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17:55 PM, 10th April 2021
About 3 days ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

That reminds me when once Utility companies done away with Standing Charges, instead they introduced two tier price tariffs, and started to claim we do not charge standing charge, ..... so who were they fooling? like I said there is and never has been free lunch, when they stopped standing charge they introduced a higher price tariff for the first few hundred units of energy before the rest of the consumption was charged at a lower rate, it was another way to brainwash us that there was no standing charge.

Then came this Economy 7 Electricity meters, and guess what they didn't really want you to benefit from this reduced night time tariff, so they upped the standing charge to a ridiculous amount negating the benefit of cheaper night time tariff!

The only way you can get cheap electricity is by stealing it, depends how much you have stolen, it may work out cheaper despite going in for a few months and getting a criminal record, yes if you steal electricity you get that ! but if you steal rent from a landlord you don't get criminalised but your landlord does if he evicts you because you were stealing his rent ! You live in a world where we have to see what options are more economical, and choose the best one.... Read More


14:34 PM, 10th April 2021
About 3 days ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

I cannot edit my above comment, but if utility companies are private companies, what incentive is there for Government how they meter energy? why is the Government so keen on getting all 26 million homes smart metered? kick backs??? may be may be not, and we end up paying for them obviously I said there is no such thing as a free lunch, does it save money? obviously not unless you can see from your remote display how much energy you were using at any given time, it may open your eyes wider and you might want to look around what was consuming so much power, oh the wife has the oven on, and washing machine is cycling hot wash, microwave is popping pop corns, your son or daughter has switched on a 1.2kw hair dryer ! so it may make you aware of where and how much energy is each device using so that you can change habits, like me I don't flush my toilet each time I go for a piss, I am saving guess what, I am saving water, I am saving this planet, water also needs energy to be processed and pumped, so why waste, don't need to flush toilet each time you pass water, open taps little, fit water restrictors , yes tell tenants as well that they can't use as much water as they like, we have to save this planet for our future breeds.... Read More


14:24 PM, 10th April 2021
About 3 days ago

Smart Meter Installation - thoughts please?

Reply to the comment left by at 10/04/2021 - 11:17
Absolutely right, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so it is with this in mind I do not object to those who steal electricity, good luck to them to get some of their money back, because these big corporations shake hands with Government officials and get back handers, and charge us like you said 350 for a piece of plastic turd with an electronics board, not worth in my view more than about £20 to mass produce in China.

Equally the good thing about smart meters is that if you are smart, you can hack into them and change firmware and make them under read , many ways to hack them, including changing number of pulses per kilowatt per minute, or simply add or subtract sums before transmitting data, for a bowl of rice and noodles, and throw in a bat, you could gt any Chines software engineer to hack these meters from a fish market in Wuhan, look they managed to hack the entire world with Corona Virus, all the credit goes to them! get smart and get smart meters and reduce your bills by almost 90%.

Well actually, there is nothing to fear from smart meters, you can check them easily by running a 1kilo watt heater for about 15 minutes and see if it has registered under 250 watts or 0.25 kilo watt on the reading, or even run it for a full hour exact with all other appliances switched off it should not have registered more than 1 kilo watt hour .... Read More


14:11 PM, 30th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Gas safety certificate should be a legal requirement for all households?

when people are struggling to put food on their plates, and raiding food banks, the last thing they would want to do is spend £100 for a gas safety inspection, it will be up to the councils to check gas safety and condition of supply lines and appliances if they are perturbed or concerned about safety of gas explosions, then why not send their inspectors at their own cost to check premises randomly , yes and if their experts find any shortcomings they may disconnect the supply and then leave the home owner to get it fixed before they will allow the gas supply to be used again. Just as Police can stop cars randomly and examine the condition of tyres, and other critical components on a car and can issue fines, or impound a vehicle that is unfit for use on a public roads. I certainly won't be throwing my £100 for a gas safety certificate for my own peace of mind, I have nose that detects any gas leaks and can turn off my own gas, and get it fixed , besides I know the condition of my gas pipework, and appliances , much rather give away that £100 to a food bank to help those who can't put food on their plates.... Read More


3:22 AM, 27th March 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Do I have a right to know who lives in my house?

You certainly cannot identify anyone merely by their Name or by their email address or by their telephone number,
But you may be able to identify any individual by his or her address, and by their date of Birth, their place of Birth, so if you only store Name of a person and their phone numbers and their email addresses, you do not need to register for Data Protection as you cannot identify any person through these alone. The key word is in "Identifying " So if you see a crowd of 100 people and you know there is a person called John among them, could you pin point John in that crowd? no you may guess and your chance of getting that right would be 1 in 100.
So stop wasting your £40 to buy useless and unnecessary garbage certificate not worth the paper it is written on.

However, if you are a Landlord, you are going to possibly need to register as an individual can then be identified through the address you associate that person with and his or her name and so on, but only if you do so on an electronic medium.... Read More