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11:46 AM, 27th March 2020
About A week ago

Which Landlords are classed as self-employed for Coronavirus help?

I urge ALL landlords to contact their MP immediately.It is now very difficult to market rentals as a result of Covid-19.Many landlords rely on rental income to top up meagre salaries and pensions and all landlords will still have debts to pay to service and make safe these properties apart from mortgages to pay..Especially considering the increased tax take from landlords are we not due the same support as everyone else relying on an income.No doubt when this is all over we will be expected to pay yet more tax to cover these ex gratia payments from the government.... Read More


11:46 AM, 21st January 2020
About 2 months ago

Pulled out again due to onerous Ground Rent increases

I own an older flat with escalating ground rent.These flats are now almost impossible to sell at market value.The only glimmer of interest was from overseas investors enticed by the low pound but now we will be leaving the EU with all its "uncertainties" that may no longer be a possibility for the future. .Robert Jenrick MP stated on the 19th December, 2019 that "we are moving forward with legislation to set ground rents to zero" but I have heard no more , perhaps because of the raft of other more important legislation he is proposing such as forcing private landlords to become animal shelters and picking up all the other waifs and strays that government and local councils are unable to provide for.For those concerned about these ground rents do please write to your MP.... Read More


11:25 AM, 6th January 2020
About 3 months ago

Jenrick overhauls tenancy agreement to help end pet bans

Wonderful start to 2020 isn't it although every day its more bad news for landlords. Jenricks has said he "will be listening to landlords" so I suggest you bombard your already overloaded MP about this and Section 21, although the mention of a bill seems to indicate he has made his mind up that this will go through. This will now be carte blanche for tenants to bring in what ever animal they want and dogs or cats may not be the worse as it will include birds and rodents .The now measly deposit may not cover damage even if it can be proved. Will a tenant give me a document saying the pet will not terrorise or disturb neighbours, damage my property in any way (excepting of course fair and tear, ha ha), Its nonsense .Never mind tenants mental and physical well being has Jenrick considered landlords sanity. Just more hassle for the landlord and speci fying in law what a well behaved pet is seems to be just another hurdle for landlords and a windfall for lawyers.

Am I correct in thinking that a 30% reduction in the price of new build for first time buyers will therefore reduce the value of similar secondhand properties by 30% ?

Rather than implementing yet more legislation it would be good if Jenrick dealt with reducing ground rents to zero, which he promised as long ago as December 2019 and would probably assist far more people.... Read More


11:19 AM, 31st December 2019
About 3 months ago

How do I get the CCJ registered with the Registry Trust?

These scum criminal tenants need to be stopped or at least publicly outed .I wonder if this amazing new government will as they say make the rental market a fairer place or more likely just fairer for crook tenants. Contact your MP and mention Robert Jenrick MP the housing minister.... Read More


11:37 AM, 16th December 2019
About 4 months ago

5 Reasons why a Boris Tory win is great news for property investors

Thank you Ranjan.
If we are talking about residential BTL I agree mainly with Bristol Landlord who I suspect represents the vast majority of BTL investors in the residential sector.
Stability. Yes business has more confidence under the Tories, but that does not mean stability for BTL landlords.
"The economy tends to be strong" under Tories.Thats while we were in the EU. As BL says we still have a long way to go to create trade deals.The EU has a lot of clout which is why the US dislikes them. Richard, the catastrophe has yet to happen.
"Intelligient team". Exactly, the likes of George Osborne who removed mortgage tax relief.What next up their sleeves, so dumping BTL, paying CGT to incorporate only to find this government will still remove mortgage relief may not be wise.No government is interested in a few residential landlords.... Read More