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18:11 PM, 23rd July 2021, About A week ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

Totally agree with Jo Westlake, every thing we do is a gamble, no matter what, so take what you get for the next 12 months rent up front, least you have put off any problems for at least 12 months. Our lives are a gamble, today here tomorrow God knows where, and don't forget how Covid-19 just took away many people unexpected. End of the day these tenants need somewhere to go don't they.... Read More


11:30 AM, 19th July 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Next Step ICE complaint?

and then they have the cheek to question why most landlords don't take on housing benefit tenants.
Most importantly, if they do award any tenant any housing benefit , whether or not the tenant was entitled to receive that payment, i.e. through changes in circumstances, which the tenant did not report, then the losses should be theirs and not ours, that is why many landlords are reluctant to take on any HB tenants.

Perhaps Shelter can force Government to change in their policy on clawback so that more HB tenants can find private rented accommodation more easily without fear of landlords having to pay back any rent that the tenant was not entitled to. .... Read More


15:42 PM, 10th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Have you paid a problem tenant to leave?

Reply to the comment left by Mike at 10/07/2021 - 10:26
Totally agree, and bad tenants know if their behaviour towards anyone or commitment to pay rent on time as well as looking after the property are the three main elements that can keep them in a property for as long as they want to stay.

Deviate from these 3 fundamentals, they are asking for eviction, Good responsible tenants need to fear as they know all landlords want is good responsible law abiding tenants, where landlords would bend backwards to retain them and not give them any excuse to leave or cause any hardship on them, when things fail good landlords take prompt action to minimise disruption. Good landlords want nothing more than good tenants, and where respect is mutual.... Read More


10:26 AM, 10th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Have you paid a problem tenant to leave?

No one should pay bad tenants a penny, its like paying ransom, doesn't matter how long it takes, get them out through courts and make their life as hard as they make ours, they would do the same again to other good landlords. and yes if you had good tenants and through no fault of theirs, if you need them moved out, may be you can consider compensating them with some financial assistance.

I did once offer £3K to a real bad tenant, all because I did not have the written agreement, so in the end I had to use Section 8 and main reason was constantly falling behind on rent accruing arrears, being abusive to everyone, but he lost it and had to be evicted, he had 5 good years in my property, and now I hear he had moved to 3 different places, good for him. I have no pity for fools like him.... Read More


11:57 AM, 2nd July 2021, About a month ago

Empty Dwelling Management Order from Council head of revenues?

Yes they no longer give much in a way of concession when a property is being renovated, which can take months , the most I got was 1 months reprieve from paying CT. Greedy bunch of blood sucking leaches is the fitting word for these kind of policy implementers, Imagine what you could have done with that extra money if you did not have to pay CT on an empty property, it could have been used to further improve the dwelling instead of stuffing their own pockets by awarding themselves hefty salaries.... Read More