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Alistair Cooper

10:27 AM, 3rd August 2021, About 2 months ago

I make no apologies for doing well and have helped build many more homes

I suspect the 'attack' is from within, ie: other Labour Party members or supporters.
Having served for 8 years as a Labour Councillor in St Albans myself my 1997-2005 in roles including the Chair of Plans (Central) I am sadly used to ill thought through comments attacking any kind of financial success from within my own ranks.
Like Shaz I am rightly proud of the hundreds of tenants I have had the opportunity of providing safe clean and good value accommodation to over the last 33 years, a challenge many councils themselves struggle to rise to.
Organizations including Shelter and Tenant Unions consistently struggle to understand the role Private Sector Landlords play in providing quality housing and the clear fact that the percentage of disrepair cases is far higher in the 'public' sector.
Attacking the landlord, good or bad, has simply become a national sport spurred along by all mainstream political parties, all desperate to attract 'generation rent'. They however end up damaging the very supply of quality accommodation by encouraging more quality landlords to give up and leave the market in return doing a grave dis service to the very same tenants they claim to act as advocate for.... Read More

Alistair Cooper

11:27 AM, 24th June 2021, About 3 months ago

No landlord should discriminate against tenants because they are in receipt of benefits

For once we can in a sarcastic way ‘defend’ the Local Authority Officials! Although the ‘old’ HB system had its numerous faults it was a far better system for all than this incompetently mis administered UC system where as many including myself have mused that the DWP simply refuse to engage with Landlords. I have not had a single response to a single UC47 Direct Claim in over a year!
The sheer waste of taxpayers money is clearly immoral and their dogmatic and ideological refusal to engage with Landlords is incredulous
Sadly the NRLA are not the lobbying instrument they used to be and seem to be more motivated in ‘cosying’ up to Government and appealing to what they perceive as ‘Generation Rent’ rather than representing their own subscribing members... Read More

Alistair Cooper

9:35 AM, 17th June 2021, About 3 months ago

Rishi Sunak is making landlords the Scapegoats

I fully support the concept of a ‘Bounce Back Loan’ scheme for tenants in arrears.
The Courts are clearly both overwhelmed and disinterested in coping with the huge backlog of possession cases already pending and effectively encouraging a further tidal wave of cases in the face of a lack of any alternatives will only worsen the current situation. Shorter notice periods (still double pre Covid notice periods) are irrelevant if it still takes a year plus to get to a hearing!
We would all like to see higher housing benefit levels but we have already seen a significant rebasing so it is unrealistic to expect further rises. The issue that has never gone away is the blatant refusal of the DWP to engage with landlords and pay the Housing Element direct. The amount of benefit is of little consequence if the tenant is keeping it all!
This could be solved overnight with a simple policy shift and at no cost to the Treasury!... Read More

Alistair Cooper

11:48 AM, 2nd June 2021, About 4 months ago

Generation Rent wants the Government to force landlords to accept more risk

There is already huge risk in taking on new tenants thanks to the virtual collapse or deliberate strangling of our civil justice system.
Notice periods are all but irrelevant when you simply cannot obtain a Possession Order through the woefully mismanaged County Courts.
Organisations of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt to Covid restrictions however it’s difficult to think of one that has done a worse job The Court Service. It’s simple refusal to embrace any kind of technology, the indifferent arrogance of its staff and the total contempt in which it treats the fee payers is simply immoral.
I have one ‘allegedly’ active case in which the tenant over ever paid the deposit and 1st months rent and secured the tenancy with a forged payslip; has refused in engage since and is now 14 months in arrears.
I have been promised three ‘review’ hearings by the Luton County Court. All 3 have been missed without notice. There is no end in sight of even the 1st substantive hearing.
The conclusion ; there is already a real risk of losing at least 24 months rent when one takes on a new tenant before any kind of eviction could ever happen. The so called lifting of the eviction ban is a mere smoke screen.... Read More

Alistair Cooper

14:26 PM, 26th March 2021, About 6 months ago

Allowable legal costs for tax purposes?

Transfer costs could be off set as capital costs; ie against CGT on any future sale
Remortgage fees & related solicitors fees would be considered as finance costs so now due to Sec 24 relief will be restricted to basic rate of 20%
Interest on the new mortgages will benefit from 20% relief as long as their aggregate value does not exceed the value of the properties on the first day they were let.... Read More