Eviction based on morals

Eviction based on morals

8:02 AM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago 9

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Our tenants son is been done for ‘sex trafficking offences’, he’s given his address as his parents address so our property is been dragged through the mud. They’ve owed us some rent arrears for 18 months plus but we’ve never pressured them for it so long as they paid their full rent weekly. There have been a few other things that have bothered us so we’ve decided it’s time for them to go. Eviction baqsed on morals

We’re going to start by increasing their rent, hoping they’ll look for somewhere cheaper. If not we’ll do it properly, our only concern is that they haven’t got a tenancy agreement, they are foreign and speak no English so didn’t see the point (stupid I know).

My question is, do I still issue a section 21b, if so how do I work out what date to put?

The thought of even bumping into this man that thinks it’s OK to use women in this way makes me feel sick, can I stop them from having him in the property?

So many questions, all answers gratefully received.

Many thanks


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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

8:06 AM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Sally

It definitely wouldn't be a section 21b that you would need to serve. Section 21 (4a) is more likely the right document ...... BUT ...... as you say .......... the dates could be an issue. To cover this you may wish to consider giving three months notice.

If I were you though I would refer this to the professionals. It will probably save you money and will certainly save you some grief in the long run. See >>> http://www.property118.com/tenant-eviction/39099/

John MacAlevey

14:45 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

Is the son named on the tenancy?

Sally T

14:57 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

Thankfully no.
We've had a judge give another tenant 2 weeks to leave, if she doesn't go we need to fill is a form to get baliffs in, does anyone know what form it is/have a link to it. Thanks

John MacAlevey

15:13 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago


I take it you mean the judge has given your tenant another two weeks?
Your local court may have a downloadable form to apply for a bailiff.
Bailiffs have to be instructed to act by the court not an individual.
Sounds like there is a plan is place, just follow it through being scrupulously accurate with all information supplied to the court.
Good luck.

John MacAlevey IcA 27.5.13

Sally T

16:22 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

The judge assessed out accelerated possession order and because she put up no defence he's given her 2 weeks to the 10th of June without a hearing. I asked what happened next and the lady on the phone said there was a form to fill in so the judge could instruct bailiffs, she said where we could find it but we can't seem to locate it and don't know what if's called.

Renovate To let

17:22 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

Regarding your first post, be aware that the accelerated route is not available to you because a written AST is required.

Devon Landlord

20:26 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

Hi Sally,

Here is the best bit of advice I can give you. Join a Landlord's Association and get some training. I am not being rude or unkind but you are behaving in an amateurish way and you need to sort out your business plan and get your act in order. You need help to do this so join an Association as fast as you can but in the present circumstances go and speak with a solicitor that advises of landlording issues and take the advice given and follow it through. Do not expect it to be a cheap option but it could cave you a packet in the long run.

Devon landlord.

Sally T

22:41 PM, 27th May 2014, About 10 years ago

We've been landlords for over 10 years and this is our first time going to court in 10 years and 100+ tenants. A lot of people we rent to are new to the country or leaving home for the first time, credit checks and references are a waste of time and most would be scared off by the pressure of a tenancy. Half our tenants have been with us over 2 years some more than 5. We take £6000 a month with outgoings of £2500 so make a very good living.
We agree that if we had to go down this route we would pay someone else to take the stress out of it.
We're not amateurish but have just had the good fortune/management of not been in this position before.

Rob Crawford

11:58 AM, 29th May 2014, About 10 years ago

So where does the son live? My concern would be that he has used this as a postal address not only for the courts but other matters as well. An examination of Council records may have him listed as living in your property. In which case you may wish to bring this to the attention of your property insurer. If something arises where you need to make a claim and evidence suggests he was living there with a previously non reported criminal record, your insurance may be deemed invalid. You then have the difficult job of proving to the insurer that he was not living there (just a thought!).

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