Previously a Conservative voter!

Previously a Conservative voter!

16:28 PM, 24th November 2016, About 8 years ago 29

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I have traditionally voted Conservative but I would be unable to vote for them if there was a general election next week due to recent changes in BTL taxation. I would like to understand how many other readers of this forum feel the same way and what their intentions are, the next time they get to vote for their local MP?conservative

I also wonder whether there would be any merit in Tenant Tax candidates running for office in selected consistencies?

I would imagine a short list could be drawn up of potential seats to target and that some of those impacted would be willing to fund the campaign.

I wouldn’t expect the candidates to win but it would increase publicity and highlight lost Conservative voters.


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Neil Patterson

16:29 PM, 24th November 2016, About 8 years ago

It is a travesty that there really is no effective opposition.

Bob Plumb

18:50 PM, 24th November 2016, About 8 years ago

I hate to think what labour would do to landlords.

Fed Up Landlord

19:16 PM, 24th November 2016, About 8 years ago

I will never vote Tory again. Neither will my wife or daughter. Two million landlords. May and Hammond can court the Generation Rent and Benefits Street votes ( who don't bother turning up) but they can kiss their arses goodbye to mine.

Gary Dully

10:28 AM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Wow an opportunity for a rant, thanks.....

I will vote UKIP next time, as I voted Tory for national and UKIP for local authority last time.

I should have voted UKIP for both.

My reasoning is simple,

I want a revolution!

The whole political system is a shambles, they don't believe in democracy unless it suits their prejudices and opportunity.
Especially the Lib Dems.
They especially should hang their heads in shame, they have the morals of a drug dealer.

Brexit is not going to happen, because it's been handed to a political dithering idiot called Theresa May, she won't win the court case and it will give the "swamp creatures" an opportunity for kicking it into the long grass.

We are now already being fed project fear again.

I voted to leave the EU, I didn't vote to wait, dither, chew my finger nails, or procrastinate.
It should now all be done and dusted.

"We need to drain the swamp"

Labours folly....
The banks shouldn't have ever been bailed out, as it hasn't achieved a thing for the ordinary worker, except kept the cash machines working over a couple of weeks.

They should have been left to die and their assets sold off.

Since 2008, I have had to watch myself and my family get attacked by both Labour and now Tory politicians for trying to simply make a living in the property rentals market and improve my lot in life.

I wasn't born a landlord, I put up with the crap because it pays good money, if the tenants pay on time.

I have housed the people that Labour, followed by the Tories, wont deal with and watch as they laugh in the face of people who try and work hard.

These tenants have decided that their way forward is via a Doctor Certificate and then the benefits system and have retired at the age of 20, they will never work again, nor will they get married as it affects their entitlement.

They not only abuse the benefits system, but will soon out perform me on income, lifestyle and disposable income, but now simply flourish by producing more "sick" kids for more benefits.

A 23 year old couple that claim separately have 3 kids and she is subletting her other main residence and claiming, while he rents a bedsit off me and pretends she isn't staying with him.

A 28 year old part time chef, who hears voices. ( after the weed), who's partner gets a carers allowance for looking after him and he gets DLA for agoraphobia!

It isn't a myth folks, it happens!

They don't pay rent until the kids get the trainers and the Liverpool or Everton away kit out of the benefits cheque first.

Forget striving with this government, they are bankrupting the country and are split.

Labour has a shadow chancellor that supported the IRA, a leader that hates landlords, will send subs out without nukes or torpedoes and thinks that benefit cheats don't exist.

My partner has 3 cleaning jobs each day and is a qualified teacher, who won't teach anymore as the stress of dealing with the out of hours workload would send her over the edge.

She would rather do a cleaning job, that should tell you something, but she will do private tuition to kids to get them through the 11+

She gets great pleasure in watching these youngsters go to private or grammar schools, because their parents know that if they stick in the comprehensive system they won't flourish for whatever reason makes our system avoid common sense.

