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Paul Chetwyn

9:55 AM, 29th April 2021, About 2 months ago

Tenant's accidental damage to bath?

Reply to the comment left by Crossed_Swords at 27/04/2021 - 22:30
I agree, you should have landlords contents fixtures and fittings insurance to cover this, it’s always been my understanding that the management companies insurance is only for the perimeter of the building IE walls windows doors etc etc, the bath and other repairs is the owners responsibility other wise where does it stop, the management fee would be even higher than the already extortionate fee they will be charging.... Read More

Paul Chetwyn

8:27 AM, 3rd April 2021, About 3 months ago

What can tenants do about noisy neighbours?

Not so sure it is that easy!
I have had two similar problems the first was when a night club opened up directly under a flat I owned and let out, the tenants were fantastic they recorded everything contacted everyone police, local mp, noise abatement team who used to go and sit in the the flat with the tenants until 2/3/4 o’clock in the morning nothing concrete was really done, so I had to sell the property for 30k less than I paid for it!!! So as to keep my sanity.
The second was a bad tenant (young lady) with 2 year old child, she was upsetting three other properties I own altogether (2 bed semi’s) one pair then another pair directly in front with a small parking area in between so close proximity to each other, it is a very nice little set up and the long standing tenants are very happy there.
BUT the young lady concerned had lots of visitors and I mean lots, could be as may as 15 lads at any one time, they did not play music but would be noisy thundering up and down stairs banging doors talking loudly out side and 10/15 lads playing football at 3am in the morning! And washing cars in the early hours.
So to the local council concerned and the noise abatement/Environmental team!
They told me that playing football at 3am etc etc was not anti social even though it was keeping the neighbours awake all of which went of to work the next day, and this is the best bit when I asked for my future reference could they tell me what actually constituted as anti social behaviour THEY SAID NO they could not and did not know!!!!! So fellow landlords as usual my opinion is once again you are on your own, as the local police man and the council told me it is my responsibility as I am the landlord, to which I replied yes I know which is why I am trying my best to sort it but I need help and guidance from you guys the authorities. The local police man did visit the tenant once but after that did not want to know really.
So I had to sit on it for four months as this was a new tenancy (she was bad from day one) then at four months I got LANDLORD ACTION to serve notice to leave at the end of her 6 month tenancy, I used paul/landlord action as I know they know exactly what they are doing so did not want anything going wrong, she actually went quietly. Thought I would give the young lady with a two year old child who apparently worked and cared for her grandparents a chance in life, but she through it back in my face, makes me very choosy now when I have a re let.
After 19 years being a landlord and getting pleasure from helping young people make the jump from leaving home and getting them selves (mostly) onto the housing ladder, to thinking this is it, time to sell up no government wants us landlords anyway they are making it very difficult to operate even us good landlords who have always done it correctly and responsibly, we run our portfolios like any other responsible BUSSINESS but they tax us as investors (unearned income) which in my way of thinking is you invest money into an investment vehicle and sit back and take the money or not as the case may be! (No work involved) well I don’t know about you guys but I put a lot of work into my rental bussiness and you may have to work even if it is sat/Sunday Xmas day or so on.
From a once happy landlord to a very unhappy and disgruntled landlord.... Read More

Paul Chetwyn

18:05 PM, 4th November 2020, About 8 months ago

Let’s create more first-time buyers by making private tenants homeless!

Reply to the comment left by Gwen Davies at 04/11/2020 - 12:11
No the government haven’t thought it through ! As usual !
It would be great if all the private landlords in the uk could get together and put all their properties on the market giving the tenants notice all at the same time, sending the tenants off to the local councils to house them, as we would only be selling to first time buyers !!!!
I wonder what would happen?... Read More

Paul Chetwyn

18:59 PM, 20th March 2019, About 2 years ago

More assaults from TV channels

Reply to the comment left by JO CHAPMAN at 20/03/2019 - 08:59
I totally agree with Ashleigh we are exactly the same my wife and I do the same as you have the same amount of properties as you and are fed up with all this rouge landlord stuff, taring us all with the same brush, this has to stop!! or we will all be existing the rental market... Read More