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Adrian Jones

10:42 AM, 26th January 2021, About 6 months ago

Am I being unreasonable?

Reply to the comment left by Boble at 25/01/2021 - 17:23
Unfortunately we are not living "under normal circumstances".... Read More

Adrian Jones

15:47 PM, 18th January 2021, About 6 months ago

Tax rebate for eviction legal fees?

Reply to the comment left by Michael Barnes at 11/01/2021 - 18:43
Surprising how many people don't realise this, useful as well when the property is vacant and you are still incurring costs, mortgage, insurance Council Tax etc.... Read More

Adrian Jones

9:53 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 7 months ago

Mickey and Minnie have moved in?

I agree with Laura, get the professional in to sort it.

If Environmental Health get involved it will also show you have reacted positively to the problem.... Read More

Adrian Jones

14:35 PM, 18th December 2020, About 7 months ago

How to Rent guide updated by MHCLG

I'm registered with RentSmartWales as I self-manage a property in Pembroke.

I've just had confirmation from them that the latest edition in Wales is the 2015 version. They will notify automatically of any updates but you need to check you requested updates when you registered.... Read More

Adrian Jones

10:36 AM, 16th November 2020, About 9 months ago

Rent Smart Wales issues re-registering?

If you've paid the fee and received confirmation then I can't see how they can revoke your registration. I' d sit tight.

By the way did you have sit a new test or simply send them the fee?... Read More