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Lesley Lester

13:13 PM, 30th December 2020, About 11 months ago

Difficulties with national agent paying across 6 months upfront rent?

CEO.com, get the CEO's email address and contact him directly.... Read More

Lesley Lester

18:51 PM, 17th September 2020, About A year ago

Now commercial tenants will be protected until Christmas

I am not a Commercial Landlord, however certain questions come to mind: - Didn't small businesses receive a "Business Interruption Grant? and do they not qualify for an interest free loan from the Government? So why do the LL's have to carry them? Finally how do the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick keep his job after th "Bung" affair?... Read More

Lesley Lester

16:56 PM, 21st August 2020, About A year ago

Jenrick extends ban on evictions and notice periods

Maybe someone should coin the phrase "Landlords Matter" or Landlords Lives Matter". When will some of these idiots in Government realise that PRS is a business not a charity!... Read More

Lesley Lester

11:50 AM, 19th May 2020, About 2 years ago

Citizens Advice say tenants should not be pressured to allow viewings

Non-payment of rent is theft, Landlords are a Business not a Charity! when will these left-wing tree huggers realise?... Read More