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robert fisher

13:13 PM, 30th June 2021, About 7 months ago

Buy to leave?

Also there is the issue of an empty home which after a certain amount of time , i think 2 years , the council can issue and EMDO (Empty Dwelling, Management ,Order) to require the house to be let, monies paid to LL but council allowed to take expenses, add to that the moral argument of leaving a perfectly desirable property un lived in for a long period of time when there is a massive demand for good quality housing. I also think you will run into problems (long term) when insuring... Read More

robert fisher

19:35 PM, 23rd February 2018, About 4 years ago

Selective Licensing Scheme 'Additional Powers' Ruled Illegal By Court of Appeal

heres an oxymoron from Peterborough city councils selective liscence inspector. i have been made to have electrical tests and install Carbon monoxide detectors, neither of which i object to , i think it good practice to have detectors checked and installed at every gas safety and to have have electrical tests every 10 years. However i do object to being told to remove wooden tongue and groove cladding from a kitchen diner for fire safety when the entire kitchen is made of wood, and that the entire house is timber framed, the cladding has been in situ for over 20 years and never been a problem nor any more of a fire risk than the kitchen cupboards , work surfaces or timber throughout the house. An abuse of power ?? i shall be looking forwards to seeing where this one ends up.... Read More

robert fisher

11:17 AM, 10th August 2017, About 4 years ago

Help. I am desperate and all of you can help me!

We have a similar scenario in some areas of Peterborough. Trial areas they call it. However it is entirely a money making scheme for the council and apart from voice your protest in the survey (i did quite vociferously) it will happen. Eventually it will be rolled out across peterborough to all areas, another cost for Landlords which will be passed onto the tentant at some point. I had to have electrical tests carried out at a cost of £100 and as if i use an ARLA registered agent or can show i am registerered as a member of a professional landords association i have my liscence reduced to £50 . The liscence lasts for 5 years. The council came and inspected the properties. They asked for my mortgage details and wanted written proof from the mortgage companies that i was allowed to rent out the properties. I told them to sod off, pretty much my exact words and said i would need a court order to show them data sensitive info. they also said they would carry out on the spot inspections. I told them and informed my tenants that a minimum 24 hours notice was required as per the tenancy agreement and would only be allowed access if the tenant agreed. Good luck but guaranteed you will be onto a loser... Read More

robert fisher

13:39 PM, 27th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Nottingham Selective Licencing consultation bias against landlords

They are Trialling this in Peterborough, It is unjustified and is purely money making on behalf of the council. It will be brought in across the whole city after the trial regardless of the results. They also mooted a £600 fee , reduced to £50 for a 5 year licence if the landlord uses an ARLA registered agent and applies for the licence before a certain date. I now have 6 licenced properties from my portfolio of 19. The council asked to check my mortgage details to check i was using BTL products , I told them to sod off as it was none of their business despite the fact that i do use BTL products. They expressed a wish to be able to check the wording to see if the mortgage allowed it to be rented out and also to report direct to the lender any issues they felt pertinent to the property. They also came and inspected the properties to ensure they were fit for purpose, and all maintenance and legislation was attended to , ( fair enough we all want to see rogue landlords out of the business)) but Since gaining the licences they have informed me that they will be carrying out un announced inspections which considering that as a landlord i have to give tenants due notice of inspection it seems the licence authorities do not. i have advised my tenants that they do not have to allow access if they feel it interrupts their beneficial use and enjoyment of their home. I also commented to the pre licence consultation , they took no notice, unfortunately it is the tenants that will pay the price over the long term.... Read More

robert fisher

13:02 PM, 27th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Am I responsible for Council Tax if agent can't provide records?

Jenny, i have had issues with Peterborough council over council tax, at one point i was even taken to court without my knowledge and only found out when a bailiff arrived at my home to collect the outstanding amount. Once i had shown him a tenancy agreement with the names of the people responsible he happily left empty handed. quite often it is the council tax dept that does not update their records. I now ask to be copied in on all e mails my agents send to the councils that i can check the information . If you produce a copy of the tenancy agreement and the dates the tenant left the property the council will pursue the tenants.... Read More