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Heather G.

12:24 PM, 7th January 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Possession claims could double this year

Can someone provide the source for this 70% statistic please? At our most recent council landlord forum they put up a slide with a pie chart showing "Reason for homelessness: End of PRS tenancy 50%; Family exclusion 32%; Suitability 11%. She admitted that the chart didn't include domestic violence but didn't explain why or whether this was the missing 7%. I'd quite like to put them straight.... Read More

Heather G.

13:16 PM, 6th January 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Letting agent fees query - 6 months management charge?

Reply to the comment left by MasterG at 29/12/2021 - 10:29
I did the same. We had 2 properties available at the same time, I signed up 2 letting agents for Let Only. Went through each set of T&Cs carefully and crossed out anything I refused to agree with (using their energy supplier, renewal fees, sales commission if sold etc) and sent them back to them. After a brief conversation with each agent, they both signed my amended contract. I think I had put in that if they did the renewal of the AST I would pay them a reasonable flat fee for the paperwork to be issued but I dealt with the renewals.... Read More

Heather G.

12:48 PM, 6th January 2022, About 3 weeks ago

37sqm Flats Too Small?

There's an inspirational YouTube channel called Never Too Small where people have been amazingly creative with tiny spaces, some significantly smaller than 37m2.... Read More

Heather G.

12:37 PM, 6th January 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Deposit recovery after vexatious bullying claim and no address?

A few years ago we had tenants leave 2/3 months early as they bought their own house so refused to pay any more rent or bills as they said they had spent all their money on their house. They also left it in a poor state which meant we had a void while we carried out remedial work which we had to pay for. I contacted mydeposits by phone, explained the situation and they released the insured deposit back to me without quibble (I assume I had to send them the AST but don't remember now).... Read More

Heather G.

18:16 PM, 31st August 2021, About 5 months ago

A Quiz For Property Traders

So what's the answer smartie pants? ;)... Read More