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Laura Delow

11:03 AM, 5th November 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Any conveyancer accepting electronic signatures?

Since 18th April 2017 Digital signatures have been used in the exchange of contracts for a residential property transaction in England. As most solicitors still like to work the old fashioned way, even if they allow digital signatures, you often find they resort to wanting a wet signature on hard copy contracts. I can introduce you to a firm (no fee if no completion that subscribes to DigitalMove (DigitalMove allows clients to digitally sign documents on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone device from the comfort of their own home, 24/7) but before I do I suggest you call the eConveyancing platform provider to first check; 01844 262397. If they confirm what I say & you do want to use them, ask if you can deal direct or if you have to go through an approved Broker whereby email me at & I'll tell you what info I need to get you a quote which if you're happy with, I can instruct on your behalf & back out gracefully. Alternatively use the likes of FedEx who are extremely efficient.... Read More

Laura Delow

12:41 PM, 30th October 2020
About a month ago

Can I purchase a freehold title AFTER freehold enfranchisement has taken place?

Why not i) offer to buy the roof/air space from the other free/leaseholders? or ii) ask if any/all of the other free/leaseholders want to do a JV?... Read More

Laura Delow

11:33 AM, 30th October 2020
About a month ago

Gas Safety Certificate Failed by Boiler flue not sealed?

I too had an identical problem the beginning of 2019 & on reverting to the original installer, he tried to tell me that when he installed the boiler in 2016 it wasn't a regulatory requirement back then & that he could do it now but charge us for doing it. I was suspicious so I contacted the Gas Safe Register by email who I found most helpful. In summary they told me that nothing had changed since 2016 with regards the requirements to correctly install & seal a flue & they would expect the original installer to carry out the remedial work as this should have been done correctly at the time of installation. We rang the original installer back & told him we'd contacted the GSR & the detail of what they had confirmed in their email, and he reluctantly returned & sealed the flue without charge.
I suggest you use the GSR as leverage to do the same. Their contact email is Read More

Laura Delow

11:57 AM, 14th October 2020
About 2 months ago

Stand alone Rent Guarantee insurance?

Alan Boswell for RG in London midst Covid19 are charging £225 pa for a 12 month policy, Nil excess, £100,000 legal cover (£250 excess for Legal cover only claims), Includes the issue of section notices, Includes a mediation service which needs to be used for a valid claim. Cover entitlement up to £2,500 per month rent for 6 months only.
See link: Read More

Laura Delow

9:49 AM, 2nd September 2020
About 3 months ago

Title split for house redevelopment?

Having recently placed this mortgage borrowing type for 2 clients, the lenders who quickly come to mind who lend on Multi unit properties up to 4 flats in one building are:-
Fleet (up to 10 units per property)
Precise (up to 6 units per property
Barclays (all individual units are fully self-contained, each must be let on individual AST's, or other acceptable letting basis up to a maximum of six self-contained units, of which a maximum of 2 studio flats are acceptable

Paragon (up to 20 units per property)
Clydesdale (up to 4 units per property)
There are then less well known lenders like Monmouthshire Building Society & others like them.
I hope this steers you in the right direction.... Read More