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Jireh Homes

11:22 AM, 7th February 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Stuck with low EPC empty house we can't rent?

First the bad news: Check the date on the EPC, as the later versions (2009 & 2012) of the RdSAP software used to create the SAP Rating typically results in a lower rating. Changing all the light bulbs typically only gains 1 SAP point, so only helpful if borderline on rating. Loft insulation is a major factor. Reviewing the recommendations on the EPC report may not identify the best solutions, suggest if contact with EST not helpful engage with local DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) and request they model options to raise rating to achieve the E39 rating.... Read More

Jireh Homes

10:22 AM, 3rd February 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Thermostatic shower mixer valves legislation?

Concur no legislation requiring thermostatic mixer showers in rental properties, and many have electric showers which are often capable of delivering water far in excess of 44 degC . Also many styles of thermostatic showers do not have a safety stop (38/40 degC) so present a similar risk. Some new build properties have a TMV on the bath tap, but suspecting this is an interpretation from guidance relating to likes of care homes which have vulnerable persons.... Read More

Jireh Homes

18:55 PM, 7th January 2019
About 2 months ago

Landlord responsibilites summary .Gov

Not the best government web page, as in addition to omitting LRA also omits the EICR (Periodic Fixed Wiring checks).... Read More

Jireh Homes

19:50 PM, 6th January 2019
About 2 months ago

Open ended tenancies and on the hook for start dates?

Potential solution is to request tenant to issue a Notice to Leave for a date in the future, which does not stop them leaving earlier but does commit them to an "end date". Join Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) and they will guide you on the best solution and keep you legally correct.... Read More

Jireh Homes

21:24 PM, 24th December 2018
About 2 months ago

Should I trouble my insurance if Direct Line will not help?

My experience is that with the majority of escape of water incidents each flat had to claim on own insurance, irrespective if the owner of flat above admits liability. May not seem fair to the flat owner below but this is reality. So unless the cost to repair is much more than excess better not to claim.... Read More