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Rob Crawford

12:14 PM, 13th July 2020
About 23 hours ago

Rent Guarantee new reference condition?

Firstly well done in reading the small print! I would suggest you find a new rent guarantee scheme. There will be updates to the T&C's of most schemes following covid and I suspect premiums will increase for those that don't mitigate risk via trip up clauses such as this.... Read More

Rob Crawford

19:36 PM, 6th July 2020
About A week ago

Council multiple flat HMO status for Fire Regs over-reaching?

I would agree with the council that it is a three story property. Lacors is not "legislation" it's guidance! Lacors is also in the process of being rewritten. I don't feel you have provided sufficient info for anyone here to determine if the building represents an HMO, i.e number of tenants/households, type of tenancy, self contained flats or rooms with use of communal areas etc etc. A two storey property can still be a licencable HMO!... Read More

Rob Crawford

10:22 AM, 29th June 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Urgent tenancy help required please?

It sounds to me that under the arrangement where you are now paying council tax that a statutory tenancy has been established. No formal (written) agreement is required. However, having some proof of this arrangement would help your case. Do you pay council tax to the council direct or through the landlord? If you have registered with the council and have paid council tax direct then this could be sufficient to satisfy a court that a statutory tenancy agreement exists. Assuming this is the case the landlord will be required to serve a possession notice etc. You probably need legal advice and really Shelter or Citizens Advice would be better placed to advise.... Read More

Rob Crawford

14:21 PM, 25th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Guaranteed Rental Companies - any pitfalls?

Firstly you won't get market rate for the area. Also, rent guarantee schemes rely on good availability of tenants. The schemes being backed up by rent guarantee insurance. The problem is that to achieve this, the agent may not be too fussy about what tenants reside at the property. There is a shortage of property for benefits tenants and so you may find the agent dips into this pool. This may have implications on you property insurance and if relevant, mortgage agreement. It is important to understand the terms and conditions offered. Some agent will maximise income by cramming in as many beds as possible. It could become a licensable HMO. If there is an Article 4 restriction or an HMO is not licensed, you will be the person paying the fines etc. They may modify your property to fit more beds in. Due to Covid 19, some rent guarantee insurers have stated that they will not cover rent arrears due to covid, resulting in the end of any perceived rent guarantee arrangement with the landlord - be very careful and get legal advice on any terms offered! It's a mine feild!!... Read More

Rob Crawford

16:22 PM, 5th June 2020
About a month ago

Can I serve Section 8 with no EPC?

As suggested earlier, put the repossession in the hands of a PRS property solicitor. They should check all the paperwork etc before proceeding. This needs to be done now so that you can start court proceedings asap once the ban is lifted.... Read More