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17:50 PM, 4th June 2021, About 2 months ago

EWS1- Freeholder refusing to do anything?

Thanks for this, however I may have been misleading , we are just trying to form a RTM company - pulling teeth - the promised numbers now need to fill in the form. The information came from the Management Company, there is a side (major) issue with one floor on strike and not paying management charges and no money for day to day stuff - the Freeholder has refused to start the process to get the EWS1 - having said that we don't have cladding but leaseholders are not able to remortgage or sell as mortgage companies are now insisting on the certificate.... Read More

Harlequin Garden

10:53 AM, 1st June 2021, About 2 months ago

Complaints not resolved on multi-home cover?

British Gas is not what is was - I've 6 separate landlord polices (I didn't know there was a multi premise policy) they have not performed the last 18 months - boiler not fixed, only source of heating and hot water as tenants not infirm or at risk, leak not dealt with - they did give me an alternative company to call so I could pay someone else who did not not give 'covid excuses' and came next day - I paid and BG repaid me after 2 reminders and an hour on the phone. When they went for another boiler they said I had to have a new boiler as the part (fan) was 'obsolete' - I spoke to a BG engineer on their customer service line who said it is probably 'obsolete' in their catalogue but likely available elsewhere - it was so I bought it and got the engineer round to fit it - mightily cheaper than a new boiler, but my work and time which as you know we pay for rather highly. Today's job is to take all my policies to another company (except one, I had a flush done a few years ago and they now guarantee that - they recommended another one 2 years after the first one, no doubt looking for their commission, and were a little peeved to find that I'd had one and they had to do this at their own expense) but their service is now pretty rubbish as you'll see in the press. My business is going elsewhere. I'd suggest you do the same. They are not going to improve. 3 months to fix a thermostat, 6 months for the oven (I have appliances covered) - because my tenants had a microwave and so it wasn't an emergency. Enough!

I have found a company for appliances which is very reasonable, most of mine pretty new, I tend to replace rather than repair which does come in cheaper, not all appliances will go at the same time. I also spoke to another company for boiler cover a couple of months ago and will call them today - they were half Bgas and a their service couldn't be worse. The whole idea of warranties is that it is without effort, a phone call and they come in a day or two with parts - as British Gas did - now they don't and they are the most expensive of all warranty people.... Read More

Harlequin Garden

19:21 PM, 5th May 2021, About 3 months ago

Lease and repair issues - I may need profession help?

Reply to the comment left by Mike in Worthing at 05/05/2021 - 13:05
Hi Mike

Yes, an investor and it is let - I've had more responses from the original freeholder (now sold on but still respond to me) - conflicting information I'm afraid - changing the lease so we are inline with the 4th floor seems attractive but surely all need to agree (I'd be surprised if they didn't!)... Read More

Harlequin Garden

16:15 PM, 9th February 2021, About 6 months ago

How to deal with utility charge after tenant left

I have a situation where at the signing of the lease all leaseholders (they were new builds) put themselves as ultimately responsible for the energy bills (energy for the heating and hot water not electricity, there is no gas) - I had no choice as I was also signing the lease ready to complete. When a tenant moves out I do all I can to ensure that bills are paid, if it's in a tenants name I am not allowed to know if the bill is paid or not - if it is not paid I get maybe the 3rd reminder, rather than sharing the correspondence, so far I've not done too badly but others in the block have been very unfortunate and most were not even aware that they had signed this.
With one tenant I had he disputed his bills and would only pay what he saw on the meter (sounds fair enough) - I was completely unaware of this though until they started chasing me for the balance many months later and fortunately as I was aware I could hold his deposit and when he still refused to pay took the outstanding £300 or so out of it - he took me to the tribunal and I won that round as it was clear in his lease that he is responsible for his bills - however downside I got £17 for a very badly scratched floor that needed complete resanding just so no one gets too excited about the Tribunal!
With hindsight I can't think that this is correct: with another block I signed the same but when I questioned it it was only if the energy was in my name - if it's in the tenant's name then they chase them (thought I was mad putting my hand up for a tenants bill!) - anyone come across this and can it be challenged? I was about to go to the ombudsman but can't see that it is an issue for them and they also don't have SW Energy on their list of providers weirdly.

Thanks... Read More

Harlequin Garden

9:57 AM, 29th January 2021, About 6 months ago

Alleged Council Enforcement Officer threatening over the phone?

Reply to the comment left by Simon Hall at 26/01/2021 - 21:37
I had very similar, an HMO that was converted over time to separate units - once noticed by the housing officer it no longer qualified for HMO status - story is longer than that but that is the point, it may be that different areas have different requirements. Also once separate units it does qualify for council tax - this is a house converted to shared units and then to self contained units common entrance. If nothing else get a certificate of lawful use before you get an enforcement notice.

Also sounds to me that you did alert the local authority.... Read More