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Yvonne Francis

15:31 PM, 19th January 2022, About 3 days ago

EPC - Improvement advice for 2025 please?

It's all very great wondering about loft insulation, solar panels, heat pumps and all the like, but what really counts is how the person or company you employ assesses your property. It's all in my experience a bit hit or miss. I would if I were you just get an EPC done, accompany them as they often give tips they may not record, and just use their guidelines. After all it's what they say and nothing else. In my experience they don't bother to look in lofts, and certainly don't believe you if you know you have insulation but they can't see it. If you do any insulation you must ensure what evidence your EPC inspector requires.

As for the Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings ( No. 2) it's only at its second reading and anything could happen?

https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/3036... Read More

Yvonne Francis

15:30 PM, 9th December 2021, About a month ago

Joint tenancy obligations for lad that has had to quit?

Reply to the comment left by Lloyd at 09/12/2021 - 15:12
Believe me, I've been through this scenario lots of times. It's better having five people involved than four. You are wasting your time even thinking about it. If this guarantor lacks capital then why did you accept her? All my guarantors have to be house owners, and have to be traced on the Land Register, and I work out the value of their home. Not perfect I know as they could be mortgaged up to the chimney tops but some help.... Read More

Yvonne Francis

15:22 PM, 8th December 2021, About a month ago

Joint tenancy obligations for lad that has had to quit?

Why on earth are you arguing over releasing a tenant from his obligations? The whole glory of a joint and severally liable lease is that the whole rent has to be paid even if any leave. It would be madness for any landlord to even consider this. If the tenants in the house understood this, they, and the absent tenant would be only too eager to find a replacement. Problem solved.... Read More

Yvonne Francis

11:56 AM, 8th December 2021, About a month ago

Joint tenancy obligations for lad that has had to quit?

I have had this problem over the forty years of renting to students. Ian has explained this situation brilliantly. As long as your lease is jointly and severally liable, and I don't see how a shared tenancy unless special terms are in the lease can not be.

In fact I had this situation in September this year, so the tenants found a suitable tenant. I renewed the lease, the guarantees, and even renewed the deposit protection. All went well. It was a lot of work for me but as I'm self managing it was all done for free but well worth it for peace of mind. There was a gap of four weeks but the leaving tenant had paid the rent, but out of appreciation of this I reimbursed her and took the loss.

You also say after twelve months fixed tenancy the tenancy rolls on with only one month notice. I have tenants stay on, although in my case some go and others join them. I therefore put them on another fixed term tenancy for twelve months. I don't know what sort of tenants you have but if it's students, and it looks as if the one in question is, then I myself could only cope with twelve months fixed tenancies, although I know the law in Scotland is disastrously different.

I can't see how releasing this tenant for £50 helps. When Ian mentioned £50 I think he meant it for the work to renew the lease? You should, as Ian advised, inform your tenants and as soon as they realise the implications, they will find a new tenant or even you yourself help find an acceptable one to all parties. That's always worked for me.

I hope you sort this out soon as I know it can be a worrying situation for everyone, and can become as you are finding it, an emotional experience.... Read More

Yvonne Francis

12:23 PM, 27th November 2021, About 2 months ago

I maintain it's not an HMO?

As you have accepted rent and presumably not objected then this person, for all intent and purposes, is a tenant. If it's a shared tenancy I assume it's Jointly and Severally liable so when the rent is due, and if you have no vacant possession, you could demand the rent from all of them, or one individual, even the ones that have left, if you have their contact details. You could bill the one in there for the whole rent. I think in all of these cases they would quickly ensure vacant possession. You certainly need legal advice, as these days it seems so easy for tenants to get away with nonpayment for a considerable time. ... Read More