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9:50 AM, 26th May 2021, About 5 months ago

Looking to purchase from deceased estate?

sounds like council is going to claw back fees for the care home from the sale of the property... Read More


11:31 AM, 24th May 2021, About 5 months ago

Should I expect higher plumber costs in NW London?

There can be other factors such as parking, cost of waste disposal etc. But that seems high for labour only. could try big company like Pimlico Plumbers for comparison purposes. Also if tradesman doesn't know you, they will cover themselves for hassle, risk of delayed payments or even non-payment of final bill. some factor in an overage for unknown clients.... Read More


12:05 PM, 10th May 2021, About 5 months ago

Stairlift request by individual in a block?

cant see how this even begins to be considered. No way would this be permitted. Block management should have made that clear to the enquirer, surprised it even reached you.... Read More


11:34 AM, 29th January 2021, About 9 months ago

ECO Confusion - Who and what?

i found it a nightmare, as an ex-gas installer i went on the ECO training courses - yes, just because you install boilers etc all the time, you have to go on courses to qualify to install under the grant scheme.
the instructor told us that it was uneconomic for small outfits to join the scheme, as it took as long to do the paperwork, as it did to do the work, i.e. a day and a half. the only firms that could realistically do it would have a dedicated team in an office doing the claims etc while installer does the work.
so i didnt join in the end, it wasnt worth it.
then i had a customer that qualified for ECO, but as i wasnt ECO registered I couldnt do it. So called in an ECO registered company, who surveyed and quoted. They put so much of the work as "extras" that wouldn't be covered by the scheme, that it worked out almost as expensive as i would have done without the grant. Also they were supplying the cheapest boiler. So they couldn't afford it and still have old inefficient boiler.... Read More


15:45 PM, 9th January 2021, About 9 months ago

Cavity wall insulation nightmare?

had problem with ground floor maisonette. so bad that when drilled hole to put shelf up, water came out. had all sort of ideas put to us as to problem. survey in the end found water was entering through faulty pointing, which was then dealt with. Meantime gave tenant a good dehumidifier.
Another property where tenant was not ventilating properly, we fitted positive pressure ventilation system, that was brilliant, Nuaire i think, dried out and kept dry. so professional survey essential. So good that we put it in three other properties. building insurance might pay for investigation, with advantage that they would employ a reputable surveyor they trust. a lot of false information out there.... Read More