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Adrian Jones

15:22 PM, 28th January 2022, About 4 months ago

Avoid potential problems as a result of pending carbon monoxide safety legislation

I presume the same rules apply if you use the Rent A Room scheme?... Read More

Adrian Jones

15:24 PM, 19th January 2022, About 4 months ago

Do I pay eccentric tenant's Gas Bill?

I had a tenant who used to run up gas bills until he got disconnected and then applied in a false name saying he was a new customer.

This came to light after I managed to get rid of him and when I spoke to British Gas they told me they never checked ID even for addresses with a history of non-payment.... Read More

Adrian Jones

9:50 AM, 24th December 2021, About 5 months ago

EPC rating low but sticking to Planning Requirements?

I would go with like for like DG. We had replacement sash windows fitted to a listed property in Bath and they looked fantastic. Might be worth speaking to a couple of local window companies, I'm sure they will have come across this before.

Some years earlier we had secondary glazing fitted to another property and it was expensive and you still have the problem of maintaining the existing windows.... Read More

Adrian Jones

9:17 AM, 5th November 2021, About 7 months ago

Money better spent making a cash offer to vacate?

You might want to consider how much it's worth to you for the the tenant to move out.... Read More

Adrian Jones

14:06 PM, 23rd August 2021, About 9 months ago

Landlords using credit cards abroad

I've been using the Halifax Clarity card for years and the exchange rate is always better than I could get changing money in UK.... Read More