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Barbara Gwyer

A month ago
10 More Section 24 Campaign Billboards To Be Erected Soon

I am as horrified as any landlord over Section 24 as I face the pending abyss of a tax liability more than I shall actually be earning, thanks to this tax. However, while supply and demand rules I still fail to see how individual landlords can raise their rents to cover these Government-imposed increased costs unless absolutely every landlord does the same. It might be different in other parts of the UK, but in south London rents have been falling of late with a surfeit of properties available and a dirth of tenants. There are far too many accidental landlords with one property around here who I anticipate will probably just bail their properties out. Having considered all my options, unless the tax is reversed I shall be selling most of my portfolio and reluctantly leaving the market.... Read More

Barbara Gwyer

3 months ago
Fair or unfair landlord treatment - We're OUT!

The one and only time I have ever been taken to arbitration was over a 5-day old washing machine that the tenants had trashed through complete stupidity. The tenants knew that I would be charging them for the vandalised washing machine before I went ahead and bought it, but at the end of the tenancy they contested it. I lost because although MyDeposits arbitrator agreed according to the AST I had a right to charge them, I had no paper trail offering them the option of purchasing the replacement washing machine themselves before I bought the replacement.... Read More

Barbara Gwyer

5 months ago
Should I let my HMO tenants choose their new flatmate?

I don't have any HMOs, but this situation has arisen with my 2-bed flats and 3-bed houses which are all rented out on ASTs. I am quite happy to allow tenants to source replacements as they have to live with them not me but on the strict proviso that I do all the reference checking, we amend the existing AST , I change the tenant names over with MyDeposits and the new tenant pays all costs incurred. At the end of the tenancy, if all is well, then we can draw up a new tenancy but I totally agree that you have to be careful with this one. Works for me... Read More

Barbara Gwyer

6 months ago
Social Landlord not prosecuted despite mass gas safety breaches!

Yet another example of a Government hammering the PRS in favour of their cronies.... Read More

Barbara Gwyer

9 months ago
Son having difficulty getting credit with his name on a joint BTL

Reply to the comment left by Puzzler at 06/10/2017 - 16:08
My credit score is 999. Also why mention SDLT when we're talking about a contract for a mobile phone!!!... Read More