Carpet moths – who is responsible?

Carpet moths – who is responsible?

9:16 AM, 30th May 2023, About 9 months ago 8

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Hi, I have a tenant that has been here for about nine years. I replaced all the carpets throughout the property a couple of years ago and he replaced the kitchen flooring with laminate. He has just messaged me to say he’s completely infested with carpet moths and they have seriously damaged all the carpets.

He says he’s done smoke bombs and is now telling me he’s put some powder down and not vacuumed to let the powder kill the moths!
Anyway, he now wants all the flooring replaced at my cost. I don’t believe I’m responsible for this but hoping Property118 readers can give me some guidance.



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17:33 PM, 30th May 2023, About 9 months ago

Have you inspected the property ?
Do you have regular inspections ?
Can you find someone to kill the moths and find out why this has happened.
Is there a problem with the property?

David Smith

18:29 PM, 30th May 2023, About 9 months ago

Use Pheromone Moth Traps (acana)
This is a great way to treat the problem.

Reluctant Landlord

18:39 PM, 30th May 2023, About 9 months ago

never had this issue before but quick google seems to suggest that they can come in via cats or dogs. Tenant have pets?

Also says easily avoided by hoovering regularly. Is property generally looked after? Any previous signs picked up at a LL check? Has he reported the issue before now?


9:21 AM, 31st May 2023, About 9 months ago

With other pests, mice usually, it is generally that if there were no mice when they came in any mice at a later date (and 2 years is quite far on) they are the tenants'. I don't know the gestation for moths so if they were in place as eggs when the new carpet went down - this may may be relevant but regular hoovering will hep but not necessarily get rid as they do tend to group under chair legs or anything on the floor and actually in the pile of the carpet (don't ask how I know this!) - so bottom line is were any in evidence when the old carpet taken away?


1:57 AM, 1st June 2023, About 9 months ago

Thanks for the comments. There has been no evidence of them on any inspections - he's a very neat and tidy tennant - no shoes allowed in the flat, no pets (except fish) etc.
I'm annoyed by it all as I would happily paid for professional pest people had he informed me earlier, but now he's left it that the carpets are ruined/threadbare and will need replacing (annoying when only 2yrs old) and is expecting me to cover the cost.

Reluctant Landlord

11:03 AM, 1st June 2023, About 9 months ago

Reply to the comment left by zoe at 01/06/2023 - 01:57
breach of tenancy agreement not telling you before now. Check what's in your AST.

option - replace with other flooring (not carpet) and explain this is to mitigate against the issue again (if unable to narrow down the reason) then put the rent up to accommodate for this as soon as you can..

Rob Crawford

16:39 PM, 2nd June 2023, About 9 months ago

Evidence of carpet moth damage is usually obvious. Rake your fingers across the carpet under furniture. If the piles detach, it's moths! However, it most carpets nowadays are made of synthetic materials (no wool). It's wool that moths like and wool carpets are normally quite expensive, unusual to have fitted in a rental property. If you don't have wool in your carpets and you can't find evidence of moth damage, don't replace them. Where is the tenant suggesting he has found moth damage? His clothes? If so it's not your responsibility.

Paul Chetwyn

19:25 PM, 3rd June 2023, About 9 months ago

Is this property in the countryside, if so you are going to get them, we have them in our own home, they will get in corners and under furniture lay their eggs and eat your carpet, my pest control man says replace the carpets with none wool then they won’t eat them, we are replacing our carpets but they are due anyway.
Hope this helps.

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