, About 10 months ago

On two occasions we let a property allowing a well behaved house trained small dog. On first occasion no issues, but on second found staining on carpet underlay being indication of animal being left unattended. Unfortunately insufficient evidence to claim on deposit so now more reluctant to consider allowing a pet.

Reluctant Landlord

12:57 PM, 25th May 2023, About 9 months ago

just thinking outside the box... Perhaps LL's willing to take on tenants with pets will offer accommodation without carpeting and just put flooring in kitchens and bathrooms instead to further mitigate against damage. Rent COULD be cheaper as a result?? Pushes the responsibility back onto the tenant if they firmly believe their pet is perfect as all that would happen is their own carpeting is trashed. This would also take damage to carpet out of a deposit claim (which can be a significant part of a claim sometimes eating it all up) allowing what is still held to be used for other pet damage should it happen?
Just a thought.

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