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  • Why Rents Will Rise In 2017

    Why Rents Will Rise In 2017

    2017-01-12 10:36:46

    Barry, I agree that those private landlords who decide to sell up will do so over a period of time. There are good reasons for this including fixed rate mortgages with different expiry terms, taking advantage of annual CGT allowances etc.etc. As such, there will be minimal impact on house prices

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  • outrage

    Extreme Left academic and advisor to Labour shocks Landlord into response

    2017-01-10 11:57:05

    A huge round of applause for John McKay! These are the facts rather than the rhetoric but the likes of Dorling hide behind their self-proclaimed importance and fool the majority into believing they know what they are talking about. The problem is that the likes of Dorling, Corbyn and McDonagh spew

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  • fear

    Open retention and unknown costs on Repo – Should I complete today?

    2017-01-05 11:09:28

    Ghalib Please, please take Neils' advice. You could end up having to pay out far more than the money you would 'potentially' lose by delaying the purchase further. I am not surprised the vendor is keen to get things wrapped up in 7 days as I suspect they may know more than they are telling yo

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  • responsibility

    Build flaw in new apartment lead to flood and denials?

    2016-12-01 11:29:09

    Dale, it certainly seems as if they are attempting to frustrate you. NHBC and Premier Guarantee normally issue an information pack to the first purchaser of a new build property. It may be worth contacting them directly and bypassing the managing agent/building insurer/developer.

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  • responsibility

    Build flaw in new apartment lead to flood and denials?

    2016-12-01 09:43:47

    Dale, if you purchased the flat off-plan 5 years ago it should have come with a 10 year guarantee underwritted by one of the major providers (NHBC or Premier Guarantee would be my guess). What you have described is known as a 'latent defect' and the managing agent should be pursuing the original de

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