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Simon M

13:40 PM, 25th February 2021
About a month ago

Firing Agent without T&Cs

The agent has no evidence you've agreed their made-up terms - it's only subject to any notice period you've agreed. As Marlena advises formally notify the tenant to make all future payments to your new agents. If you haven't sorted out the tenant's deposit the agent will need to transfer it to your new agent.
In my case I checked if the old agent is registered with a property ombudsman service & their procedure. The ombudsman expects you to obtain and follow the agent's complaint policy first. If they think you'll give up they'll refuse your claim. Still folow the agent's process and tell them to review their decision. Mine offered a reasonable settlement at this point, but if they don't then take your complaint to the property ombudsman. It takes a bit of time and effort but you should eventually get your money back.... Read More

Simon M

12:59 PM, 19th February 2021
About 2 months ago

Cat and dog allergy issues?

Letters to the Housing Minister will be dealt with by his department - the minister probably doesn't even see it and I think the department rarely replies. Write to your local MP (include your home address) who will feel a responsibility to reply. If they think the point is well made, they'll write to the minister. The minister is obliged to reply to your MP, he may not draft it but will sign it. And your MP will send it to you.

For me the biggest issue is the deposit cap rather than pets. If I think a tenant is responsible I'll allow a dog subject to a larger deposit to cover a deep clean at the end of tenancy and some of the potential damage.

As others have said the law hasn't changed and the deposit cap isn't enough so despite an excellent tenant I refused the last request.... Read More

Simon M

13:20 PM, 5th February 2021
About 2 months ago

Is it worth it?

I wouldn't recommend DPS. Unless it's for unpaid rent I assume I won't get much of the deposit back & the main benefit is the tenant thinks they might not get it back.

Our former agent lodged all deposits with DPS and we've had to claim 3 times. Claim 1 was repaid in full but impossble to dispute since it included 3+ months' unpaid rent. Claim2 we received nothing out of £1400. We made a formal complaint & DPS response washed their hands. I can't blame them - the agent had made an error, but the underlying cause was DPS system is poor, the DPS process isn't robust. Apparently the DPS had had this error before but has done nothing to prevent or fix it. Claim3 my reliable carpet fitter advised £150 for a repair that would always be obvious or £200 to replace. DPS adjudicator awarded £20. They work to a set of rules but I still haven't worked that one out.

Claiming is a lot of effort - I submit documentation photos, invoices, even reference where to find the tenant's liability in the tenancy agreement.

Now managing the properties myself, I intend to use a different deposit scheme. I'll be really interested if other replies report a better experience with the others.... Read More

Simon M

12:30 PM, 3rd December 2020
About 4 months ago

How to insure with no company let tenancy agreement?

Given the previous difficulties you've indicated the key question is whether you want to retain them. Even if you want to keep the company, the directors often only act when they see it's an overwhelming interest. Check your contract, but I'd make it really clear all the extra costs they'll incur if they don't follow the contract.... Read More

Simon M

11:20 AM, 5th November 2020
About 5 months ago

Any conveyancer accepting electronic signatures?

It's not as simple. It's a high-value transaction, so a mistake (surprisingly often) in the transaction is usually expensive, and the solicitor is accountable financially to the parties and professionally to the SRA. Also, as Smartermind highlights, we're all caught by the anti-money laundering measures.
Timing is also against you. With earlier sales delayed, paper-based processes are slower for home-working, plus the Stamp Duty reduction, good conveyancers don't need to look for work.
Whilst that's all negative, I have forwarded it to my son who works in conveyancing for suggestions.... Read More