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20:37 PM, 12th October 2018
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13:23 PM, 12th October 2018
About 4 days ago

Shelter: single mothers, bullying and how to delay eviction

I have had two single mothers bad experience, that is 2 out of 2, if the discrimination law comes into "No DSS" policy then I am afraid I will have to put my rent up by 50% for DSS tenants to cover the additional cost of running a DSS tenancy and the risk for non-payments and prolonged eviction process where I lost months and months of rental income.
They claim to be single mothers, yet they are secretly in relationship, after moving in a few months later you will notice men's clothes on the washing line, men's toiletries in the bathroom, shavers, and so on, so who is kidding who? the usual excuse is the child's father has the right to see his child that is why he is here.... Read More


10:50 AM, 9th October 2018
About A week ago

Company let eviction with 3 months rent arrears

Hi Jigna, you certainly have a tricky one, but I am sure if you use logical approach, you will get there eventually, first write to your lettings Agent and threaten them that you would report them to the appropriate body that runs a register for lettings agents such as ARLA, (google for bad lettings agents)
There are many questions, do they collect rent for you or did they simply find you tenants, do they charge you commission?
Why have they not taken any action against the tenants for failing to pay rent on time? Did they seek references? How many tenants are there? Do they each have a seperate tenancy agreements? if so with who? all these questions may need answering before you even took your case to a housing law expert or a lawyer.
As for fitting or checking Co and smoke detectors, or for checking gas appliances for landlords gas safety record, you can write to them giving minimum of 24Hrs Notice, ideally more allowing for the time to allow a notice letter to reach at the property, so giving 3 to 5 days Notice and provide a specific date, and approximate time you would turn up with your own keys to conduct this mandatory safety check, hopefully with your Gas safe engineer as well as your electrician to deal with Fire alarm detectors, to replace faulty detectors, send the letter by recorded delivery and take independent witness with you as well as some sort of video camera, one of these used by cyclist is good one, record all your encounter with anyone on video.
Go from there, interview all tenants or occupiers who live there, you obviously need to find out who lives there, under what category, and find out what the heck is going on.
You may try to serve on the known tenant a section 8 eviction Notice giving that main tenant 14 days Notice plus allow a few days extra for the Notice to be deemed as delivered, use recorded delivery method.
You will need to find out for yourself if your LA is not cooperating with you, what else can you do without knowing the actual situation, you cannot even engage a solicitor without adequate information, as well as you would lose a possession order if you assumed wrong, wasting your money on lawyers, and court charges, so you need to find out exactly what is going on, who is head tenant, who else occupies as sub tenants, what agreement have they got in place and who do they each pay their rent to, and how much and at what interval.
so first report your LA, then find out what is going on.take a body camera and record as no one can touch you nor are you allowed to touch anyone, but it is within your right as a landlord or owner of a property to find out who is living there. Report any threats to police. As a landlord you have a right to conduct property inspections, but as long as you have given written notice and you state clearly that you will get in with your own keys if no one answers the door bell, with a witness to do the checks. By law they cannot stop this for indefinite.... Read More


2:03 AM, 8th October 2018
About A week ago

Changes to Section 21 notices from October

No Micheal, I was not suggesting that any deaths from faulty gas appliances are acceptable, but the emphasis placed on Gas safety far outweighs that placed on many other deaths caused through other health and safety issues, like there are more injuries and deaths at building sites, traffic accidents, cyclist getting moved down by HGVs through lack of cycle lanes, no one seems to take the responsibility seriously apart from penalising helpless lorry drivers whose vision is restricted and irresponsible cyclist wedging themselves between small gaps and huge lorries just to be ahead at a junction, All cyclist should be responsible for their own safety, would any sensible person stand next to a big lorry, why not pull behind it when traffic is stopping at red lights.

