Landlord agent contracts?

Landlord agent contracts?

0:03 AM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago 10

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Hello, I have a nice studio flat in Balham and am trying to find a decent agent to show the flat and find a single professional to let it. Management is not needed.

The agents have boilerplate one-sided contracts that I can’t sign.

I would like to create a decent but simple contract that would cover only finding the tenant and fees.

Has anyone seen a good template contract that I can use?

Thank you,


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Judith Wordsworth

10:09 AM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

If you can't get a local letting agent to do a find and reference tenant only service, plenty do in SE London, then would not be likely to sign a contracted drafted by you I would have thought.

Not sure if MiMove go out as far as Balham but would recommend. Possibly Leaders?

Simon M

10:41 AM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

A one-off letting fee with the distant possibility of a future re-let probably isn't an attractive prospect for an agent, so you may have to pay a premium.

If an agent delivers a good service there's no need to refer to the contract terms. I'd focus on finding an agent who will provide good service. If you suggest reasonable amendments they're more likely to amend their contract terms.

Graham Bowcock

10:44 AM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

As an agent there's no way I'd sign a contract that a client produced. Our own contracts can be amended, but basically are there to clearly set out our terms and conditions, along with our obligations to the client.

If it's the money side you don't like, bear in mind that most agents don't mae as much as maybe you think. Doing part of a job - i.e. tenant find - can be disproportionately expensive to deliver and have more hassle. It's better from our point of view it's more profitable to do the whole metting/management package.

Barbara Gwyer

12:26 PM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

Dear Monica
Most of my portfolio is in Balham, Tooting and Streatham and I have never had a problem getting agents to provide a tenant find only service without rent collection or renewal fees. There is such a shortage of properties to rent around here that many agents will agree to this if you ask. I also go through their contracts and scribble out and initial any clause I can't agree to.

Swift Kick

14:18 PM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

Hello Monica,

I am a local landlord who also happens to have over 40 years' experience as an Estate Agent.

I now primarily handle my own family's property rental and management requirements, but also act for a few local landlords in the promotion of their rental properties and can handle all the associated pre tenancy administration if required.

Fortunately, most of my clients are seasoned & experienced and are willing and able to handle all future management aspects. They only really require someone locally based to arrange and co-ordinate viewings, meet & greets all applicants, and then provide an assessment of the individuals expressing interest in renting their property. Suitable referencing can be easily coordinated (depending upon your own preferences) and although I usually use the NRLA Referencing Service, some clients prefer to use their own chosen provider.

I you feel that this might be compatible with your own needs, then please feel free to message me directly through the member's section.

Otherwise, my advice would be to approach the established local independent agents with a proposal, as they are usually more accommodating in respect of agency T&C's, initial fees and renewal fees than any of the corporate clan.

Best of luck,



15:00 PM, 18th April 2023, About A year ago

Thank you for all the comments. I am convinced most landlords do not read these boilerplate contracts. I have been through many of them, and most are so one sided that only someone who can’t read would sign them. Many times the junior members of staff say take it or leave it. I then escalate and work with management. This is a time consuming process. There is a place in the market for standard terms that landlords and agents can agree to. The most recent experience involved a major firm whose managing director insisted, after all terms were agreed, on having the clause put back about what would happen with my estate if I died. I walked away. I’m not a solicitor, but any solicitor worth their salt would say, don’t sign those contracts.

Silver Flier

13:04 PM, 19th April 2023, About A year ago

I let a property in the same area and have a good agent there. They don't offer the service you describe - simply letting it - I use them for full management.
I agree that agent's contracts tend to be very one-sided; mine has agreed some, but not all, of the revisions that I wanted. But I can't imagine any agent agreeing to a contract someone else had drawn up.


21:31 PM, 20th April 2023, About A year ago

Does any landlord have experience with HelloNeighour? Please share the good, bad and ugly.


9:42 AM, 22nd April 2023, About A year ago

Check out.

It's d.i.y. for landlords.


15:59 PM, 22nd April 2023, About A year ago

I’ve looked at OpenRent and decided working with an agent is better. I have no problem paying the fee upfront, as long as it is just for that tenant. There is a lot of fraud in renting and OpenRent does not seem set up to address and protect against that well enough.

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