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Sally T

21:58 PM, 12th May 2015, About 7 years ago

Renting in UK on Asylum

Let me know what you think ??? I think how did he pass your checks ? I think if you didn't have the papers, why did you give him the keys ? I think I want him out of my property now at your expense !!!... Read More

Sally T

20:11 PM, 16th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Council to reassess my tenants Housing Benefit but they are taking forever. Help

Do you live near the tenant and council involved, if so arrange to pick the tenant up and go down to the council office and ask to see someone. It's surprising how much gets done in person, it also means you can get access to all the information if the tenant is with you.... Read More

Sally T

6:33 AM, 14th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Housing Benefit reclaim by Council on my long term 73 year old tenant

Have you spoken to the council yet ? I'd make a phone call or if possible a visit (I always get further in person) and explain the situation. You should make them aware of 2 things
1. You were not aware the granddaughter was living there and the overpayment should be claimed back from the tenant.
2. You can help the tenant prove the granddaughter wasn't living at the property when they state she was.
I know it's not really your job to run round helping your tenant on his, but it's surprising how much more you can achieve with the council if you all stick together.... Read More

Sally T

6:14 AM, 14th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Pyromaniac elderly neighbour

Just because she lights candles doesn't mean she needs locking up in nursing home, if she is capable of living in her own home she should be allowed to. That doesn't mean you should sit back and do nothing, have you obtained fire reports stating it was her candles that started the fires ? If so have you considered reporting her for anti social behaviour, you can do it through your local authority or you and the other residents could take her to court collectively. You could ask a judge to ban her from lighting candles or she'd be breaking the law. The management company (if there is one) may want in.
Please don't see her as a 94 year old, but just as a crazy person that loves lighting candles.
If I'm wrong and she is vulnerable and needs help I'm sure the judge will takes steps to make sure she gets the help she needs.... Read More

Sally T

21:30 PM, 1st February 2015, About 7 years ago

Accidental landlord cautious about prospective tenant

When we evicted a single mother with kids, there was no delay because she had children (quite the opposite).
They sound like a good possible tenants to me, I would insist they were both credit checked. It may only be for 12 months but at least he has a contract. The fact is, someone could have a 10 year contract, but it doesn't guarantee they will have a job next week.
Good luck :-)... Read More