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Kathy Evans

16:00 PM, 13th May 2019
About 6 days ago

Nationwide Foundation £1.2 m 'Fair Housing Futures' project hosted by Shelter

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the woman in the case study who didn't pay her rent, when she was probably being paid benefits to cover it?... Read More

Kathy Evans

16:21 PM, 7th May 2019
About 2 weeks ago

IEA paper - Tax measures that discriminate against private rented housing

Reply to the comment left by Frederick Morrow-Ahmed at 07/05/2019 - 13:55
That tired old MIRAS argument is such a fallacy. Every other type of business can offset its finance costs against profits. A taxi company can claim for car fuel; a private motorist cannot. A shop can offset its rent and rates against tax; a private person cannot - ALL because of the way profit and loss is traditionally calculated and the general principles of Accountancy. Comparing a private householder with a landlord business is like comparing apples with eggs.... Read More

Kathy Evans

10:26 AM, 29th April 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Council threaten after uncorroborated nuisance complaint?

Apparently, barking dogs are a nuisance you can report - most councils have a form for this. Just barking whne the postman calls, for example, doesn't count but barking for long periods for no obvious reason does.... Read More

Kathy Evans

10:16 AM, 29th April 2019
About 3 weeks ago

‘No DSS’ clauses in rental ads to be stamped out

Reply to the comment left by Trisha at 28/04/2019 - 14:38
I wonder how many people they could either house or employ on get back to work schemes for that salary...... Read More

Kathy Evans

15:28 PM, 9th April 2019
About a month ago

Tenant Fees Act - Rent arrears default fees

Any other business can charge 8% over base on an overdue invoice (usually after 30 days unless the contract says otherwise)... Read More