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13:39 PM, 8th July 2020
About 3 days ago

What to make of Qs 6 and 7 on new N5B Claim form?

In some instances a tenancy can start before a written agreement is drawn, or in other words a tenancy might have been granted on a verbal bases, but these days verbal agreements cannot stand the scrutiny of the courts as they insist upon written agreement, so when you draw up a written agreement it has to be dated on the date it is signed as legally it cannot be backdated. that is my opinion only, and could well be wrong . I have had tenants on verbal agreements and whom I issued written agreements afterwards.

As an example, an Insurance Certificate cannot be backdated, same way many legal documents cannot be backdated, but Governments do have a way of backdating things and its called retrospective, because it suits them and there is no real legal challenge to it.... Read More


10:53 AM, 15th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Can I charge for wasted Gas Certificate visit?

I am sure you would be entitled to claim back costs as you had to pay your Engineer for a wasted time, as far as I know, you could claim this back through the tenant directly or through his Deposit as long as the tenant is told that due to his own negligence since there was not enough credit in the meter it was not possible to test and issue a safety certificate.

However, a word of caution, the engineer should have issued a failure certificate based on unable to test due to lack of credit in the gas prepay meter, and issued a failure certificate, this covers you from not having a safety certificate in place, should the tenant prolong the next visit and the current certificate runs out.... Read More


11:10 AM, 10th June 2020
About a month ago

What Planet Are They On?

Landlords rights matter..............

So no notice is being taken......ummmmm. let us learn something from black lives matter.


Ironically the whole movement started by a fake $20 bill, and many landlords are owed thousands in rents owed, properties being damaged, and yet no one is prepared to care or bring the culprits to justice.... Read More


12:03 PM, 5th June 2020
About a month ago

Can I serve Section 8 with no EPC?

Have you checked on the EPC data base your house might already be on the list if you or your previous tenants had loft insulation done, so just go to EPC website and search via your street address or post code and property number, if those who had loft insulation done, they automatically would have conducted an EPC report and logged into the national register. Besides section 8 does not specify any requirement for an EPC as far as I can tell, but get one as soon as you can if you haven't got one. I do not think Section 8 Eviction requires you to have an EPC except the tenant may put in his/her defence the reason for not paying rent was due to you not having an EPC.

In the long term, best to seek professional advice, it will cost you less time and money and less headach. as courts will require proof of serving notices, etc etc.... Read More


17:24 PM, 1st June 2020
About a month ago

Tenant paid for repair herself at extortionate price?

She most likely called Mr Rip off Britain, entirely her own undertaking, if she did not first call you, or what if she said she called you but failed to answer your phone, so in future text message as it has date and time stamp, secondly if your agreement says she needs to have called the agent, but they were locked down and shut, so she has a genuine excuse to have undertaken it herself, and plumbers and gas safe engineers are real pi55takers when it comes to ripping off people in situations like these, whilst i would do it for free.... Read More