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12:50 PM, 15th January 2020
About 3 days ago

Court Case re HMO rooms being deemed to be Band A Council Tax Dwellings

Are they not attacking the tenants, ultimately the additional cost will have to come out of tenants rents! Money certainly does not grow on trees. About time thick heads operating in some councils realise this. Tenants need to be made aware of why rents have shot through the roof, blame the Governments and Local Authorities and not the landlords.... Read More


12:47 PM, 31st December 2019
About 3 weeks ago

How do I get the CCJ registered with the Registry Trust?

Reply to the comment left by David at 31/12/2019 - 11:19
yes indeed there should be a register for these scum tenants too, why not subject them to same fair treatment as scum landlords.... Read More


14:14 PM, 12th December 2019
About a month ago

Selective licensing report Nottingham did not want you to see

Above is no lies, I found out from my tenant who is seeking a Council Accomodation, as he was evicted by me using a Section 8 on rent arrears because he could not afford to pay his rent, and also became abusive, so when he turned up at the local housing department, they declined to help him by saying he brought this problem on to himself, so he is still trying to find a suitable place to live currently he is living with some friends.
if on the other hand I had served hima Section 21 Notice, he would have got some help as most LA are obliged to offer some form of accommodation. With Section 21 eviction he would not have to explain to them why he got evicted
Another one of my tenants who is now running into rent arrears, phoned me yesterday and asked me to lie to his LA housing department if they ask me if he has any rent arrears then please say No, because if I say yes he is behind on rent by two months then they would not help him. These are real cases, not just some imaginary cases. My correspondence with my tenants would prove this.
I also spoke to his LA, and asked if he would be helped in seeking a council accomodation, the answer was No if he is not under any eviction threat or being made homeless, then no we would not provide him with council accommodation, particularly when my rent is almost £300 PCM cheaper than the average surrounding rents. So my tenant is in for a shock! He really wanted to move into a more affordable council property and had been bidding for one for quite some time now
There just aren't enough council properties to even home most vulnerable evicted tenants let alone someone whose rent is so fair, and is not under any threat of eviction.... Read More


13:59 PM, 12th December 2019
About a month ago

Selective licensing report Nottingham did not want you to see

This Selective Licensing and Abolishing of Section 21 Eviction Process would cause endless homelessness, I have just found out the real reason why Section 21 is being abolished. here are my reasons why Government and most parties want to abolish it without thinking of the long term consequences of it which would cause a rise in homelessness.

Section 21 evictions are used by Landlords because it saves them lots of hassle having to defend reasons for evictions,
there are reasons why landlords prefer to use Section 21 is used instead of section 8, for one thing tenants cannot lie and defend an eviction, and landlords lack evidence against things like anti-social behaviour, disturbance, damaging property and denying it , the list is endless, so in short it is just easier to use Section 21 to get rid of bad tenants. Not even a single landlord would evict a good tenant as they are worth their weight in gold. It would be a mad landlord who would want to get rid of a good tenant. So this so called "No Fault Eviction " is a load of bull.

But here is the main reason why abolishing it would actually help all the local Authorities and turn against tenants, yes it will be tenants who will suffer the most.

Here is why, if you remove Section 21, then landlords will be faced with using Section 8, so now, section 8 can only be used if landlords have several of the grounds or reasons, one of them being rent arrears, other being persistently late with rent, anti-social behaviour, but this requires evidence, so cannot be used easily, it may depend on witnesses prepared to give evidence against a culprit tenant, others being mortgage repossession, even this cannot be used unless you had previously told tenant at the outset that he may be evicted if a lender tries to repossess, these were the main reasons for using Section 21 eviction notices rather than Section 8.

Now that if a tenant was evicted using a Section 21, he need ot be given any reason, so when he turns up for housing help at his local Authority, they cannot dismiss his application as they would not know the real reason for the eviction. But if that tenant was evicted using Section 8, the local Authority would know the reason and so they could decline to offer housing help to those tenants who brought the problem on to themselves, this means they will not get housing help, nor will any other decent private landlord take them on, so they will be left to bang doors at Shelter for advise, and be found homeless and sleep rough. They can thank Section 21 abolishment..... for making them homeless.

Indeed many local councils will not help those tenants under the threat of an eviction if they brought it on to themselves by being anti-social, not paying rent on time, breaching terms, and endless other reasons.

This would solve the problems local councils are facing, by not being obliged to help those who got evicted through their own making themselves homeless by not paying rent, or following rules, or for not behaving like good tenants, and so the only way they would know this is through a Section 8 eviction and not through Section 21, where no reason has to be provided for their eviction. Now I get it why all the authorities are so keen on abolishing it, Shelter should note this point. More homelessness to come my tenant friends. The Governments and local Authorities fooled the public, now they would be the victims, not the landlords. Landlords could still evict bad tenants using Section 8.... Read More


4:23 AM, 28th November 2019
About 2 months ago