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Swift Kick

12:09 PM, 21st December 2019
About A year ago

Queen's speech - Section 21 ban?

What a thoughtful and insightful summary by Adam, and certainly one for any prospective landlord to consider carefully.

It’s the constantly recurring assumption of entitlement that will eventually capsize the tenants shrinking little boat, whilst under the stewardship of Shelter & Generation Rent acting as captain & first mate at the helm !

The potential erosion of a Landlords future rights, & consequently their ability to exercise sensible management of their increasingly entitled tenants, will soon lead to the migration of most accidental landlords seeking alternative (less regulated) investment vehicles.

Those more hardened and robustly financed Landlords (if reasonably intelligent) will inevitably avoid all tenants unable to retain a decent job or in receipt of housing support, as they will become particularly well supported and legally indemnified.

There are ONLY there types of “no fault elections”

1 - The owner chooses to reoccupy the property.

2 - The owner chooses to sell the property.

3 - The owner chooses to renovate/develop.

ALL others will have a well considered reason and in many cases may revolve around the inconsiderate behaviour of one of all of the residents.

Unless this forthcoming legislation is constructed fairly, and then promptly judged without political bias, it will lead to the quick erosion of the Private Rental Sector.

The most important asset for any future Landlord, will be their ability to meet all prospective tenants themselves, accurately assess their long term suitably, conduct very thorough referencing (including searches on Facebook, Instagram etc) as they may be with you for at least 3 years, whether wanted or not.

Choose very wisely folks !... Read More