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Alistair Cooper

11:56 AM, 5th November 2020
About 4 weeks ago

QE increased by £150 billion and Bank Base Rate held at 0.1%

Of course the other equally viable scenario is that this very ‘un Tory’ govt may choose to hike up corporation tax (and for that matter all indirect taxes) making the UK an even more unattractive place to do business with ever decreasing links & access to the much larger European market.
It would be great to see the hospitality sector thrive although there are very few that see bright light at the end of that tunnel. How many hospitality jobs pay in excess of £25.8k per year and warrant becoming an official ‘sponsor’ with the red tape fees and delays that entails....
I fear the easy option will be to attack and stifle free enterprise as they have done with s.24 and the plethora of other hurdles they have placed on the Private Rented Sector.
I hope I’m wrong ... I always prefer glasses half full!... Read More

Alistair Cooper

10:47 AM, 3rd June 2020
About 6 months ago

Penalised over CGT due to Government emergency rules?

Which Government imposed restriction stopped you from completing on 3rd April 2020 Max.
On what date did you exchange contracts ?... Read More

Alistair Cooper

11:58 AM, 29th April 2020
About 7 months ago

Labour want 'Triple Lock' for tenants

Not looking to defend the Labour task force as generally they of course do not have our interests at heart; however the revaluing of LHA rates is already welcome, in many areas even in wealthy areas such as St Albans the new LHA rates (£1000p/2bed) is now higher than many Private Sector asking rents so this is welcome news. If they want to continue the carrot and stick approach they now just need to bring in faster processing of claims and a return to the good old days of direct payment to landlords!... Read More

Alistair Cooper

11:25 AM, 23rd April 2020
About 8 months ago

I am helping a Telegraph journalist

I think a big issue of concern to landlords is not necessarily being refused an interest roll up per se but the effect on their credit ratings and/or ability to borrow again in the future as the position on this is still unclear.
Many lenders have given assurance that they will not report missed repayments as arrears which is welcome; however some have said that they will report these missed payments as ‘U’ or unclassified/unreported.
If lending is sought in the future any underwriter is bound to spot this and ask for further information including a mortgage statement. This would then reveal the arrangement and may indeed influence that future underwriters decision to lend.
Many PRS landlords rely upon the ability to remortgage to keep costs down and access funds to further build their portfolios and are rightly paranoid about any derogatory influence however minor upon their credit files/ratings.
I doubt many have an issue with being asked for proof that indeed their tenants are in difficulty; it is a reasonable question for the lender to pose; if indeed the landlord is still in receipt of the majority of his rent why would he/she need to roll up interest?... Read More

Alistair Cooper

17:38 PM, 6th April 2020
About 8 months ago

HMO statutory room size discretion?

Two or more room units refers to where 2 or more rooms within a house are let to one tenant (or a cohabitating couple), not where there are just 2 or more rooms in the property let. A ‘unit of accommodation’ is a single room where that is the part of the property that the tenant has exclusive use of.
In any event the minimum acceptable bed room size won’t be under 6.5m2... Read More