All accidental deaths should be preventable including responsibility imposed on home owners as their neighbours properties could be damaged and other people get killed and parents should also be made responsible for their children's well fare and safety of their lives, a home owner not taking care of his gas appliance is equally danger to his neighbours and to some extent his own family.
But Micheal do you even know how a gas safety checks are made? the engineers are in and out in 15 minutes, they only check the flue gasses with their gas analyser, if all readings are within specified parameters, they pass the boiler, give it a quick visual inspection from the outside, check the condition of the flue, but rarely open the boiler covers to visually inspect inside, they say that is part of a service and takes longer and needs to be done separately, and say most boilers don't need servicing every year, they also check for gas tightness any small leakage) but do not and most times cannot inspect pipes where they are hidden under false floors and buried in concrete, where a potential problem can occur.
This does not surprise me as many only charge £35.00 to issue a GSC.

I remember how i fell out with a lettings agent, when I was reminded by a lettings agent acting for me, that a gas safety inspection is due and a GSC needs to be obtained a month before it was due, so i arranged a gas safe engineer to attend, I would also need to be there as the tenant was behaving awkward, I had given the tenant a weeks notice that we would be calling to do the safety checks , fortunately I got there first, the tenant tells me then that the heating has melted!
why the hell did she not tell me before?
So i asked her can I come in and have a quick look what is melted, she allowed me in, i took one look at the warm air heating unit, its front plastic cover had melted and deformed, I asked her when did that happen, she replied about two months ago, so i asked her why the heck did she not report this and her reply was because she was behind on rent and did not want to cause me any more trouble as she owed me a fair amount of rent!

I obviously phoned the Gas safe engineer to abandon his visit as he was stuck in a long que due to a traffic incident, and he himself asked me if he can come another time, i said OK not a problem and i briefly explained to him that there was no way the heating appliance could be serviced and issued with a GSC, because it had suffered a major failure, he advised me to turn off the gas at the meter if she agrees as long as she is not using gas cooker or hot water from the boiler, fortunately the house had an immersion heater for hot water and an electric cooker, and spring was approaching as it was late April, so i turned off the gas at the meter, warned the tenant not to turn it on, she agreed and acknowledged that she did not need heating as the weather was very mild.

In the mean time I tried to update this matter to my agent just to let him know that I am taking all the necessary steps to remedy the situation as the heating had suffered a catastrophic failure, and i have turned the gas off!

Immediately the agent blew his top off, he said i should not have turned the gas off as I have just committed a criminal offence under the housing act! what the hell I replied, I said I turned the gas off because of safety being the paramount and not the housing law, so next day he wrote a letter to me terminating his services with an immediate effect, I have since not gone back to rejoin this agent and got a gas safe engineer to fit a new wet central heating system.

But would you believe that the Warm Air heating failure was actually caused by the tenant, she had stuffed padded jackets in each of the upstairs ducts that carry warm air in upstairs room in order to conserve her heating bills! this caused the warm air unit cupboard to overheat like an oven and melt the front plastic cover!

She was given S21 notice and left on the 12th hour and glad to say I did not need to seek a court possession order, she handed the keys back and left owing me 7 months in rent plus the damage she caused to the property cost ne a further 10K.

Micheal I do take gas safety very seriously, especially CO poisoning, she even had the permanent vents blocked off as this warm air heating was not a balanced flue, and it was a gas safe requirement to have permanent vents, she sealed these with a brown tape, she was dicing with death. She took batteries off the carbon monoxide detector to run her children's toys! That is the tenants for you, they don't regard their own safety and that of her two young children.... Read More


19:48 PM, 7th October 2018
About A week ago

Changes to Section 21 notices from October

Chris, I said you may have to produce a gas safety record at the time the tenancy began in 2010 for instance, so if your tenants moved in in 2010, and they are still living at the same place under a periodic tenancy, do you have to serve them the current GSC as well as a copy of GSC when they moved in 2010.
I am aware all current GSC need to be given to all tenants from 1st October 2018, irrespectively when they first too tenancy.

The point i am making is what if the tenants claim that when they first took over the tenancy, their landlord did not provide them with a GSC, and the only way to prove would be to produce your (landlord's) copy, but you may not have kept it after a few years most people destroy old paperwork.... Read More