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Simon M

14:02 PM, 15th August 2019
About A week ago

Must I tell the Local Authority?

Yes. It's covered in the Council Tax Regulations 1992. The Council has a legal duty to ask a person reasonably connected to the property and obligation on the recipent to reply.


Data Protection Act 2018 ('GDPR') says that where you have to provide information by law this is exempt from the data privacy reuirements.... Read More

Simon M

15:23 PM, 25th June 2019
About 2 months ago

Selective Licensing review recommends National register of Landlords

The report (Page 92, para 11:20) describes RLA and NLA views as:
"Landlord groups were in favour of (National) registration since it would require landlords to treat renting properties in a more business-like fashion, improving the professionalism and reputation of the sector, and encouraging accreditation."
Think I might just see why they're in favour now....their membership fees... Read More

Simon M

12:16 PM, 25th June 2019
About 2 months ago

Selective Licensing review recommends National register of Landlords

It's difficult to believe MCHLG did not indicate to the research team many of the conclusions they 'expected'. Selective licensing was supposed to be a targeted approach to problem areas, yet one of the conclusions is to create a national landlord database. The answer is always to add more bureaucracy.
228 pages - it's going to be a long read. I look forward to finding how the recommendations help landlords. MCHLG will point to NLA & RLA active involvement, so will look forward to their comments.... Read More

Simon M

8:53 AM, 30th May 2019
About 3 months ago

Ex-evicted bad'un has the gall to ask for a positive reference?

You cannot avoid data protection - for example the HA could scan your letter, record conversations, or routinely record all calls, both of which would then definitely be covered by the legislation.
If you reply, stick to simple provable facts, dates of tenancy, court action, etc. The HA will have an interest in incidents where the police attend because it helps nobody - including the tenant - if they were to house close to an existing anti-social behaviour problem.... Read More

Simon M

9:27 AM, 17th May 2019
About 3 months ago

Best Deposit Protection for disputes?

I would not recommend DPS. Their 'system' isn't fit for purpose.

At the end of a tenancy DPS send a standard email that includes a different email address to claim. Managing agent who knew the system mistakenly replied to the sender's email. It's normal not to hear from DPS for weeks so not unexpected. After about 4 weeks the agent rang to chase, found the error and DPS staff told her it hadn't been dealt with and they would consider my claim.

DPS assessor didn't consider my claim and DPS released the money to the tenant. Agent submitted a complaint. The reply read like a standard letter.
This rang alarm bells - how many complaints do they get? Agent has submitted a second complaint highlighting the systemic failures.

DPS call centre response shows it's a known problem with a standard answer, so it's happened often enough before. In which case there are lots of things the DPS could do to prevent this: monitor the inbox, use a 'noreply@dps' email and add an automated response message.

The claim process necessarily requires a landlord to submit 2 inventories, photos before and after and invoices for every item claimed.

For many years businesses have been moving to online services. You would expect the agent to login and create a claim case. Yet the DPS still relies on email so years out of date. Clearly no investment.

Obviously in my case the agent is at fault. The same person had done a DPS claim for me before so knew the process. I know it was a genuine error, but that's the purpose of using IT, it's basic system design to prevent errors.... Read More