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43% of tenants have pets – so where’s the protection for landlords? Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Latest Articles

Pet Damage Insurance

Just suppose that taking tenants with pets was an insurable risk!

Would pet owners pay for the policy?

I met with our insurance partners yesterday and discussed the dilemma’s that many landlords have over whether to accept tenants with pets or not.

We reckon that if demand is high enough we persuade a major insurer to create a policy which would pay for  damage caused by tenants pets directly to landlords.

A worthwhile policy probably wouldn’t be cheap, our best guess at this stage is around £180 a year , but if tenants were given the choice to pay for it (annually up-front of course) before taking on the tenancy ………. ???

By advertising that you are a pet friendly landlord the statistics suggest you could almost double the number of enquiries from renters next time you advertise your property. If your prospective tenants refuse to buy a policy then your decision on whether to rent to them would be much easier to make and to justify!

I am inviting landlords and tenants to post comments below this article and also to re-tweet my Tweets which can be found below the expression of interest form.

At this stage we are merely attempting to establish demand for such an insurance policy.  If you are a landlord and this is something you would be open minded enough to support “in principle” please complete the form below which doesn’t commit you to anything. To make it worth your while, we will arrange for our current insurance partners to call you to explain how we can GUARANTEE to reduce your landlords insurance premiums, but not until you are close to your next renewal date for obvious reasons.


Pets are not a landlord’s best friend Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Maintenance

With former homeowners being forced back into the rental market, The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks has warned landlords to either be prepared for pets or look for the signs of undeclared pets.

Most landlords who do accept pets will increase their deposit, but many landlords won’t rent to tenants with pets at all. Tenants unwilling to part with their pets may well ignore their landlord’s request and bring them into the property with them, and then attempting to hide any potentially expensive resulting damage. Continue reading Pets are not a landlord’s best friend

Pet-Loving Tenants Dogged by Ban on Animals Buy to Let News, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

"Pets are being abandoned by buy to lets"

Pets are a casualty of the buy to let boom as tenants are forced to make a choice between keeping their animals or losing their rented homes.

Strict landlords are banning pets – and animal sanctuaries are reporting a rise in abandoned cats and dogs as a result. A study has revealed 17 per cent of tenants have had their applications to move in to rented property turned down because the landlord refused to let them keep a pet.

The research by property portal Findaproperty.com also highlighted two per cent of tenants were evicted because of landlords’ no pet policies and another five percent lost their deposits due to damage caused to letting property by their animals. Continue reading Pet-Loving Tenants Dogged by Ban on Animals

Landlords lock pets out of the buy to let boom Latest Articles

"Pets are not in the buy to let boom"

Pets are suffering from a raw deal in the buy to let boom as landlords refuse to allow them to move in with their owners.

Letting agents and landlords are experiencing record rents and swarms of tenants chasing fewer properties as the number of homes for rent dries up.

The huge increase in tenants seeking private homes to rent is a direct result of mortgage lenders reining in borrowing, especially to first time buyers.

But many landlords refuse to let tenants take in their pets as well due to concerns about damage and mess to a property.

While the law means tenants can keep chickens and rabbits regardless of a landlord’s wishes, other pets are not so lucky.

The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, London, has cared for almost 400 pets left by their owners who could not take them on to their new rented homes in the past 18 months. The charity expects the numbers to grow and for the animals to wait longer for a new home as many who would like a pet are not allowed to keep them by their landlords.

The charity is pressing for landlords to give tenants with pets more leeway.

Many social housing landlords let tenants keep pets if they have asked for permission. Wandsworth Council in London insists pets are electronically tagged so they can be returned home if they escape.

Landlords who do not mind tenants keeping pets can advertise on the web site Pet Friendly Rentals, that lists homes for rent and holiday lets for pet owners.

Landlords in the US, especially in upmarket New York apartment blocks, insist pet owners provide pet DNA to the block manager for comparison against any pet droppings found in the vicinity.

Owners of offending pets face fines and eviction if their pets foul the neighbourhood.

Mark Alexander, founder of property118.com thinks very differently to most landlords and actually targets pet owners. Mark sees pet owning tenants as a niche that provides higher rents and longer term tenants.  Read more about this strategy HERE

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