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7:25 AM, 17th July 2020
About 3 months ago

Unfair Property Management Contract?

Thank you all for your encouragement, which strengthens my resolve. Unfortunately I live a long way from the property so cannot manage it myself.
The agent has started marketing the property and has failed to respond to my request to agree revisions to the contract for 10 days, so I think he's playing for time, hoping to find a tenant.

Chris... Read More

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9:34 AM, 28th February 2020
About 8 months ago

Fuseboard Confusion!

The short answer is plastic consumer units do not have to be replaced simply because the latest standard requires metal units.
You should read: Read More

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5:06 AM, 23rd January 2020
About 9 months ago

Adding new tenant to existing tenancy and costs?

Reply to the comment left by Kate Mellor at 22/01/2020 - 15:14
Thank you for the correction - just as well I don't hold the deposits. Deposits can either be passed to one of the three government approved companies (TDS, DPS or MyDeposits) or must be insured by one of them if the deposit is held by the landlord or agent.... Read More

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17:02 PM, 21st January 2020
About 9 months ago

Adding new tenant to existing tenancy and costs?

You're right, you must treat it as a new tenancy, with reference and right to rent checks on the new person followed by a new AST for a minimum of 6 months which should name the two people jointly as "the tenant".

Unless the inventory is well out of date, or there has been significant damage, you may not need a formal check out/in. Ask the new person to check the inventory themselves and see if they are willing to sign it. If the deposit is already at the maximum 5 weeks rent then the new person would need to pay half the deposit to the other, so that they have an equal share in it. This would avoid having to do anything with the existing protected deposit.

Because the existing tenant is effectively asking for early termination you may be able to pass on some costs - your agent should be able to advise you about this.... Read More

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8:07 AM, 21st January 2020
About 9 months ago

New electrical checks and safety standards for Landlords

Reply to the comment left by Ian Morgan at 20/01/2020 - 19:33
Thank you for confirming the arrangement for switching to an earth rod and TT earthing system. I think you may be right about lack of understanding, I suspect the mains earth was not disconnected, but wasn’t there to see; one earth rod gave Ze of 8.5 Ω, the second got Ze down to 5.6 Ω.

I didn’t really think the CH programmer was a coincidence, but of course it added to the cost of work and inconvenience for the tenants who had to depend on the immersion heater (what’s that?) for several days.... Read More