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10:25 AM, 5th September 2019, About 3 years ago

McDonnell's distorted and dangerous version of Right to Buy

My main concern with this poroposition is that the 'Right to Buy' conflicts with my right 'Not to sell'. I see my property as part of my on-going business plan. My business is to provide homes, not to deal in them. This legislation, if it were to come to fruition, would, I believe, impinge upon my human rights and in so doing take away my right of ownership of property. The next move by this MARXIST philosophy is that all property will belong to the state and the state will have an overarching right to take your property away from you at next to no cost.

If my tenant wants to buy one of my properties and I see it as being in my best interests too, then I will have no problem with progressing the sale but I will have real issues if I feel that I am being compelled to do so against my wishes. Of such things rebellion is made.... Read More

Devon Landlord

11:55 AM, 16th April 2019, About 3 years ago

Help please - criminal and bankrupt tenant won't leave

It amazes me that there are still landlords out there who get ripped off by tenant scumbags. I read sad tales (and I do have sympathy) but you have to look at the situation from a dispassionate position right from the start. Q1, are you a member of a Landlords' Association, where you will get help, support and training through meetings which are designed to make you professional. Q2, do you invest in proper tenant find support from a good agent who will know the scumbags that make life difficult and help you avoid them? If you don't and listen to the Council then you are in for a hiding sooner or later. Councils don't care. One part is desperate to house people, the other part (Standards) try to make it as difficult as possible. Q3, have you visited the prospective tenant where they live now? That helps so that you can see what you property will look like after they move in. Q4, do you have to take HB tenants? 85% are fine but the other 15% make up 99% of the problems faced by the PRS! Q5, Did you visit in the first month (just to check that they were cosy and happy people) to see how fast things were going down hill? It pays to check and carry out regular checks and have this written into the contract and DO IT! Q6, Do you stick to your word and come over as professional and competent. If not you are likely to be ripped off by any sociopath out there who will see you as easy meat. You don't need to be huge and ugly, just firm and strong and fair. So, Best of LUCK if you didn't do well on the above check list because you may have VICTIM written all over you and that is what you will become!... Read More

Devon Landlord

11:27 AM, 16th April 2019, About 3 years ago

Section 21 Ban - Government Consultation and Press Release

I couldn't agree more with Gromit. It is obvious that the Government has already made up its mind regarding this. The process of consultation is a sham, and even if it were not they would still only take action on the bits they wanted to. What is up with this Conservative Government. Are they trying in every sector to shoot themselves in the foot. First, the Clause 24 decision, now the Tenant Fees Act and then the repeal of Section 21. It feels more like Corbin and his Marxist gang of idiots are in power, rather than a party who should be supporting the wealth creators of this country.... Read More

Devon Landlord

18:47 PM, 21st February 2019, About 3 years ago

Lack of Justice in Housing - Section 21

I must admit that I am more than a little confused by this Conservative Government's attitude to landlords. Landlords provide homes, we are not unscrupulous people who wish to exploit our customers. We run legitimate businesses but in so many ways we are being reviled and then abused by the system. As a legitimate businessman I am unable to off set the interest charged on my borrowings against tax unlike any other legitimate business. People can steal the product I supply (the rent they pay for housing) and can get away with it just because the deal is done through a contract. I have to give notice which is twice as long as my tenant when I wish to claim back my property but have no power to take it back on the due date because the tenant is advised by support groups like Shelter to stay put until the bailiffs arrive three months, at least, later. (Shelter, of course, is a JOKE as Shelter provides no shelter to anyone) If this was a violation such as shop lifting the law would act swiftly to deal with the situation but they are not interested in our problems at all. Society does not seem to see non payment of rent as theft which it is!!

To get my vote next time the Conservative Party will have to buck up its ideas and make letting a safe business both for the landlord who is willing to stay in the game and the tenant too because they need us there to serve their need. We don't make people rent, our tenants choose to rent and they should be made to comply with the law and the law needs to be equitable and robust. Judges too, need to get a reality check on the administration of justice!... Read More

Devon Landlord

12:30 PM, 22nd January 2019, About 3 years ago

Direct payment of Universal Credit to landlords - Online system being developed

Reply to the comment left by Anthony Richard at 21/01/2019 - 15:15
It is not my policy to let to HB (UC) tenants but I do recognise that many are excellent tenants some of whom do have temporary difficulties and need UC support. However, it is the serial abusers who we need to tackle, identify and prosecute as some of them landlord hop, causing enormous financial and emotional grief in their path. There needs to be a system where these people/criminals are named and shamed and then left out in the cold. They need to be taught that actions have consequences and you can't get away with bad stuff all your life. The sad thing is that the soft liberal under-belly that make our wet rules seem to have too much power and influence in our communities and even at the highest levels.

So Amber Rudd, do us all a favour. Make direct payment compulsory unless the tenant can prove otherwise and let's start sorting out the eviction process so that it is quick, simple and just. Then the PRS may have more respect and tenants understand the consequences if they fail to meet their financial obligations and tenancy responsibilities.... Read More