What now for the Renters Reform White Paper?

What now for the Renters Reform White Paper?

9:32 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago 9

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Instead of resigning along with 50 plus and counting other ministers, Gove was actually sacked as Secretary of State for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities.

The big question for landlords is where does this leave the progress of the Renters Reform White Paper? >> https://www.property118.com/renters-reform-white-paper-full-details-published/

It has been released this morning that PM Mr Johnson will make an announcement to the country later today and has agreed to an orderly transition of power.

We will then be into a new leadership election, but who will be PM out of the favourites to run? How enthusiastic will they be to push the legislation through Parliament? Will they have the bandwidth with all the crises to manage?

Unsurprisingly in all the chaos, there have been no government announcements from the Housing Ministry.

What’s the prognosis and what are everyone’s thoughts?

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9:32 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

On the "Bonfire of Bad Ideas", I hope.

roger radford

9:41 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

Boris is resigning, so all bets are off until a new leader is elected. If Gove gets his old job back, we’re screwed.


9:51 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

We need shot of Eddie Hughes. I have raised many of the common sense and economic issues posed by this White paper and he replies with platitudes and dogma. We need someone in charge of housing that actually studied economics and understands the issues!

robert fisher

10:08 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

Unfortunately MP's as a whole are not concerned with anything that does not generate soundbites or results during their tenure in office. this shortsighted view will never resolve issues that need a generational plan regardless of who is in no 10. There should be a cross party plan for education , housing , health etc that is generated as a meritocracy by experienced people who have a detailed insight of the issues not by politicians who are grinding their own short term agenda.

Alistair Cooper

10:40 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

Unfortunately for all of us whoever the new leader is they will be obsessed with survival at the next general election and as a result the bowing to whatever they think Generation Rent may want to hear will continue rather than the introduction of any balanced and well thought through reform
Landlords will remain easy cannon fodder and none of the political parties consider us worth listening to
Who better to blame for an increase in living costs than a landlord increasing rent to survive rapidly increasing interest rates !
Wether or not a new White Paper makes it to the table the ‘narrative’ will continue as is unabated

Whiteskifreak Surrey

11:32 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by roger radford at 07/07/2022 - 09:41
Tragic, but he actually might, entering the new goverment as a victim and martyr of Bojo's actions.


11:42 AM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

I think we are slammed come what may as part of the Levelling DOWN agenda. Tories have to pander to the beat of the red wall. With any upcoming elections, this will turn red again- Brexit was an anomalous vote for the Tories.

We have a population that has gotten used to handouts and government intervention for everything. That's a huge shift that any government will have to deal with- whoever is in.

For landlords, it's curtains....just that the fat lady has just not quite sung. We can see what is happening to the politicization of housing in Europe and we will be no exception. The forces are too strong in what is increasingly a widely accepted hard left agenda. I think personally its time to exit...the risks outweigh the returns by a huge margin now.

Kathy Evans

12:18 PM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

If there is a general election and Starmer gets in, that White Paper and worse will be law the next day. I'm just going to proceeed as though nothign has changed - ie sell up.


14:09 PM, 7th July 2022, About A year ago

The funniest thing Ive heard in ages. Everyone calling Boris to resign and Boris makes one call to Gove to sack him. A rat is still a rat.

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