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Heather G.

18:04 PM, 5th July 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Landlord Licensing - What can we do to get our Councils to account to us?

I was delighted when Jenrick refused Croydon's application for another 5-year borough-wide SL scheme.
He said they had failed to:
- demonstrate how the proposal was consistent with the council's overall strategy;
- show how making the designation would significantly assist them to achieve their objectives; and
- comply with the 2015 Selective Licensing Order with respect to poor housing conditions.
He also said the council had not demonstrated ''...strong outcomes or efficient delivery...' of the previous scheme and the council was "unable to demonstrate how SL, combined with other measures taken by the them will contribute to the improvement in general housing conditions in the area".

That scheme had generated £22m for the council but auditors Grant Thornton were unable to say with any certainty how that money had been spent.

Of the c36,000 licenses, they inspected 13,000 properties in 5 years with only 75 prohibition orders served and c40 landlords issued with civil financial penalties or prosecuted (and perhaps some of those POs are for the same LLs?). And that's with c35 staff brought in to run the scheme.

Unfortunately they have been given the opportunity to reapply so I'm keeping a close eye on their communications (which are obviously atrocious).... Read More

Heather G.

12:46 PM, 18th June 2021, About a month ago

Will the ICO sanction my companies?

Reply to the comment left by Adrian Bagnall at 12/06/2021 - 09:55
I had the exact opposite. I'm a private landlord and registered with the ICO. I'm also the admin for our business and am responsible for the GDPR. When we got a letter for the company and I explained that I am the data controller and processor for both and use the same GDPR policy so don't need to pay again, they told me that "each entity" must be ICO registered, including our dormant company as it has records with personal information included.... Read More

Heather G.

12:43 PM, 18th June 2021, About a month ago

Will the ICO sanction my companies?

Reply to the comment left by Mike at 12/06/2021 - 12:30
It's not to do with "sensitive" data, but "personal" data. Names, phone numbers etc are "personal" so that's how they get you.... Read More

Heather G.

11:51 AM, 4th May 2021, About 3 months ago

Privacy Policy and GDPR for single Landlord?

If you pay by direct debit the cost is (I think) £35 rather than £40. Each legal entity must register so if you have multiple companies each one must be registered (we just lost this battle with the ICO).... Read More

Heather G.

13:09 PM, 27th April 2021, About 3 months ago

Double Tax Agreement on property sold in Cyprus?

Were you in the North or the South as that may make a difference to how tax is applied i.e. EU vs non-EU?... Read More