I had the 11+, it was decided that I had some talent to learn and was told I wouldn't be going to the factory fodder school called "dicky flour bags", (the local flour mill was called "Richard Faircloughs")

I went to a technical school, it was very hard to learn, but I will now tackle anything and I love and admire engineering.
I wanted to go to a Grammer, but I simply wasn't good enough, if I had of gone, I would have simply failed.

If I had gone to a comprehensive I doubt that I would have a sense of direction, but who knows?

The 11+ is daunting, sometimes disappointing and scary, but it has a purpose in getting poorer kids in better education for their discovered talents.
The kids that are disappointed, should be, but they are not bright enough, - that's the point of the test.
Retest them each year, for their developing talents.

I was raised by a single mum, that gave me jam butties when I was hungry and a lamb chop and chips on pay day.
No food banks, hard blooming graft or your stomach growled back at you.

My partner has a masters degree, umpteen letters after her name and can sign passport applications, but refuses to teach in our current system.

I have tenants with degrees who can't change a fluorescent tube or a plug, how the hell did we get to this position?

I think that Europe is a great place, but the EU is anti democratic and I don't want my kids sent to fight any conflict, where my own government gets out voted by 27 others so they must die to satisfy the will of the Euro ministry.

I have no problem with immigration whatsoever, a few controls over it might be a good or bad thing, until we try, we will never know.

I simply want UKIP MPs in parliament to scare these political elites to death, because otherwise it's business as usual and that just isn't good enough.

Rant over, thanks for listening!

Ray Linton

14:06 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

I feel the same. But then I think of the other lot ( labour) being in power and the prospect of even higher taxes plus rent controls and decided it's better the devil you know!

Simon Griffith

14:06 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Excellent rant Gary - saved me the trouble as I've already shared a massive rant with my excellent letting agents today. They are now learning to cope with being under appreciated, over worked and vilified.

My family and I have always voted Conservatives but will never do so again. We are ashamed that we did not give UKIP our support. The main reason being that we didn't think some of their representatives were fit to govern. Well they frankly couldn't do much worse than the charlatans we have in power at the moment. (check out the other recent post on all the possible corruption at the highest level).

Sadly we have become very cynical. Like Gary we don't think Brexit will happen because the political elite don't want it to. How can they keep saying holding the referendum was a mistake ! That is no different than saying democracy is a mistake - disgraceful. Well we've told the children what MP's are like and how the country will look in a few years time. They need to get their heads down and study hard whilst we make as much money as possible before we all go somewhere else where hard work is appreciated rather than derided. Rant over must go now to agree my insurance renewals before they put the next 2% extra on that tax, meanwhile like Gary says the ne'er do wells carry on regardless claiming for this that and the other.

Steven Burman

14:12 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

The problem here is 'what is the alternative'? Corbyn and his band of merry Commies? The Anonymous Party (or Lib Dems as they like to call themselves) who's leader is errrmmm? UKIP whether its with Psycho Farage or any of the other blithering fools in his party at the helm?

The Tories genuinely disgust me, particularly that leach Osborne. The problem is that our political system is so dysfunctional there is no alternative!

And we think the EU has problems?

Personally, I have had enough of it. I am selling up and going to live somewhere warm where I am not shafted every time some blood sucking parasite wants to line his pockets and those of his 'chums'.

Dr Rosalind Beck

16:07 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

I believe that it is our moral duty to at least turn up at the polling station, so it might have to be a case of scribbling a few rude words on the paper. My local MP is Labour and he says he is in favour of landlords, and he did speak out about Corbyn and get sacked. He will also definitely get in anyway as I live in a Labour stronghold, so I think my vote really won't count except that I would be able to say to him that I voted for him (I didn't last time) and that will help me in trying to push him to actually do something for us.

Chris @ Possession Friend

16:57 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

UKIP is the Only 'basket' that Landlords can put their eggs in.
I think we Landlords need a UKIP MP to speak on our behalf ?

Gary Dully

18:03 PM, 25th November 2016, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Dr Rosalind Beck" at "25/11/2016 - 16:07":

Thanks for the likes, Ros, I believe in change, but you have to vote for it, UKIP has started a march in the Welsh Government haven't they?

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