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Adrian Atkins

13:17 PM, 20th May 2019
About 8 months ago

Loft conversion without planning permission or building regs

Most properties would not pass current building regulations. A thorough building surveyor report would throw up any problems.... Read More

Adrian Atkins

9:48 AM, 6th September 2018
About A year ago

Local Authorities could charge for recyclables in general waste

British waste sent overseas for recycling could really be dumped or sent to landfill instead due to inadequate checks, according to the government's spending watchdog, the National Audit Office (NAO)

Bbc, Guardian and Independent reported 23rd July... Read More

Adrian Atkins

11:31 AM, 20th August 2018
About A year ago

No wonder we are short of builders in the UK!

Best with someone who knows them. I have always had trainees, but some turn out to be unreliable, not turn up just when really needed, or nicking stuff, or no common sense, slow to learn, uninterested in studying up on stuff or trying to understand methods, probably not allowed to say thick or dumb, just stand there like a lemon. Or don't want to do the tough stuff that goes with the job. Want picking up and taking home. Not prepared to bike, bus or walk, or get up on time.

So personally knowing someone is best. It is understandable good tradesman reluctant to take on unknown someone who turns out to be a liability, reflects badly on his business and reputation that he has worked hard to build up.

The good trainees learn well, work hard, then leave and go out on their own!... Read More

Adrian Atkins

11:03 AM, 10th July 2018
About 2 years ago

Buy to Let purchase - financial advisor says No

Which is why you have a financial advisor! If you are not taking his advice, why have one? Save the expense and make your own decisions in that case.... Read More

Adrian Atkins

11:11 AM, 12th June 2018
About 2 years ago

Storage heater replacement - No gas?

Not a lot of choice. Storage heaters should be on dual tariff meter so that they use the cheap rate at night, if you want the tenants to benefit from lower running costs.
Downside is that they are more expensive to buy. Modern ones have electronic control, but more to go wrong and expensive to repair. The old Dimplex and Creda etc went on forever, nothing much to go wrong with them. Simple to reset the overheat or replace the thermostat cheaply, most frequent fault - usually because users ignore the label that says not to put anything on top of them! the thermostat then overheats when they put their washing or towels on the heater.
They are always bulky of course, because basically they are an electric element going through high-density bricks that store the heat. Can't change the laws of physics.So we had a landlord that wanted to "modernise" his flat and took them out, put in smart-looking convector heaters, and of course the bills tripled in the winter. Unhappy tenant.... Read More