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12:40 PM, 19th November 2019
About 2 days ago

I don't think I need to be concerned about GDPR

Data Protection is another Quango idea, waste of time and quite annoying at times , try to help someone who cannot communicate over the phone and data protection stops you right there and the poor chap who needs your help cannot be helped because any organisation now will not speak to anyone on behalf of someone who cannot speak.

reporting crime is also hindered as even of you tried to tip off an organisation they will not accept what you say due to data protection law.

What has it done for me: has cost me fees for absolutely no gain
2. My tenants or anyone I deal with don't give two monkeys if I do protect their data, if I didn't they don't give a tiny bit of hoot.
3. I tried to report a benefit cheat, but could not and was instead told that I could be prosecuted if I revealed the cheats details to anyone.
There you go ......No wonder we are going down the pan... Read More


23:13 PM, 10th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

Reply to the comment left by Dennis Leverett at 10/11/2019 - 18:36
I too would like to see him give away his 80% fortune he made, well that also depends if you were Bill Gates, then even after giving away 80% you might still be left with millions, most of us can live very comfortably if you had a million pounds in a bank, I guess when one is able to give away 80% of his wealth away for any cause, that money must have come at the expense of blood and sweat of others, and through exploitation, through shear luck, etc etc, so why should those who sweated out and worked hard for every penny, which they earned it, should then give 80% away to layabouts, lazy, benefit cheats and benefit claiming culture.

Most people who become homeless because they took no real responsibility to earn a living, to save, they live and enjoy their lives to the full like there was no tomorrow, and blew all their wages on leisure and holidays, they had not planned to save any money for a rainy day, or -plan their future, gave important things least priorities, the most important thing is not having fun and holidays, but a roof over your head.

To many this is their least priority, thanks to our stupid highly biased housing laws, I had a tenant who had money to buy 4 cans of Tenants super lager 9% alcohol a day, yet he never had enough change left to pay his rent and ran up large rent arrears, but he always had enough money to buy his drinks and cigarettes, and the most expensive foods, held many parties, bought presents for his wife, but had no money to pay for his rent, needless to say I kicked him out through courts and bailiffs, I could not care less for layabouts like him sleeping rough and in cold, those are the kind who do not deserve any sympathy unless you are a true Christian, so I think the guy wanting to give away 80% should vote for a Christian party rather than socialist party.... Read More


14:02 PM, 8th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Type of bedroom door locks in HMOs

I am also a tenant in my own HMO, so do I need to give myself a Tenancy agreement? and how much rent should I charge myself? I am a bit confused , who would give me a reference? gets really complicated doesn't it!
Yes ! I have the same right as any tenants! no one can evict me!... Read More


13:37 PM, 8th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Type of bedroom door locks in HMOs

By the way, Newham council wrote to me requesting me to supply the 11 following documents under their licensing conditions, in under 28 days from the date of their letter, suppose I did not receive the letter or it arrived late???

It took me best part of the month to compile the reports and prepare them for emailing because some of the paper documents had to be scanned and converted to pdf, but it took them less than a few hours to go through them and say all is Ok, failure to supply this information ......£30,000 bloody pounds down the pan!
1. written statement of terms in which the tenants occupy and detailed arrangements in place to deal with repairs and emergency
2.Gas safety Certificate : copy of latest certificate for all gas appliances issued within the past 12 months
3. Fire Alarm/Emergency Lighting test certificates: Mine is a small HMO, no need for a certificate but only a log showing dates when fire or smoke detectors were tested, I use a spread sheet and tick against each detector location when test is carried out. My HMO does not require Emergency lighting, as it is a small HMO
4.Electrical Installation Condition report (EICR)
5.Electrical Appliance test certificates - PAT test washing machine, fridge, kettle, microwave etc.
6.Property Inspection Records: Records of inspections carried out at the property, detailing who carried out the inspections, Date and Time! and issues found, and actions taken!
7.Pest Control treatment records: In my case I had a tenant who brought in tiny little creatures called bed bugs, guess what he accused me that my place had the bugs when he had been living there for a year and the treatment cost me £225.00!
8.Tenancy Deposit Scheme: I don't take deposits so I did not need to provide them any details.
9. Tenancy Management Arrangements: Yes I wrote a 3 page long letter explaining to them what role I play etc.
10.Copies of references of all tenants and occupants
11. Name and details of all occupants: This was a bit complex in my case , I had a tenant in joint name but his partner went back to her country, so he brought in his nephew in her place, but I had not updated the agreement because she intends to return in 6 months so I did not want to amend any agreements, also a builder friend is renovating the place so he lived about 30 miles away and was spending a lot of time commuting and on cost of fares, so I allowed him to occupy one empty room for the time being whilst he is working on my property, no contract or tenancy agreement as it is not a tenancy , so I have declared all this information and they seem to have accepted it and updated my records, they did not raise any points.

there you are a full bloody time job renting HMOs... Read More


13:13 PM, 8th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Type of bedroom door locks in HMOs

I can't remember if I posted this post? is there another Mike ?
May be I did post but for the life of me I cannot remember asking this question! getting old!!!!

But I know the answer to this question, hence I was wondering if I really did ask or post this question. 😒... Read More