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11:26 AM, 24th May 2022, About 10 hours ago

Landlord 1 - Shelter Nil

Thanks to expertise of Chris, glad that with his guidance and help you managed to kick out a rogue tenant and defeated pathetic Shelter who back such rogue tenants, absolutely scums, but please consider carrying out renting as majority of the tenants are responsible and good, they know if they break the rules they will get thrown out, they can only play silly games once or twice or may be a few more times but in the end they know that their game will come to an end sooner or later.

In my 28 years of renting, I have had two bad tenants who left after owing me rent with just the S21 Notice, One I had to take to court with Section 8 proceedings who was ordered out by the court after failing to pay rent regularly and in the end owing 7 months rent. Thank goodness it was an HMO so he could not really damage the property as other good and responsible tenants would have sorted him out. He did not get on with them either, and wanted to dominate them and control the entire house by himself.... Read More


23:43 PM, 9th May 2022, About 2 weeks ago

How long are courts taking to send notices?

Don't forget when booking Bailiffs, you will also need to fill in a a Risk Assessment form, about your tenants, Bailiffs need to know the risk the non-rent paying tenants pose to them, they may want to bring in a full battalion with tanks and body armour, to evict your tenants, or to be escorted by police, Yes evicting tenants is now a nightmare and a its become a joke!... Read More


12:39 PM, 5th May 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Non-Permitted occupier in second bedroom?

Did you not have a sub-letting clause in your tenancy agreement. Also there is nothing you can do if the additional person is related to them. But you can refuse to add him as a permitted person since your agent has stated he will not pass their vetting procedure,

So your options are give a section 8 Notice on the ground of sub-letting, or failing to declare this additional person, or just leave it as is but do not add him to the tenancy agreement and accept the same rent. So when the couple go he too must go.... Read More


14:58 PM, 4th May 2022, About 3 weeks ago

How long are courts taking to send notices?

Courts are helping and abetting tenants to steal our rental income. Why are they so sloppy?... Read More


12:26 PM, 1st May 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Possession hearing - Has by chance the council rep got it wrong?

Hi Jim, I think you meant CONTRACTUAL OR STATUTORY. (You may have used OF instead of OR)
So it is quite confusing and one can easily fall in a this legal trap.

In my agreements I have been stating that at the end of the fixed term, unless this agreement is renewed, otherwise this agreement will roll into STATUTORY PERIODIC TENANCY.

So now I am confused whether I need to give my tenants updated information on each anniversary, or just before serving a Section 21 Notice.
These wordings are quite confusing such as:
Statutory Periodic Tenancy
Or just Periodic Tenancy
None of my agreements use the word "Contractual" or Contractual periodic tenancy.
Could you please clarify. Thanks... Read More