Claim for damage against a tenant who has moved out?

Claim for damage against a tenant who has moved out?

0:05 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago 14

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Hello, I would like some advice from Property118 readers. My previous tenants caused considerable damage and carried out unauthorised electric work on my property.

How can I sue for costs I have incurred?

I accept wear and tear, but the level of damage to new items is wholly unacceptable.

To date, I have spent over £5,000 on repairing the damage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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Juan Degales

10:12 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Welcome to the world where tenants cause tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage, walk away without any consequences, do it again and there is little you can do.
But if you damage or misappropriate any property of the tenant the old bill will be feeling your collar.
It’s one of the reasons so many landlords are selling up.
Good luck if you can get reparations.

Alan Walton

10:34 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

You said unauthorised work, I understand.
First does it comply to electrical standards.
Second does work fall under part p.

If it complies to standards and they have paper work and certs . It's just a contract issue. Unless they didn't make good with make good to decorations etc, plastering and paint. That's damage . Small claims etc.

If it does come under part p , and the work isn't backed up a registered contractor. Inform the local council of there illegal actions. You have nothing to lose because you have to make your property safe any way. But remember you want your money back, court finds by local councils might come first over your own claims
.think twice and see you lawyer.


10:40 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Landlords ,have little rights, your rent can be stolen , your property trashed,your human.rights taken away all with the blessing of the UK government, the regional government and of course the local council chomping on the bit to give you a very large unfair fine for breaking the smallest "safety"rule ...
Your one right to sell ,may soon be taken away as well ...if you have only one or two properties, is it really worth the hassle ???


10:55 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

You wont get anything unless you start a small claims court claim but the tenant could elect to go to court, in which case I hope you gathered evidence BEFORE you did the remedial work, this MUST include photographs and a report by a qualified electrician. You would also need to have a signed inventory when the tenant moved in. If you don't have any of these things then it is doubtful you would win in court as the tenant would simply deny everything. If the tenant has no assets them even if you win you will still get nothing.
I am selling up as soon as my tenants leave ( 6 to go 12 already sold)

Judith Wordsworth

11:02 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Do you know where the tenant is ? If not then cannot make a court claim.

Have they any money? If not don't bother.

Claim against tax and move on, I've realised life is too short.


11:41 AM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Judith Wordsworth at 25/04/2023 - 11:02
You an do an address trace for £43, even if you dont know the tenants new address you can still start a moneyclaim against the old address. I ALWAYS give a non payer a CCJ (even if its ony for £100) as it will stuff them for the next 6 years. Even against the old address Expeian and Equifax et all will likk the CCJ to any new address should it appear (and if they are on benefits or have a mobile phone it will crop up somewhere).


12:19 PM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Yes, i did that, took them to small claims, they took no notice, tried to pursue through a debt agency, no joy. I forgot about it, then about 3 years later cheque arrived out of the blue. apparently had applied for something and the CCJ had to be cleared, so they had paid up!

Josie Coote

12:38 PM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

I only let my house for one year. The tenants got a dog and cat and denied it. They always paid late. By the time they left they owed a month and a half in rent and stole the brand new kitchen lino. Told agents they would pay but didnt. Im still waiting for my deposit back from the TDS but tenants are not replying to the agents emails. I cant see why it takes so long. Its been 3 months now.


12:46 PM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

Words of harsh reality above. Go very carefully, good luck. Before you spend loads of your hard-earned money, ask if the tenant is worth powder and shot!

Hulya Guner

15:47 PM, 25th April 2023, About A year ago

As a landlord, you live and learn! Always get a condition survey and have proper referencing through an agency.
There's a House of Lords definition for 'tear and wear' that I now incorporate into all rent agreements.

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