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Simon M

11:22 AM, 28th July 2021, About 2 days ago

Small Shop - simple contract?

My father owned a shop which he let on a lease for 40 years. I understand where the tenant is the sole occupant of the building, it's normal for the tenant to take a repairing lease and that includes responsibility for damage etc., and they return the property in the same or better condition at the end. The tenant normally insures the premises - my father had the tenant liable for the cost, bought the insurance himself then invoiced separately from rent. The only disadvantage I remember was the tenant ignored obligations written into the insurance policy e.g. for electrical certifications.

After he lost 1-2 years' rent + court costs etc. with an earlier tenant, he then insisted on a guarantor - ideally a relation with a property.... Read More

Simon M

13:16 PM, 27th July 2021, About 2 days ago

Nottingham inspecting on average 3 houses per year per member of staff

Or put another way: £5,555 for every house improved.

That may be more than the cost of the improvements ...... Read More

Simon M

12:06 PM, 26th July 2021, About 4 days ago

300% Council tax premium on empty property?

The legislation was brought in to ensure homes weren't left empty for a long time, and a 200% premium for properties uninhabited for at least 2 years. Often well-intentioned has unforseen consequences.

CT liability starts on the day of purchase.
1. There's usually a grace period of 4 weeks and sometimes longer for refurbishment work.
2. She'd be entitled to 25% reduction (of the whole amount?) on the grounds there aren't 2 adults living there.
3. If CT wasn't paid for some of the 2 years because the previous occupant was exempt (eg in hospital) there may be an argument to reduce the premium to 100%. She'd need to show, or at least challenge the council to prove, when the previous occupancy (not ownership) ended. Alternatively, if her local councillor is sympathetic and takes up the case, the council may find it has some discretion.

Please tell us what success she has any success.... Read More

Simon M

12:35 PM, 15th July 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Can I insist on Shower rather than a bath?

Unless it's a very small development, any deviation from standard will cost for the developer. If you really want that house, you'll get your best outcome if you can meet the developer and ask them to leave a bare bathroom plastered with services (electrics and capped plumbing) laid and perhaps handbasin and WC. That may save them a little cost and you the cost and damage of ripping out, matching tiles, etc.... Read More

Simon M

11:56 AM, 2nd July 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Empty Dwelling Management Order from Council head of revenues?

Don't worry about the Head of Revenues title - all Councils use it as the collective term for the teams that collect Business Rates and Council Tax, the majin source of income other than the central government grant. Council Tax is the prime source of data to identify Empty Homes so it makes sense for the same team to do the "surveys".

However, I can't see why they would do an Empty Homes survey now, as your circumstances illustrate. The council computer system may automatically generate these letters, or it could be a question of competence. Their job is to collect money when legally due - the staff don't have property management experience.

Try ringing the Council first to try to find out what sort of threat this is. Once it's explained reasonably a council manager should grasp your situation. If not, I'm sure they wouldn't want the bad publicity. And you must name the council, other landlords may be in a similar situation.... Read More