Mickey and Minnie have moved in?

Mickey and Minnie have moved in?

9:00 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago 10

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A tenant has contacted me to say she can hear mice under the floorboards upstairs. She knows for sure that they have them next door, as she knows one of the occupants, and she said they were rife, but although she has reported them to her LL nothing has been done. This neighbouring lady moved off the property, but my tenant says she still hears the neighbours shouting ‘Mice’ and seemingly banging the hell out of them when they are caught (yuk!)

I have written a letter to the owner of the property in question alerting him to the issue and found that he lets it out as an HMO. Have contacted the Council and found out the name of the company running the HMO and contacted them by email. No response from either the owner or HMO agent to date.

We have looked at our property and there are no obvious holes the mice are coming in from, but it is an old turn of the century house and I think they could be coming in via the party wall between each property as it is a “sleeper” wall. These are of brick but have single bricks left out to allow air circulation to limit damp and, in particular, dry rot.

We have put bait down through the floorboards and done what we can, but if they are coming through from the property next door what else can we do? I can’t block up these air spaces, or we get longer term issues.

Now what? Is there any way I can get the neighbouring owner/HMO Agent to do something and take responsibility as this is clearly started from their property?

Reluctant Landlord

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9:20 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago

Beware the stench of a rotting rat? Someone once said you are never more than 6 feet from a rat?
Good luck, have you got a large, fierce and permanently ravenous cat?

Laura Delow

9:42 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago

Your problem is not uncommon & the quickest solution is to get a well known reputable firm in like Rentokil to treat but most importantly proof all possible entry points. Rentokil contact detail number & online enquiry can be found at https://www.rentokil.co.uk/mice/deterrent/
Good luck

Adrian Jones

9:53 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago

I agree with Laura, get the professional in to sort it.

If Environmental Health get involved it will also show you have reacted positively to the problem.

Paul Maguire

10:52 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago

Why are you asking the same question that you asked less than 2 weeks ago? You're just getting the same answers again.

Yvonne Francis

19:46 PM, 22nd December 2020, About 4 years ago

Try and see if your Council deal with such matters. Mine do, and it costs £80. They visit faithfully three times, and can besides putting down poisons, advise you to where they may be getting in. Access in my case was directly arranged through my tenants once I had paid, which they followed up with a phone call to me at the end of the process. On one occasion, although this was for rats in my garden, they called in the the Environmental Health to my next door neighbour, and got them to clear up their back garden, believing that was the source of the problem. I'm sure they would do the same for you especially easy if next door is a HMO. I have found commercial firms a bit of a rip-off.


18:08 PM, 23rd December 2020, About 4 years ago

Mice and rats problem can be solved. I spent £13000 to put the property right. Had to bring bathroom ceiling down, hallway ceiling down as they ran above my head driving me crazy. The environment health did nothing , and was more playful than the rodents. I only know, as how to stop them from settling in, when they pay a visit.

Pru Counsell

8:14 AM, 26th December 2020, About 4 years ago

Well, I had a problem with rats for about 2 years on and off. Everything was tried, our council wouldn't help us and it all had to be done privately. Initially my handy man found their entry from a drain and laid bait and traps. We caught a few. Everything seemed to be fine for about 8 months then my tenant said she had seen them in her kitchen - so we started again. This time with several local pest control people who took pretty photos of the rat entry point and but down bait - again a lull for a couple of months. Charges for this were reasonable. Then it was full on rats everywhere in rooms and under floorboards (it's a Victorian semi house) so we called in Rentokil. They too took pictures and put down bait and advised boarding up here, there etc. Their cost as £540. The rats were still there so I asked my builder friend what to do and he made covers for all of the outside drain entry points - and this completed the rat eradication! I also had to write to my tenants who are a nice couple with small children and gently reminded them to not leave dog food and other food uncovered etc. overnight. Glad to say all is well now but it was a really fraught couple of years.

Good luck!


13:33 PM, 26th December 2020, About 4 years ago

Cats have very sharp hearing, they can smell a rat from 10 miles, so drill holes in your floor boards so that the mice can come out instead of messing about under the floor boards, and let the cats sort them out, but instead of blocking all the access holes, open them up, let rats and mice come in then let your mini tiger deal with these pests. Don't be horrid .....drill holes.....ask your landlord for permission first!!! If its your own house, go ahead and make holes....and get some cats. BTW, a mice can crawl through a hole as small as 10mm diameter


13:40 PM, 26th December 2020, About 4 years ago

Indeed pointless leaving bait if the mice cannot reach it, and is stuck under the floor boards

Heather G.

18:49 PM, 18th January 2021, About 3 years ago

Here are a few suggestions;
- Rodents like to hug the walls when they travel but they have very sensitive noses so spray diluted tea tree or peppermint oil along the likely runs.
- Stuff all potential access points with wire wool, cover with silicone or cement for good measure.
- Most baits now include a desiccant so hopefully any smell won't last too long. But if in summer you could end up with a blue bottle infestation to boot.
- Buy electronic repellants. We bought 2 for about £20 online.
- Cleanliness is vital. Never leave crumbs on floors or open food on surfaces. If they can't get an easy snack from one house, they'll go to another.

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