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12:29 PM, 19th November 2021, About A week ago

Tenant wants to wrestle control?

Hi Angie
If he is like this now he is not going to get any better and when they finally abolish S21 he will have his feet under the table and be impossible to get rid of.

On the occasion I was faced with a tenant like this I issued a S21 and then did a refurb (even if it just paint and small repairs) and then relet.

Re tradespeople my tenants trust me and are happy for me to let plumbers etc in and wait while they service/certify and lock up afterwards and are grateful that I take the time to do so. Its also a good opportunity for me to assess the condition of the houses! You are trusting him with an expensive asset and I would be concerned as to why he does not want you involved in trades people appointments? What is he hiding? As other people are commenting he has no business controlling how you run your properties. He really needs to go before you find you cannot get grounds under a S8 to get him out and are saddled with him in the long term. There are some lovely tenants out there crying out for a nice place to live!... Read More


10:57 AM, 22nd October 2021, About a month ago

Tenants - It's getting worse unless you see both sides and write your MP

Re Martin Roberts on hung parliament this is happening in Scotland with Nicola Sturgeon hitching her wagon to the Greens and promising rent controls. According to the Scottish Assoc of Landlords supply of rentals on market has dropped by 80% in last 2 months and they are warning of a shortage of homes over the winter as a result of Landlords selling up and exiting the market. Another brilliant bit of Green policy!

When I advertise on Openrent now and get 30 plus applications for a house I explain to everyone I have to turn down that the current situation lack of rentals and high rents is due to the Governments anti Landlord policies driving out good Landlords. Where I receive a plea to allow someone to rent with a pet I explain about the Tenant Fees act and encourage them to contact our local MP. Mr Beadle does nothing regarding getting the Landlord's perspective into the public and tenants' eye. My experience is that tenants are unaware of what is happening in the PRS.

Is there a larger forum where Mick Roberts articles could be published and seen by a wider audience rather than just us Landlords?... Read More


13:42 PM, 18th March 2021, About 9 months ago

Welsh Eviction Ban extended to end of June

I have just seen an article in Houseladder reporting that "An appeal was made from a social housing organisation working with Bridgend Council (Yes Wales!) to private landlords, asking them to lease their properties for emergency housing to boost its shortage of accommodation"

You couldn't make it up!!!!

Does it not occur to the authorities that if they want the help and cooperation of the PRS they might be going the wrong way about it? Read More