Labour want ‘Triple Lock’ for tenants

Labour want ‘Triple Lock’ for tenants

10:09 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago 30

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A new Covid-19 Housing Delivery Taskforce to tackle the challenges Covid-19 poses to the London housing sector has met for the first time and is chaired by Labour’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development, Tom Copley.

The group will consider how the sector can adapt and maintain resilience and also look at specific support needed from Government that would be effective in maintaining housing supply and providing confidence in the market.

The Taskforce press statement reported: 

With millions of low paid renters in London now facing increased financial uncertainty the Mayor has also warned of a ‘ticking timebomb’ of debt, arrears and widespread evictions over the coming months. He has called on the Government to immediately implement his ‘Triple Lock’ protection for private renters by increasing welfare support, ending ‘no fault’ evictions and stopping tenants who fall into arrears due to Covid-19 being evicted.

Tom Copley said: “Delivering the social and other genuinely affordable homes Londoners need has always been the Mayor’s top priority and this pandemic challenges our ambitious targets like never before. I am pleased that so many key members of the London housing sector have responded to my call to join this new taskforce, working together to help the industry through this crisis and ensuring we can build a better future after it.

“The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that an economic shock can have a sustained impact on the housing market and the delivery of new homes. It is essential that planning starts now to ensure London recovers as quickly as possible and the sector continues to deliver the homes Londoners need at pace and at scale.

“The public sector must play a key role. Having begun to rebuild their house building capacity, supported by the Mayor, London’s councils are in a much stronger position to support this recovery than they were 12 years ago.

“I want us to do more than just bounce back from this. I want London’s housing sector to emerge from this crisis with improved resilience, a greater sense of co-operation and a new found resolve to deliver the genuinely affordable homes that London so desperately needs.”

The Covid-19 Housing Delivery Taskforce  is made up of leaders from across London’s housing delivery sector including councils, construction, unions, and housing associations.

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terry sullivan

10:37 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

triple lock on landlord mortgages, repairs, deposits, ground rents, service charges, licence fees?

David Lester

10:49 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

If they want to give away Private Renters business, buy it at market rate, exempt of capital gains tax!

Sam Smith

10:55 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

I agree Terry


11:15 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Are any of these guys in this task force Landlord's themselves? Do they know most landlords rely on that income to live and are not the mega rich they think we are. Penalised for being a landlord by anyone that's wants dig at us, including government or Shelter. Sure there are millionaire landlords but even they are there not only to provide a profit but housing to. If it was any other "business " we would not be so chastised and continually bartated by the media and so called politicians to secure and justify their office.


11:23 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Should add that of course government should build housing and each consecutive government has had the opportunity to do so and change any legislation needed. Why now, because it is now an even more emotive subject?

Alistair Cooper

11:58 AM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Not looking to defend the Labour task force as generally they of course do not have our interests at heart; however the revaluing of LHA rates is already welcome, in many areas even in wealthy areas such as St Albans the new LHA rates (£1000p/2bed) is now higher than many Private Sector asking rents so this is welcome news. If they want to continue the carrot and stick approach they now just need to bring in faster processing of claims and a return to the good old days of direct payment to landlords!


12:04 PM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Why is it the Labour party( mainly because they're in opposition, they can afford coming up with ideas, which will inevitably disappear if they become government) and other housing linked companies, charities etc like Shelter. Always think the landlord is the Gru of the tenants (lets call them) minions, just to make the Labourites, Shelter and other righteous folk feel non oppressed. As a landlord we have gone down routes on red tape, regulations and property crashes, economic issues which if it was viable most landlords would sell. (it seems proven) But we cant, we muddle on getting done what we can and when possible keep tenants as happy as possible - because to be honest we dont want to lose them.
But hang on we get 3 month mortgage break - but interest is still ticking and we DO pay it back. Banks rejecting mortgage swaps, lower rates or no mortgages at all to take up.

However although there are some "rouge" landlords ( again to appease Shelter - Shadow Gov't etc, .........What about furloughed tenants who tell you they didn't get paid - and yet they claim UC or some tenants - the first to tell you the fridge is broken are now no existent and you do wonder if they've left the property. And those who tell you " you get 3 months free mortgage I should get 3 months rent free. And my mate is OK to stay ?"

I would add fortunately I have pretty good tenants and they are paying what "they" are comfortable with but are on the same page as myself with regard my mortgage situation and what I can do to help them. ( within social distance rules) Can they get to fix the bed leg or defrost the fridge etc small jobs that can wait. And we get on well getting on with this Covid 19.
But I do wish both sides are presented like all the other entries on here are stating, without being given a "dodgy landlord, millionaire" tag.


12:21 PM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Sounds like Corbyn Lives?
Does Labour really want tenants to be homeless? As that's what will happen if landlords desert the industry.


13:36 PM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Keith has summed it up, although haven't the Tories already put most of this in place and its unlikely ever to be removed. The wording "Due to Covid 19" will be removed so no evictions allowed if a tenant falls in to arrears . An open invitation for tenants to live rent free. Rent guarantee schemes will then no longer exist and a guarantor has only limited protection. I really can't see any sensible investor now using BTL and for existing ones it will be dump at a loss now or wait for the bank to repossess.

michelle green

15:12 PM, 29th April 2020, About 4 years ago

Great pity they don't extend this "empathy" to thousands of leaseholders who are still being floored by extortionate service charge demands by Freeholders, managing agents, housing associations..
But always been different rules of course...

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