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Rob Crawford

17:24 PM, 18th November 2019
About 23 hours ago

Anti-landlord policies not helping prospective tenant

Maybe sell yourself more as employed with some benefits. Rather than "on benefits"! Private landlords advertising via Gumtree is probably your best bet. Does the council have their own agency? Also, maybe consider a house share with someone advertising on spare rooms. Unfortunately many landlords find themselves unable to let to those on benefits as insufficient income, as you top up with employment then this will make you more attractive as a candidate. Good luck.... Read More

Rob Crawford

15:42 PM, 18th November 2019
About A day ago

Tenants being quizzed by HMRC

Beggars belief, what sort of private information does HMRC think landlords discuss with their tenants? The risk of miss-information being transferred and HMRC basing decisions on that miss-information is a significant concern!... Read More

Rob Crawford

15:22 PM, 5th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

RLA welcome government crackdown on criminal landlords

I don't have an issue with money being provisioned to root out bad landlords but not to fund initiatives that just don't work. Councils need guidance on how to find and prosecute these landlords - licensing is not the answer! They also need motivation and a whole new client focused ethos. Without this, it's a waste of money! That is what I object to!... Read More

Rob Crawford

9:45 AM, 29th October 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Access to electrical cupboard withheld?

Who employs the management company? You need to remind the management company that they work for you and insist that provision for access to electrical consumer units etc in and out of working hours is made. There is a safety issue here as well, in the event that the electrical supply needs to be isolated for instance in the case of an appliance fire.... Read More

Rob Crawford

11:38 AM, 25th October 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Section 21 Valid or Not?

Hi RL, is the "commencing" and "end date" stated? Assuming 12 months, it appears the tenancy has rolled over under "statute" law periodic (as opposed to the now recommended "contractual" periodic basis). Assuming the rent payment period is monthly and the fixed term has expired, you can serve a section 21 notice (two months). to expire after the fixed term. This can be 6, 12 or any number of months). As this is an old pre 2015 agreement you need to check that you have satisfied more current deposit, gas safe, Gov't rent guide requirements that may be applicable. You can withdraw a section 21 at any time or resubmit another. I would suggest you consult with one of the professional companies providing eviction services. Things could become much more complicated!... Read More